TrekCore is hosting a Star Trek Online contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 12 – Reckoning. We’re giving away 5 Elachi Ornash Battlecruisers, which are one of the rarest ships in the game.

FEBRUARY 22: Winners have been contacted!
Congratulations to Spencer D., Morgen S., Charles M., Carlos O., and Paul.

A tough and versatile design, the Tier 6 Ornash-class battlecruiser is a capable and deadly opponent – alone or as part of a unified force. It can swiftly deploy an array of support craft through the use of an Enhanced Elachi Subspace Transceiver, adding instant backup to the battle.

This starship features a Lieutenant Command Tactical/Command Bridge Officer Station and a Lieutenant Universal/Command Bridge Officer Station.

Season 12 puts out a desperate call to captains across the galaxy to battle the powerful Tzenkethi, a highly-intelligent, militant warp-capable species. The mission begins when the Lukari set out on a journey to investigate some unusual activity in an unexplored region of the Alpha Quadrant.
Upon further inspection, they discover data that suggests weaponized use of protomatter and request immediate assistance from the Alliance. Captains must work together with the Lukari to prevent a looming cataclysmic attack from the Tzenkethi.
To enter the contest, just email us with your name and email contact info by February 21. On 2/22/17, 5 names will be randomly selected to win one Star Trek Online Elachi Ornash Battlecruiser. Those winners will be emailed the in-game code and instructions how to add the Elachi Ornash Battlecruiser to your Star Trek Online account.
Good luck to all!

  • sw gs

    Like name in game, name in real life, name on site and what contact info? Phone number, e-mail, home adress or what. Too vague.

    • Arty Muşatin

      bank details

    • Preston Hamill

      Agreed. If they need certain pieces of information for their giveaway, they should please list what *all* they need. Contact info could be mailing address (via mail), phone number (via text or call), in-game @ handle (for direct delivery), ARC name (if for some reason it’s different from the @ handle), etc.

    • Email contact information.

  • Marcos Ucucich