Last night on the official Star Trek: Discovery social media channels – both Facebook and Twitter – a new show logo debuted, updating the now-familiar ‘broken delta’ design to a more period-appropriate shaping.

Left: Original logo, debuted in summer 2016; Right: New design.

The new sculpting of the Starfleet delta still remains ‘split,’ but now overlaps rather than showing a large gap between each section.


The familiar Trek design, typically used as the USS Enterprise ship’s symbol in the era during which the show is to take place – approximately a decade before Kirk’s tenure – was first seen on-screen on Captain Pike’s crew in “The Cage.”

Captain Pike on his bridge; an imaginary officer created through Talosian illusion. (“The Cage”)

There’s still no word on the meaning behind the split delta design – but now that the show’s in production up in Toronto, hopefully more detail on the show’s premise will arrive soon.


  • October_1985

    Still not sold on the chosen font and the amateurish terrible textures, but way better than before.

  • Gene’s Vision

    Michael, any info on the meaning of this logo?

    • James

      I’m not Michael, but if I were to guess….

      I think the split emblem represents section 31 being part of the Federation, yet separate from it.

      • Gene’s Vision

        That’s a very good estimation! Sorry for the error, there is another poster named Michael who seems to be knowledgeable and I thought he might be able to enlighten us.

        • Michael

          James is correct. The logo is split for a reason, and that reason is section 31. The first logo had them apart, the Federation and section 31 but they realized they are one in the same, so the merged the delta but placed the right side BEHIND the left side ever so slightly. It is also smaller for a reason. It represents the behind the scenes activities of section 31.

          • Bethany Clarke

            It’s a shame no one outside of the hard core fanbase cares really.

          • Michael

            The show is for hardcore fans. If you want a very dumbed down version loook for the “Kelvin” universe crap movies.

  • pittrek

    Looks more “appropriate”.

  • Matt Rudawsky

    It is more era-appropriate, but I thought the first insignia had more impact and character, even if it was too short/wide. Still not happy with the font.

  • James

    It’s OK, cleaner than before. Still not sold on the font. Keep it simple I say, here’s a 30 second go at it using Paint. Try to imagine the Discovery text stretched to the end of ‘Trek’

    • Brian Johnson

      Why would they? TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT. What about this pattern suggests STD?

      • James

        Well, only ENT and VOY are series with one word, so DIS ?

    • Bethany Clarke

      The f++k is that? Looks more like the font on a light hearted news report.

  • duder1897

    I will watch this. I will love this. I don’t care if it’s terrible.

  • maxdefiant

    I’m wondering how they are even going to use the delta shield cause don’t forget that during the original series each ship had a different insignia. Also, since this is 10 years before Kirk takes over the enterprise that means the April or Pike around out there in the Enterprise somewhere and I hope we run into them every now and again.

    • Marc Henson

      It’s a year after THE CAGE, so it would have to be Pike.

      • maxdefiant

        So Pike and Spock, nice!

      • Impecunious Joe

        Oh, cool! Where’d you learn this? All I’d seen was “ten years before TOS”, without clarification as to what that meant (ten years before “The Cage”? Before “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? What?). Is this definite?

        • I’m pretty sure I read “Ten years before KIRK’S Enterprise,” which would put it during the Pike years, just as Marc said.

    • Eric Cheung

      How about Kyle Chandler or Ron Livinston as Pike?

      • Locutus

        Kyle Chandler would make a great Star Trek captain. Personally, I’d love to see Bruce Greenwood reprise the role, but as Pike Prime!

        • Mrplatitude

          Bruce Greenwood coming back would be so rad.

    • Zac Chave-Cox

      The delta shield was supposed to be for all starships, it was actually only a production error that ever had it any other way. It’s already in canon that it wasn’t only used for the Enterprise. The U.S.S. Ariel at least definitely used that insignia.

    • Mrplatitude

      I feel like it would be fine if they just retconned the insignia and had all federation officers have the delta shield (as ST09 did with the Kelvin). I know that would make folks who really love TOS frustrated, but for myself who grew up on TNG and the original films, as many did, watching a Star Trek show without the detla shield present on the uniforms would be weird, and to viewers less familiar with the original series might be confusing. I’d get over it if they did, but I think I would lean towards just using the delta shield everywhere.

      • maxdefiant

        I watched TOS on reruns and was 14 when TNG came out so I feel like we are coming at this from a similar perspective. I would also be okay if they retcon it, but was just curious how they’d handle it.

    • Bethany Clarke

      The preference is to make money. Woe betide you and your silly ideas of continuity,

  • redgrin__grumboldt

    I can’t shake the notion that “Discovery” is off-center with “Star Trek”

  • I don’t find the new logo terribly attractive, but it’s WAY better than it was before.

  • M33
  • Harry Kane

    So they are knowing going closers to a cannon TOS look. techinically it should be a early TOS look with a hint of the ENT Era style. No person is saying it needs to look like it was in the 60’s but it can’t look like JJ’s new trek and it can’t be more advanced than TNG or less advanced than ENT. It has to strike a balance. The CGI needs to be top class as it was in ENT and previous series.

    • Bethany Clarke

      They decided to make another prequel. We’re supposed to give them 10 out of 10 from the outset.

      • We’ve removed two of your posts regarding piracy. Please do not continue with that discussion.

  • Harry Kane

    I like the font, they have to sort that ship out thou and the low quality CGI, its can’t look too advanced. Can’t look like TNG ships, more like late ENT early TOS so not a TMP look. an early TOS look. 50% ENT 50%TOS Not JJ.

  • Harry Kane

    i think it also hints to the uniform will be lapped in shape.

    • Bifash

      I had that thought myself a while back. a lapped – perhaps even two-tone top – could look really nice.

  • Bifash

    A tease of the Captain’s chair? I believe there’s a full teaser pre-production vid, but I can’t seem to play it.

    • Robert Anthony

      This is a little too…. “reverent” for me. …but cool.

      • Bifash

        Can anyone else view this vid ( on youtube ) doesn’t seem to work from my location.

        • Brian Johnson

          Hmm. Yes, worked for me. Glimpses of the new uniforms (blue/science division?), sets under construction, artwork of the Discovery, what looks like Klingon uniforms, CAD drawing of another Starfleet ship reminiscent of the ENT aesthetic, etc.

        • Andorian Guy
          • Bifash

            Thank you, that’s awesome. I’m excited I must say!

        • Robert Anthony

          I couldn’t either, but the link below worked.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    How come Michael didn’t let us know that they were tweaking the logo?

    • Bifash

      Because in truth, he knows Jack Sh*t.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        LOL. Yea, I mean what kind of inside source doesn’t even tell you, “they are redoing the logo?”

        • Bifash

          One who is a fantasist, and suffers from delusions of grandeur.

        • Bethany Clarke

          You should pass on to your sources that a majority of the fan base couldn’t be happier than to see this travesty burn in hell, even if it means wrecking the franchise for another 10 years. We’ve waited this long, and we’re sure as hell not going to pay to watch a violation.

          Even if torrenting the first two seasons meets with average approval, it’s going to take a lot to reel people back in who have been completely disenfranchised over the last 15 years.
          It’s a shame you big fat middle-aged men can’t move with the times, and can only find pleasure in reboots of your childhood. You’ll be the only ones directly funding it.

    • Michael

      I was asked by my source to not reveal anything about this reveal as not to spoil it. But from here on out, the leash is off. 🙂

  • GIBBS v2

    Better but still too busy for my taste. To many materials, textures…

  • SpaceCadet

    Does the split delta design have to have a meaning? Maybe the art design people are just putting a modern spin on a classic design by giving it a bit of texture and depth.

    • Bethany Clarke

      Someone at the Bryan Fuller Show realised that part of the delta looked a little bit like the Klingon insignia.

      So good was this realisation that they decided to write an origin story of the delta, making it part Klingon.

      Of course, in the fall of 2017 there was a massive backlash from the fans, fed up with Bryan rewriting the timeline in his own image.

      Alas, STD wasn’t renewed for a 2nd season.

  • Fiery Little One

    I like it.

  • Brian Johnson

    Hmm, why is the delta in the logo gold if it’s silver on that uniform? Something’s not adding up.

  • Justin Olson

    Cool, I like it.

  • Vger64

    The Cage is my favorite episode….

    • Bethany Clarke

      Is that a TOS episode from back in the hippy days?

      • Vger64

        Yeah baby…. it was groovy…

  • Michael

    The logo is split for a reason, and that reason is section 31. The first logo had them apart, the Federation and section 31 but they realized they are one in the same, so the merged the delta but placed the right side BEHIND the left side ever so slightly. It is also smaller for a reason. It represents the behind the scenes activities of section 31.

    • Eskay

      Wow, but that’s a ridiculously stupid idea from the show’s creative team. The undercover agents of all of Starfleet’s enemies woul thus be able to instantly identify Section 31 agents by simply looking at their uniform?

      Makes no sense?

      • Michael

        Um…. I don’t think you quite get it. 🙂 Read again.

  • Bethany Clarke

    There becomes a point in which you realise that the idiots behind this
    are either completely oblivious of their target audience, or have chosen
    to ignore all the warnings intentionally, blaming social media and so

    It’s tough to make a show for the minority fanbase of old fat dudes over 50 who relish anything remotely resembling TOS and relish yet another prequel. but it’s quite something else to pull it off with a massive majority of people ready and willing to sabotage it in to oblivion.

    Do your market research next time, and find another job, and rip down the sets once the 12 month rent on the sound stage ends.

    Selfish Idiots.

    • Michael

      Discussions of piracy are illegal here.

  • Redshirt7

    Next I’d like to see a cast photo on the bridge.