As first teased over a year ago, La-La Land Records today has finally announced the debut date of their long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager expanded soundtrack release – coming on February 28.

This four-disc set is the first full Voyager music release since the original “Caretaker” soundtrack album all the way back in 1995, and something many Voyager fans have been asking for with bated breath!


While La-La Land has not yet released their track listing, we’ll bring that to you in a follow-up report as soon as they’ve made those details public.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the end of the month – the Voyager collection will go up for order at at that time.


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  • Vger64

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! I will be there!!

  • Jamie


    After what I thought was a very lacklusture delayed soundtrack release for the 50th Anniversary, it’s so great to see Voyager get some love.

    It better have Jay Chattaway’s Scorpion pts 1&2 music, if so, I will definitely be buying a copy of this.

    Thanks for the update Trekcore.

    • BreezyBree

      Scorpion would be AWESOME.

      • Zarm

        I have the Species 8472 Theme (of Doom) in my head just reading your comment. This is going to be great. 🙂

    • BreezyBree

      Jamie, I purchased the 50th album set as well and normally I really love LaLa Land’s work – but this just seemed like anything that didn’t fit on the TOS and TNG albums with a touch of the others. It was an odd mix, though, I LOVED The Star Trek The Experience tracks along with the samples of Voyager and DS9 possible title songs. Overall I was not blown away. I am hoping to really be blown away with this Voyager album, I loved some of the scores done for the show.

  • I’m not trying to be a troll here but I can’t think of any memorable music from Voyager save for the theme and maybe Scorpion. What tracks do you folks like? I’d like to do some exploring.

    • James

      I don’t think that’s trolling, I have the same question. As I remember, season 3 had some more experimental cues, such as the fight music in Unity.

    • grandadmiralbinks

      Actually, as far as I can remember, VOY had one of the most dynamic music of the Next Generation Trek, second only to DS9 which is the king of Trek in almost every way.

    • Mateusz Cieslak

      blink of an eye. Score almost tell its own version of the story

    • Zarm

      Blink of an Eye, as Mateusz says. Good Shepard. Dark Frontier. Bliss. The scene from Shattered where Tuvok dies. Basics (especially the music from when Voyager returns). Lineage. Year of Hell. Future’s End. Real Life. The Thaw. Off the top of my head. I know there are a number of others from the earlier seasons that I’m forgetting right now because I’ve watched the later ones more recently.

      While Jay Chattaway can often be at his most generic in this series, many of the other composers actually get some of their broadest and most epic within the show. And of course, as you mention, Scorpion is the standout. I would get the entire box set just for that.

  • Thomas W.

    Ridiculous! Who should buy that? 78 people in the whole world?

    • Impecunious Joe

      Does it bother you that it exists? Why?

      If you check out the message boards at you’ll find a community of people who love film and TV music. I don’t know what the market is for this, but I assure you it’s more than 78 people.

  • SFSeries&Movies

    If the price wasn’t so steep (probably $50-60), I think I would buy all Trek CD’s from La La Land, but $50-60 is quite a lot, epecially when you live in Europe, a lot of shipping cost on top of that. So I will only purchase the next (hopefully) DS9 volume, my favorite TREK.

  • Robert Anthony

    Before budgets for music were cut for Enterprise, Star Trek shows could always be counted-on for sweeping, emotional scores. I don’t recall any tracks specifically, but I always enjoyed Voyager and DS9’s music. I’m just glad this exists. 🙂

  • BreezyBree

    SO VERY EXCITED – I purchase most of the scores offered, BUT THIS IS THE ONE I absolutely have been waiting for. Looking forward to it.

    • BreezyBree

      I was watching Year of Hell again this weekend… Really hoping for some YoH on this album. But I am so thrilled and excited. LONG OVER DUE.

  • Ted

    My favorite score from Voyager has always been from season 2’s “Deadlock.”

  • SupAJ1M

    I’m more familiar with Voyager’s music than any of the other shows. My picks would be…

    David Bell: The Thaw…Unity…Distant Origin…Bride of Chaotica!…Dark Frontier…Fair Trade
    Jay Chattaway: Think Tank…Scorpion…Endgame…Retrospect…Future’s End…Prototype
    Dennis McCarthy: Real Life…The Gift…Year of Hell…Prey…Timeless…Natural Law

  • Zarm

    I can’t wait. This is gonna be awesome!

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I think the problem with Voyager’s music is that by this point the standard repetitiveness of Dennis McCarthy’s music was in full force. There’s only so many times I can hear the same “der der da da” before it all starts to roll into one. It wasn’t until later in the third season of Enterprise when Rick Berman allowed the composers to be more adventurous with the scores.

    • grandadmiralbinks

      The third and fourth seasons of ENT have probably the best Trek music. I love the two ENT OST collections.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Yeah only at the end Berman allowed the music to be more daring.