“Oscar-Nominated Star Trek Beyond” is now a reality – the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially released their nominations for this year’s Academy awards, and Star Trek Beyond joins the party with a nomination for best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Beyond‘s biggest competition in this three-way race for Oscar gold is DC’s Suicide Squad, but the tour de force alien population of Starbase Yorktown – helmed by makeup and prosthetic artists Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo make Beyond the film to beat this year. Also nominated is Swedish comedy-drama film A Man Called Ove.

Joel Harlow – with his wife Cindy – appear in character as a pair of Vulcan citizens aboard Starbase Yorktown.

Star Trek Beyond is far from the first Star Trek film to be nominated for one of the movie industry’s highest awards; six other Trek movies have also been put up for Oscars, starting all the way back with The Motion Picture. 2009’s Trek reboot, however, is the franchise’s only win to date, for the makeup work in that film.

This year’s Oscar ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday, February 26.