“Oscar-Nominated Star Trek Beyond” is now a reality – the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially released their nominations for this year’s Academy awards, and Star Trek Beyond joins the party with a nomination for best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Beyond‘s biggest competition in this three-way race for Oscar gold is DC’s Suicide Squad, but the tour de force alien population of Starbase Yorktown – helmed by makeup and prosthetic artists Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo make Beyond the film to beat this year. Also nominated is Swedish comedy-drama film A Man Called Ove.

Joel Harlow – with his wife Cindy – appear in character as a pair of Vulcan citizens aboard Starbase Yorktown.

Star Trek Beyond is far from the first Star Trek film to be nominated for one of the movie industry’s highest awards; six other Trek movies have also been put up for Oscars, starting all the way back with The Motion Picture. 2009’s Trek reboot, however, is the franchise’s only win to date, for the makeup work in that film.

This year’s Oscar ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday, February 26.

  • Gene’s Vision

    Michael, do you think a real fan should be happy about this?

    • GIBBS v2

      Is that guy still trolling these waters? But good question, what does the singular fan authority on all things Star Trek think?

      • Michael

        I am always here, except when I am not. And people who have some inside info are trolls now? Lol.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          People who actually have inside info are not trolls. People who falsely claim they have inside info are trolls.

          The jury is still out on which of these statements apply to you.

          Give us some inside info from this supposed source of yours a week or two in advance of public release such that we can then see in a short period of time whether you’re inside info is really for real? This is really a small thing to ask — it should be fairly simple for you to do this if you really have that source?

          • Michael

            I don’t need to do that. Will prove I have said when the details are released to the general public. I won’t risk my source who is breaking NDA to satisfy one random person on the internet – no matter how many times they call me “troll”

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Of course. LOL

    • Michael

      The nUTrek JJ verse movies are terrible betrayals of real Star Trek, but the skilled artists deserved to be recognized for their work.

  • SpaceCadet

    As a fan of Star Trek in general, as much as giving credit to talented people, I say congratulations to them!

  • Locutus

    I loved the variety and designs of the aliens in Beyond. The production crew more than earned this nomination. They deserve to win!

  • James

    Nice to see Trek getting some Oscar love.

    Not sure I feel it deserves to win in this case though. Krall’s makeup was too ‘mask like’ for me.

  • Marc Henson

    I would never question that the guy knows a lot about Trek, like many of us hardcore fans do, I only question if he understands that much of what he says are opinions and not facts.

    • Newdivide1701

      You’d believe the number of people are like that, as well as those who claim they know Star Trek better than anyone, yet — there was this one troll from YouTube who claims he knows Star Trek better than anyone, yet he flunked basic trek.

      He argued how JJ’s Star Trek isn’t Star Trek at all, yet his points only proved his knowledge and understanding of Star Trek is far below George Lucas.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      How about some context? I have no idea what you are referring to in this article?

  • October_1985

    A well deserved nomination, the variety and beauty of the practical aliens in the movie is amazing, and Idris Elba makeup was top-notch.

  • Newdivide1701

    Not only make up, but I saw other fields it could have gotten noticed.

  • Aaron

    Can’t help but think Beyond should have also been nominated for best visual effects. 3 sequences in particular come to mind – the short but amazing warp effect at the beginning of the movie, the introduction to Yorktown, and of course the destruction of the Enterprise. The category is pretty busy though, and the movies nominated had some very impressive effects…but I wouldn’t be a true Trek fan if I didn’t complain about something! 😉

    Regardless, glad to see it got nominated for makeup – many of the alien designs were quite spectacular. Hopefully it wins, the other two on the list don’t seem to hold a candle to Beyond.

  • CogitoErgoSum

    copying asian styles to represent the Vulcans will forever be lame but the make up if the aliens in this movie was great. (Spock aside because the wig was rude)

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      What a ridiculously over-insensitive comment. I just don’t see it.

      • Michael

        It’s obvious they were crafted from asians

        • Eskay

          I am not seeing this Asian connection as obvious. The look Vulcan to me. I think you are over-thinking cultural stereotypes.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Agreed — they look soundly Vulcan, not Asian.

  • The “50 aliens to celebrate 50 years” thing was amazing! Most Star Trek movies have great make-up, but this one went — if you’ll excuse me — BEYOND. 🙂

  • pittrek

    Oh they surely deserve it