Star Trek: Discovery supervising producer Ted Sullivan posted on social media a series of backstage photos of the Pinewood Toronto Studios stages, where the new series is currently filming in Canada.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Sullivan shared views of the massive greenscreen installations and constructed support structures holding up the yet-to-be-revealed Discovery sets.

In addition, he also shared a look at a clapper being used for VFX shooting on episode two of the series.

Aside from Sullivan’s few photos, our only other looks at the still-secretive sets came from January’s teaser video, shot during set construction up at the Pinewood stages.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Very, very exciting!

    Don’t believe the “gloom and doom” whining that we are hearing from Fuller’s backers and others who were sent their walking papers by Moonves last fall. The series is back on track now, and will be the bold re-imagining with high production values that is needed to reinvigorate our beloved franchise.

    • Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. I am so excited for this show and the cast is stellar!

      • Fctiger

        Agreed. I know many fans are not lovers of the Abrams verse but I’m really hoping this show is something that brings us together as fans who love Star Trek and not just constant arguments over why it sucks and not really Star Trek like those movies have been branded by some. But sadly I see the latter happening lol. I hope I’m wrong though.

        • Well, we’ve been here twice before with TMP which led to six movies (2 and 6 being ranked best by many) and with TNG which led to Voy, DS9 and Ent.

          But I’ve noticed a lot of negativity is mostly from the US fans where they will have to get CBS All Access, but even if nobody in the US watches it, that won’t sink it. The whole thing is bought and paid for by Netflix so as long as they are happy and

          • Fctiger

            Yeah the whole All Access hate is a bit over the top. No one loves the idea of signing up to a new streaming channel just to watch the show but its CBS property and AA is theirs. Its amazing how people think they are entitled for the show should be placed on a site that they already own. Yeah sadly the world doesn’t work that way. And if that is your only problem in life boy its a great life.

            But yeah I don’t think Discovery is in any real trouble to get cancelled early. Because as you said the Netflix deal will get it several seasons easily. And also I just found out The Good Fight has already been renewed on All Access. Thats really the only original show on the site and they already renewed it after just four episodes. So unless Discovery just tank on a level no other Trek show has before I don’t see how it won’t get renewed easily the first season at least.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            The financial model they’ve set up has already paid for the entire first season. So, unless the show is just really bad, I see very little possibility that we won’t at least get a second season out of this if the first season is not as good as it needs to be, or if All Access needs more time to get subscribers.

          • Fctiger

            Yeah exactly! I think the show is in a good spot financially where it has major support from two entities so its going to run two seasons minimally no matter what. I actually think three seasons are basically guaranteed. Its sad though how people want it cancelled just in the HOPE of it going to Netflix. And while I think thats in the cards people shouldn’t still want that because if Discovery is very successful on AA that will tell CBS probably more Trek shows will be in time. I never understand how so many people think so short sighted because of their own needs.

        • Northstar Deplorable

          Uh…I’ve been a fan since I was six (1969) and I enjoyed all of the movies in the Kelvin Timeline.

          • Fctiger

            Thats great man but as I said SOME fans. The more vocals ones who think the films are a travesty. Yeah I didn’t mean every fan on the planet lol.

          • James

            I think it’s a generational thing. My dad hates what he calls sanctimonious TNG, but loves TOS. I like all Trek, although I think Enterprise is seriously flawed. Am currently really enjoying the Expanse on Netflix and I hope that some of the real world science is once again portrayed in Star Trek.

          • Fctiger

            You’re right part of it is probably generational as well. I personally love it all and yes I obviously like some better than others. I think the Kelvin films are fine. NOT perfect lol but at least fun distractions that brings back the spirit of Trek. But its amazing reading other boards how people trash these films so badly. I go and lurk on Reddit sometime and man its brutal lol. Not everyone obviously but that place seems to have a huge crowd so I like to read people’s thoughts over there and they seem to love most Trek, especially DS9. A lot of love for that show (as it should be ;)) but the KT films seem to get it the worst outside of Enterprise and Voyager.

            I really hope Discovery fares well but the fandom seems to be pretty split on it so far but I think mainly based on its premise and the rumor its going to be a soft reboot. And I can’t repeat about that ship lol. Hopefully that will change at least.

          • James

            I agree that the Abrams films take a lot of hate. Frankly, I find it very strange. I had the good fortune to have a brief conversation with Ron Moore once. He said that he stayed away from the internet, he found the comments very hurtful and he starred to doubt himself. He got a lot of flak back in the day, but is now generally highly regarded. I still think BSG is a masterpiece.

          • Fctiger

            Wow you got to meet Moore, nice! 🙂

            And yeah it is funny how that happens that people everyone seem to demigod over the internet changes with time. I always thought Moore was always the more popular Trek writers but yes he is still the guy who helped kill off Kirk in Generations lol. But yes honestly AS a Trek fan who doesn’t look at it with blind colored glasses I do hate how so-called fans demigod these people because they don’t like the product.

            You can still hate the product but stop making them out to be the devil over it. Berman got so much of it its fucking sad. A man who lived, breathed and ate Star Trek for nearly 20 years. A man who has made WAY more good Trek than bad and people are so nasty about it because they hated Voyager and Enterprise so much. Granted those could’ve been better for sure but its not like the guy wasn’t trying to make good shows for fans. You don’t work 18 hours a day to make something everyone hates. And despite the criticisms he DID listen to fans and tried to change whenever he could. Thats why season 3 and definitely 4 of Enterprise was so different because he knew fans wasn’t happen with his earlier approach so he made changes and changes fans wanted. Sadly it was just too little too late with that show.

            Same thing now with Abrams and people like Orci and Kurtzman. Its amazing listening to people talk about these guys like total dogs. No Abrams wasn’t a Star Trek fan before he directed the first film (as they will constantly remind you) but so what? You don’t have to be a fan to get it. Neither was Nick Meyer when he made WOK. Yes Meyer’s version was more successful for the fans though but my guess is they both went in 100% trying to make a great film.

            And then you have people like Bob Orci who wrote and designed the universe for the KT films. BIG Star Trek fan from day one. It was his idea to even do a series with TOS characters again when everyone else was avoiding it like the plague because they know it will only give them grief if they tried. Well he did because he knew thats what a lot of fans wanted to see again. Not all of us but many. The guy even spends time talking to fans on Trekmovie when NO former writer or producer ever done that. He’s the first one I know who just got on a message board to talk to them.

            And he’s only gotten nothing but grief over it. People dog this guy so much over STID I was shocked he even wanted to attempt a third try. And I didn’t love STID, I had the same issues everyone else did but I didn’t think the guy was the devil. I just didn’t think the film was that great but its obvious their hearts were in the right place.

            And believe me the SAME thing is going to happen with Discovery if enough people hate it. Once people can remember the names of whoever the hell is actually running it since they can’t just say ‘Fuller verse’ anymore it will be the same thing sadly. Hell for some it already is and there hasn’t been one god damn frame of the show shown. And yet I have seen people literally say they hope the show fails because its not ‘real Star Trek’ to them. WTF, we haven’t even seen a teaser trailer yet.

            But sadly if this show fails like Beyond did and its cancelled after 2-3 seasons, Star Trek is going to be thrown on a shelf for a long, long time. And frankly I can’t blame anyone for even wanting to try again.

          • Every single Trek show since TOS has been met with similar concerns from fans. TNG: Who do they think they are? Where’s Kirk and Spock? DS9: Seriously? Trek is about exploration, not about sitting around on a space station. VOY: Wait, a Trek show set on a starship that’s not the Enterprise? ENT: A prequel? We’ll know exactly how everything will play out. DISC: A great cast, modern effects and big, expensive sets, a short season to focus on a single storyline like how Game of Thrones and Westworld do it, but that first image of the ship was awful so I probably won’t watch it.

            How about everyone just watches the first episode and then start forming your opinions of the actual show? I realize I’m asking a lot.

          • Fctiger

            All true. Every show has had skepticism. But I do find this one a bit deeper in the since people are almost defiant about it. Again I’m judging things I read today vs things from decades ago but I don’t remember people HOPING a show gets cancelled even before it comes on like Discovery. People just seem so bitter they are not getting it for free and wants All Access to fail. Just so stubborn and entitled its unbelievable. But I don’t believe these people are the majority just the loud minority as usual.

            Most will give it a chance meaning they will watch the pilot and go from there. I have a feeling no matter what the show will go on for several seasons even if its downright hated, ala Enterprise lol. But to be honest it has to be a HIT, a real hit for future of Trek like TNG and the other spin offs were. They were all successful which was the reason they kept wanting to make more. Discovery has to be on that level. But I feel if its good, it will be. People are Trek starved and I don’t think the KT films are really a big hit for the most hardcore fans so hopefully this will be.

          • raymog

            The music is shite in the Kelvin T/L.

          • Fctiger

            Well we don’t disagree there lol. Although I have to say the theme has made me appreciate more with time and every film the score is a little more memorable than the last film. But yes the music is nowhere close to the movie scores of TOS or TNG films, agreed.

          • M33

            Its the decon chamber scenes…
            Of all the bad ideas, those were whoppers.
            I’ll take 60s singing space hippies over that dreck any day.

          • James

            Not been a fan as long as you (1990, aged 10), but I like the Kelvin movies more than the TNG ones. Still waiting for a Trek film as good as TUC though.

    • Tom

      Not a Fuller supporter but not convinced Moonves is the right person to make the big decisions to guide the next Trek

    • Impecunious Joe

      Wait – ‘”gloom and doom” whining’ from Fuller backers? Are Fuller backers not still enthusiastic about and supportive of the show? I know he’s no longer actively working on it, but didn’t he still lay a ton of the preproduction groundwork? I would have thought Fuller backers would be optimistic and hopeful for the show…

      • I don’t believe these divisions exist for one moment. IF Fuller had felt so strongly about doing Star Trek, he should have cut back on one of his other projects, they’d already put the premiere date back for him. He could have stayed on if he’d given the more time to it, he didn’t so there you have it. As far as I’m aware they are still following the blueprint he set out and would be able to return in the future.

        • Fctiger

          Honestly I dont think its that simple. American Gods is ONLY on the air because of Fuller. My guess is his contract stated he had to be fully involved up to a certain amount of time to at least get it off the air, certainly the first season. I mean actors and directors can’t just decide to do less on a project once they sign on, I don’t think producers can either.

          My only guess is he realize he couldn’t do both (even after he got the Star Trek production to the same city he was shooting American Gods to work on both—thats some major influence right there) but from what I now read there was trouble on BOTH American Gods and Discovery and it was probably pulling him too many ways and he had to stick with the one he was involved with from day 1. Star Trek was coming with or without him. I’m sure if he could’ve stayed he would’ve but reality is trying to run two start up shows, especially one as big as Star Trek,

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            From what we know, Fuller has made a mess of American Gods, and Starz is not happy.

            Fuller is notoriously disorganized, and really should be doing his first best destiny — a writer. He has no business being a show-runner, nor leading Star Trek. Look at his horrid choice for the original special effects team on Discovery — Fuller was in over his head.

            But this is kind of a moot point anyway, because my sense is that Fuller wanted Discovery to be sort of an incremental holistic update of the Berman type of Star Trek, while I think Moonves (and I suspect Meyer as well) wanted a more radical updating and re-imagining of Trek that also included much higher production values….and Moonves won that debate, and Fuller ended up leaving, but fell back on his American Gods excuse to save face.

          • Fctiger

            I have to disagree with you a bit because I’ve seen several of his shows and I think they all been well crafted. But its Hannibal especially I fell in love with his work. That show felt like a mini movie every week. Amazing production values and writing.

            So I think he’s a great show runner, but doesn’t mean he can run every show either. I know zip about American Gods other than what I read about it online. And yes I did hear the show has gone over budget which is probably the real reason he left Discovery because he already had one mess on his hands and he needed to work that out first.

            As far his clash with Moonves yes that the latest rumor why he left and that he wanted a more traditional approach and Moonves wanted something radically different. But that said, listening to Fuller so did he. I mean that ship says it all lol. Moonves didn’t choose that, Fuller did. So he clearly was going a different style anyway. He always said he thought Trek should get beyond the 9 people on a starship and go explore approach (they did, it was called Deep Space 9 ;)) but I got his point.

            So we’ll see but oddly enough basically everything Fuller laid out months ago is all still there, right down to having a gay character and woman lead. From what I can tell absolutely nothing of his vision has been changed as been described to us. So maybe the tone of the show has changed though now that he left but the premise and characters are all still there. I only care they changed that ugly ship lol. Honestly thats the only thing that truly concerns me as far as the look of the show. So once we see a new design, even if its in the same motif but just improved I would be very happy.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Well to each his own – I couldn’t stand Hannibal.

          • Fctiger

            Well thats fine. Everyone has a different opinion on things. But there was huge fan fare when people heard he would be running the show because I think a lot of people have learned to really appreciate his work. Hannibal for me was amazing but it did get low ratings so it wasn’t a must see for most people out there.

            And while Fuller is gone everyone else is still there, including the new show runners who helped produce all his other shows. God I have to look up their names lol. Anyway its why I don’t know how much I believe he left over creative reasons because everyone he not only hired to help bring his creation to life is still there but his entire premise remains 100% in tact. You would think with all the delays was to rework the show but we know the scripts he directly wrote for the pilot was shot and used. Again they could still go a different way in some areas with later episodes.

            But I agree with you I will say as much as I wanted Fuller on it I wasn’t happy with what they did show like the ship which I think was a complete disaster. My fear is he might have too far in places trying to reimagine Trek. As I made clear here many times already I believe Star Trek should always change and go forward so not into all these prequels but he at least sound like it has to be different prequel or not. Question is is it TOO different for fans, especially as a soft reboot and thats where the fear comes in.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            I’ve seen Fuller speak live, have paid attention to all of what he had said and done of the new series, and this all gave me the sense that his vision was more of slower, talky, lower production values type of Star Trek that would have been consistent with the Berman-era. I don'[t really want that. I want something bold, that is updated, raises the production values significantly, brings in first rate actors, and has more mature and complex stories.

            I’d like something that LOOKS LIKE the KT movies, but has better storytelling and is more serious science fiction (e.g. like say The Expanse or the rebooted BSG).

          • Fctiger

            OK I agree although I DON’T agree with the ‘lower production values’. If anything Star Trek was one of the best looking shows anywhere when Berman was in charge. Certainly the costliest lol.

            But OK, if you mean ‘Berman 2.0’ is too talky and more cerebral and less action I agree with you. I had no issues with it personally but I get what you’re saying. And sure I’m fine with a more action base show. Hell its the reason DS9 is my favorite lol. Obviously that was also a Berman show but he let the people ran it how they wanted it and got something very different than the others. Of course it had a very different premise as well.

            So yeah I’m not against Discovery going more action and fast pace as well. I’m completely fine if they went a more cerebral approach but I never been against action in Star Trek since TOS had plenty of it obviously. And why the KT haters are so odd to me because they seem to think those movies have zero value because it has a lot of action in it. For me, I just accept that Star Trek can be different tones and approaches, as long as the spirit of the franchise is there. But thats probably why I generally love all of it….although it took a long time to accept Enterprise lol.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Well, I don’t consider DS9 when I use my term “Berman 2.0”. DS9 was largely run by Ron Moore, and was not really the core “Berman Trek” type of show that TNG, Voyager and Enterprise were.

            DS9 and BSG are probably my two favorite sf shows of the last 25 years, although I would include B5, Lost and The Expanse in there somewhere as well.

          • Fctiger

            OK well thats why its good to explain what Berman 2.0 is lol. No offense man, but you constantly threw it out as if the rest of us understood it. Maybe you explained it before somewhere though. I just thought you meant any show Berman made obviously. But now I actually understand it.

            And yeah Ron Moore did a hell of a job with both DS9 and BSG. I would LOVE if he came back to Star Trek. I think many would. He also seems to do a great job melding a lot of TOS and TNG tone together which is why DS9 was so great to me. It had a lot of the action/adventure spirit of TOS while a very intellectual approach that TNG took at times. I would love if we got another DS9 type show. NOT a reboot, that can only go horribly lol, just something in that vein again.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Well you have your constant “LOL’s” ongoing. We all have our limitations. 😉

          • Fctiger

            I literally lol when I say these things typing. Yeah I guess I don’t have to add it everytime I physically do it it just makes it more natural when I write it. But I do try and cut down like Abrams and his lens flares.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle
          • Fctiger

            LOL true. Sorry.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            No apologies needed…just having fun!

          • DS9 is King

            I think that was one of the reason why Les Moonves Fired Rick Berman it was because Number 1. Fullers trek was to talky and lower production values and he was Catering to the Star Trek Fans on twitter when the Fans told him to make the trek show more Cerebral and talky with little to No Action Fuller responded that they were in good hands in other words it was going to be what they wanted, But les Moonves had other plans and argued with Fuller saying that this has to be a new series for the new Generation more action more pace less talk and they argues about this until Les Monnves fired Fuller and Les Moonves will make the show into what he wants.

          • Fctiger

            Honestly I don’t think it had anything to do with that. If Enterprise was getting fantastic ratings he would’ve stayed on no issue. But once that was cancelled and everyone told themselves Star Trek REALLY needed a break this time (or at least a year before the Kelvin films were announced ;)) it was just no reason to renew it. And his other Star Trek movie series didnt get off the ground which was completely about war and fighting (up your ally ;)).

            As for Fuller who knows but I’m not exactly sure where Fuller is pegged for a no action guy. I think this is getting WAY too talked up lol. Its all 100% rumor based off a single source. Sure it could be true or it could be nothing more than Fuller was falling behind the work trying to produce two shows so he left. Again I say that because his vision seems to be 100% in tact. At least in THAT sense it looks like the show he wanted is going forward, including the first two episodes he wrote. But as said they could change the tone from that point on though, we’ll see.

            In fact now that I recall Fuller specially stated he wanted to go back to the 23rd century because he wanted to go back to the more fun and adventure side of Trek. So I think people should ease up that that in itself was the issue. I’m sure there could be others but I don’t think its about Moonves wanting more punching in episodes that made the guy walk.

            But I do find it ironic if Roddenberry was living he would probably be blowing a casket with all the action talk since he clearly wanted Trek to be more cerebral from the beginning. Of course every time he tried reality would shut him down at some point. But he did get away with making The Motionless Picture. I would happily watch STID a hundred times over before I watch that boring turd of a film. 😉

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Exactly. This is my sense as well as to what when down. In addition, Fuller was disorganized, and botched the selection of the initial special effects team.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        I think you are a little behind on the changes and rumors of the changes that have been happening to this series?

        • Impecunious Joe

          That’s entirely possible; that’s why my post was more of a question than a statement.

          Are Fuller backers not supportive of and enthusiastic about the show? That’s what I want to know; that’s what I’m asking.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            And interesting question. I have been a doubter of Fuller since day 1, so I am not really qualified to give you a meaningful answer.

            If I was a Fuller backer, I would be concerned about the way he was likely pushed out by Moonves.

        • Ghost Robot Venture

          Trouble is, it’s all speculation at this point. The proof will be, as they say, in the pudding.

      • Xandercom

        you could also consider that nothing other than the VFX teaser had been out before fuller walked, and there’s a lot of speculation that he may have been fired for making it “too star trek” and in huge disagreements with Moonves.

        This would not only account on the thing being pushed back twice, but also the seemingly strange situation of him deciding to leave his dream job. If it really were due to his time constraints then it’s strange that it wasn’t just delayed in the first place for him, as the fact that it’s not coming out now until the fall would have meant that he could in fact have done the job without anything else conflicting with his schedule.

        When you add to that the speculation and “insider” (admittedly impossible to prove) info stating that the two of them fell out, and Fuller refused to make the changes being requested as he felt it would be rejected by the fandom and not the job he came there to do, it seems more likely that the official info we’ve been given is not fact.

        I think that is what is worrying a lot of people here, and Moonves basically wants to do to discovery what paramount did to the TOS reboot. ie more explosions and sex at the expense of anything cerebral or acceptable to the fandom as a whole.

  • jerr

    wow… ep 2 huh! things are moving along

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Funny, I seem to recall that there are some “fans” who suggest this is going to be canceled before it started. Seems to be moving forward nicely to me. Truth be told, some Trek fans just never can be happy. Don’t know how good it might be, but I’m excited in the prospect of it!

    • Cabo 5150

      Honestly, I don’t believe those making claims like that actually believe them for a nanosecond. The show’s coming and they know it. It may not be what they want (post Nemesis “going forward” blah blah), but it is coming.

      I’ve said this many times before, but it never ceases to amaze me how aggressive, narrow minded and intensely parochial certain fans have become. I find it depressing to read commentary akin to “I hope your abomination JJ NuTrek crashes and burns” etc.

      The ridiculous negativity ahead of DSC is simply a spin of exactly the same mindset – probably orignating from the same kind of people. IMHO, many of these fans essentially require Star Trek to remain mired in the late 80’s/early 90’s or it’s a no go.

      “Going forward” post Nemesis really means TNG v2.0.

      Beyond all that though, spitefulness “wishing” iterations of the franchise come to an unceremonious end, or fail in advance for other fans that enjoy/anticipate them clearly demonstrates what a crappy person they are frankly.

      • Fctiger

        You seem pretty obsessed about the whole TNG thing. Sure for some people, but majority of people who are worried about it just doesn’t like its another prequel after Enterprise and the KT films not to me mention there are people like me who simply don’t love prequels.

        And I think people are just commenting on the fact the show has been delayed twice and the less said about the ship the better lol. Of course its still naive the show they expect to launch their streaming site was going to get cancelled, especially one thats ALREADY been sold to Netflix. That alone told you this puppy was going no where.

        And yes I believe in going forward as well but I’m not obsessed about it. I’ll give it a chance regardless but yes there are a lot of fans who doesn’t seem to be into the idea at all. And I do agree its sad to see fans who want to see this already cancelled before it starts but again they are in a small minority.

        My guess is if its GOOD then most will come around pretty quickly. If its bad, look for another Enterprise/KT films situation where people will say it sucks and shouldn’t be considered Star Trek. But lets be honest people will say that anyway lol.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          I agree with Cabo. I sense that the forced departure of Fuller and his comrades was about whether we we were going to get the Berman 2.0 type of show that Fullera and company wanted, or whether we were going to get a true reinvention and modernization of Trek…and I think that Moonves correctly stepped in and righted the ship, and we are now going to get something new and special.

          • Fctiger

            Honestly i don’t get that sense at all. And to be more honest and true its not like I’m here all that often but oddly you two seem to be the only people who even brings this up constantly. A perfect example right. here. I asked months ago what does ‘Berman 2.0’ means as I have no idea what that is lol. You make it sound like some kind of weird conspiracy. I’m certain they are simply trying to make a good Trek show whatever that will be.

            But I agree with you I think a soft reboot is probably the best way to go, like how they did it in the KT films. It just makes sense BUT same time people are already bitching it shouldn’t look dramatically different from TOS and ANOTHER reason why I think they should’ve just put it in a different time period. I actually think thats going to be the REAL problem just like how some fans can’t accept the KT films because they look and feel so different from other forms or Trek. They even put it in another universe and explained why everything looks so different and people STILL bitched. Well imagine if they try to do that in the prime timeline itself. Its going to probably be a HUGE issue and if some of the rumors I read is true that Fuller and Moonves clashed because Moonves wanted a very updated and modern look (which again we don’t know is true) then yeah I can see this being a major problem with the more hardcore set, especially TOS fanboys.

            Hopefully it will all work out though.

        • Cabo 5150

          Nope, not “obsessed” with the “TNG thing” at all – whatever that even means?! It is, perhaps, far more likely you’re quite preoccupied/obsessed yourself though, since you’ve manufactured a nonexistent emotional attachment on my part.

          I was merely expressing my legitimate opinion as I see it, nothing more.

          [SIGH] I’m certain we’re now going to enter into a lengthy back and forth as you attempt to “prove” your erroneous and entirely fictional speculation I’m “obsessed” – despite my declaration I am, in fact, not.

          No doubt you’ll pepper your replies to me with a liberal smattering of horribly patronising “LOL’s”. I base that on your past form.

          • Fctiger

            Well OK but its funny every time I see a post of yours you mention it lol. (OK that will be my only ‘lol’ I’ll be good ;))

            What I’m saying is no one has even brought up TNG in this thread BUT you. I see it a lot when I run past your posts. Maybe I’m just reading those particular ones though.

            And I didn’t say you can’t express your opinion you just seem like thats the reason why people don’t like Discovery and I don’t really see that. I think people just hate its another prequel mostly. I personally don’t like prequels for many reasons, mostly because they box you in too much story wise. And when they try to go their own way actually like the KT films did, people STILL bitched because they ignore canon too much.

            So its always a damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation. I really hope Discovery is great obviously but yeah I’m afraid it will run into the exact same problems for fans as did Enterprise and the KT films. Maybe third time is the charm though.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle


            (just kidding!)

          • Cabo 5150

            Umm, no.

            I felt my opinion there are a definite subset of TNG era fans who are highly resistant to any Trek outside of that iteration was a pertinent point in context with my direct reply to Your Worst Nightmare’s post.

            I mention TNG when I feel it’s relevant to do so, as I do with TOS, DS9, VOY, ENT and the KT.

            Funny that, seeing as this is a Star Trek web site and all.

          • Fctiger

            Yes but ALL I’m saying is I’m not actually reading that. I only know ONE idiot personally who responds on these boards (again when I see them) who wants Discovery to crash and burn because it doesn’t take place post TNG. Most people seem to just have issues with Discovery on its own from what I can tell. I mean UNLESS they say they don’t like the show because it doesn’t sound TNG enough I just don’t know where you are getting it, thats all.

            I’ll say it again, NO ONE here has mentioned TNG. Nowhere. YOu were the only one who brought it up. Thats kind of my point I guess.

          • Cabo 5150

            Yes, I was the only one who brought it up. Err, you’re right about that. Here’s my antecedent reply to you for further clarification as to why:

            I felt my opinion there are a definite subset of TNG era fans who are highly resistant to any Trek outside of that iteration was a pertinent point in context with my direct reply to Your Worst Nightmare’s post.

            I mention TNG when I feel it’s relevant to do so, as I do with TOS, DS9, VOY, ENT and the KT.

            Funny that, seeing as this is a Star Trek web site and all.

            Should I be disbarred from mentioning TNG sans a direct subject matter for fear of being singled out AS THE ONLY ONE in caps locks no less? Or accusations of doing so in “every post you see”.

          • Fctiger

            Look thats fine. I’m ONLY saying is I don’t literally see where people are putting down Discovery because its not TNG enough, thats all. But you do I guess. I probably don’t read these boards as much as you do though so I don’t see it a lot. As I said I only know one poster who even brings it up and thats because he just hates TOS which is his right and I tell that guy his arguments are silly and asinine. Not because he hates TOS but because he is so over the top with his criticisms of Discovery over it. But naturally he has the right to say it. But yeah, people are going to respond just like I am to you on a public board.

            And I also disagree with the idea that just because a show might take place post TNG it would feel like a TNG show. Again I don’t get why people think so short sighted of this. TNG came after TOS but the EXACT same creator and it was a very different show. DS9 came after that and IT was a very different show. My point is no, just because it takes place after that show means it will be or feel anything like that show. It will just depend on the people who run it. I suspect any show after TNG would be very reimagined in fact and do its own thing. Thats the beauty of Star Trek to me, that you can do different things with it and why I’m looking forward to Discovery even though I hate its a prequel set in the TOS period.

          • Cabo 5150

            No problem, you’re perfectly entitled to your opinions, I have no issues with that.

            I do, however, object to being unfairly, and needlessly characterised as “obsessive” based on noting more than your own unfounded prejudices about me.

            It’s antagonistic and inflammatory, and I’ll always seek to defend my integrity, and give as good as I get if I’m singled out in such a way.

            Why can’t you simply challenge my points of view without such combative language? Honestly, I’d appreciate that.

          • Fctiger

            LOL I’m not trying to be combative. As I said I’m literally wondering where does all this ‘they just want Discovery to be TNG’ comes from because I just don’t see it persoanlly thats all beyond 1 or 2 people here. So thats what I mean I just disagree with your argument basically. I’m not trying to be mean or insulting I just see you made it before and I just wonder where do you get it from?

            And I’m not TOTALLY disagreeing with you, of course some people want to continue it post TNG, but mostly because people just want stories to go forward, not because its ‘TNG’. Hell most people seem to want a show in the 25th century. Last time I check that show was in the 24th. Its just the idea of expanding the universe forward and not just filling it up with constant background like what Enterprise and even the KT films feel like. And what I mean is although they both tell their own stories we don’t get a true sense of change like you do with a sequel series.

            Now again I’m not totally against prequels although yes I had a lot of issues with Enterprise and the KT films have never won me completely over but I do like them and fine if they continue (although the jury is very out if that will happen or not). But its not about ‘TNG’ for going forward. Its about STAR TREK and to see the franchise expand again. I think if this wasn’t the third prequel straight and after 15 years of them people would probably see it differently. But as you know since the fan base wasn’t hot on Enterprise, VERY divided on the KT films then I can see where the apprehension is coming in.

            And frankly for me, I just don’t want this to be some nostalgic TOS fan service show which is ANOTHER reason I don’t like prequels. Its too busy trying to throw in fan service to say “see remember when this happened?’ ala STID and the whole TWOK ending debacle. If you set a show AWAY from all of that you would less of this crap.

            For me I want Star Trek to expand beyond TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, whatever and come up with something new, bold and different. Sorry but a show where a they bring on another Sarek already tells me this might just be some excuse for TOS fanboys to gawk and squeal. Again the KT films proves you can’t just throw in former known characters and expect the fan base to go gaga over it. I really hope to be wrong on that but thats MY apprehension to Discovery, not that it has anything to do with TNG and my guess is a lot of people have this same fear as thats what I read mostly.

            Hopefully it will surprise us! 🙂

          • Cabo 5150

            As I mentioned, calling someone “obsessed” wouldn’t generally be regarded as particularly complimentary, especially in the, IMO, offhand and somewhat blunt manner in which you delivered your accusation. I don’t think it’s unreasonable I was somewhat perturbed by that.

            I’ve formed my opinion from reading this and many other Trek/Sci-Fi message boards where (extremely) dedicated TNG aficionados are found expressing their (perfectly legitimate) opinion the show is inherently superior to the other iterations, but with many becoming openly and aggressively derisory about the other shows/timelines. Possibly, with a particular animosity to “campy 60’s” TOS and the “pew pew, not real Trek” Kelvin Timeline.

            Hence, it is my opinion that subset of fans are deeply disappointed their personal favourite incarnation and style of Star Trek has been jettisoned for a TOS reboot on the big screen and an envisioned prequel in DSC.

            Hence the the irrational negativity surrounding DSC sans a single frame of actual footage being in the public domain.

          • Fctiger

            Ok sorry, wrong use of word. My apologies. 🙂

            And yeah I guess it has to be other boards because I don’t see it here at all. And I read a lot of reddit the last few months and most people don’t seem to have an issue with Discovery over that, most just hate the prequel idea or ‘soft reboot’.

            But the internet is vast and we all read or post in different places so we will get different perspectives naturally.

            But as far as Trekcore, most people seem at least willing to give it a chance. As said the ones who have issues with it don’t like prequels or afraid its just going to be a show that will pander to TOS fanboys which I admit is my fear as well. BUT if it goes its own direction which it at least sounds like it is, then I would be happy prequel or not.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            “there are a definite subset of TNG era fans who are highly resistant to any Trek outside of that iteration”

            My worry on Discovery had been that Fuller was one of these….hence, my relief when Moonves took charge and changed the course a bit.

          • Cabo 5150

            Yes, that’s a fair point, TSFO.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            I for one DO NOT want Star Trek: The Next Next Generation, Star Trek: The Fall or whatever.

            While I do enjoy the Kelvin movies, what I’d really like to see is a true reimagining of TOS. But that’s not happening. And that’s okay. I’ve been cautiously optimistic this whole time and have become less cautious as we’ve gone along. But I’m still waiting to pass judgment.

    • Ghost Robot Venture

      Yeah, there’s an asinine collection of rumours out there that make zero sense, like merchandisers supposedly claiming they can’t market the show because it’s “too different” to other Star Treks. I call b.s. on all of it.

      • Your Worst Nightmare

        Yeah, I don’t understand where the merchandising thing comes from since Pocket and IDW have already committed and sound very excited about the prospects of their tie-ins.

        Oh well.

      • Xandercom

        Companies have to pay to release licences trek merch, such as model kits, toys etc. They don’t automatically just release things, there will be a lot of work behind the scenes to decide if it’s viable.
        If they don’t think the licencing fees and cost in creating the merch will be profitable, they won’t gamble on it.
        A good example would be a model kit of the Discovery ship. One look at the backlash on YouTube when that thing was released and it’s pretty easy to see that they wouldn’t want to gamble on it, more likely they will (at best) wait to see the ratings and reception of the first series before looking at it again.

        So it’s pretty easy to see that companies would be reluctant to gamble their money on Discovery at this point.

        • Ghost Robot Venture

          Dare I say that there’s a certain core of Trek fandom that’s fundamentally pathologically negative and responds with hostility and moaning to anything new? That’s what all the complaining about Discovery – a show that hasn’t even debuted yet – reinforces to me. Even the weakest Trek is generally still watchable, but to some, nothing will ever match up to the idealised version of Trek in their heads.

          I doubt any merchandiser worth their salt is merely relying on YouTUbe likes to gauge commercial decisions. They hire actual market research companies to do this sort of thing. Besides, there are already tie-in novels on the way, commissioned and presently being written. It’d be downright bizarre if they couldn’t come up with merch for a Star Trek show.

          • Xandercom

            As I said, I worked for a UK company called Modelzone at the head office as the graphic and video coordinator. I dealt with suppliers and manufacturers on a daily basis producing our marketing material and online presence. I have a good understanding of the pipleilnes involved, and would often get products before films and movies were out of production as standard. Hell, it took 20 years to get lego back to the future kits which we all geeked out on at the time. Currently there’s no info coming from any of the companies I delt with back in 2012 regarding any upcoming merch, or merch in production.

            There’s some of the work I did back in the day.
            I work in VFX now and have done for nearly five years.

          • Fctiger

            Yeah its sad. I have no problems with people addressing their concerns and its a message board, thats what you should do. But I admit, maybe my memory is faulty but I was around when internet mostly kicked in for the masses (oddly around the time Voyager debut) and I don’t remember so much bitterness for the beginning of a show before. Voyager I remember there was divide about having a girl Captain (“No, we can’t have a girl Captain, she’s going to cry a lot, I don’t like orders coming from a woman and I never touched one either so they are mysterious to me.”) but generally people were positive on it for the most part.

            WHen Enterprise came on there was more apphrehension about it and I think fatigue was kind of setting in at that point and as said I think people were divided on the whole prequel thing but I remember how excited people were when Scott Bakula got the chair and while a bit of been there done that I don’t remember the overall hate and scorn.

            And to be fair it could’ve been there and sure there will always people who don’t like an idea and say it but there is so much resentment over this show because its all All Access or its a prequel or there are just too many dirty minorities on it, lazy boring time line, etc. And look all could be right (well not the dirty minorities part…unless you’re counting my family lol) but everything else is based on very little info. We haven’t SEEN anything yet and people are already hoping it gets cancelled? Its unbelievable.

            And when Voyager and Enterprise came out there was a lot of Trek on at the time obviously. Voyager was a smart move but Enterprise was probably one show too many by then. But now its been over a decade. Yes you don’t have to love the premise but give it a chance anyway. It could be another decade before we see one again if this tanks.

  • Vger64

    I am an older Trek fan and have been watching the shows for decades, read tons of books, got all the Music CD’s possible and I am SO Super Excited and ready for this new Trek show!!!

    • Impecunious Joe

      Me, too. It’s been too long since there was a new Star Trek series on television!

      • Io Jupiter

        Me three, I was six years old when “The Man Trap” was shown in 9/8/1966.
        I have been hooked every since. I have every movie and all six serises

  • Locutus

    Those pictures are a wicked tease of a tease. Maybe that woman sitting next to the director and obscured in the lens flare is in a Starfleet uniform? Or perhaps I’m just imagining things.

    I’m still pretty excited for the show, but it wouldn’t hurt to see some more pre-production material like uniforms or a first look at the actors in character. The first teaser didn’t show me enough!

  • Fiery Little One

    hehe. Such a tease.

  • Roger Birks

    The title card for the show is something I am not overly keen on if I am honest. But it is exciting that a Star Trek TV show is being made again. Looking forward to seeing the first episode!

  • Ian Fleming

    I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the first episode but I am edging towards being hopeful. Star Trek works best on TV, that’s where the best ideas are allowed to flourish, instead of two hours of “pew-pew, bang-bang” nonsense.

  • GIBBS v2

    The bar has been raised so high in the last decade for serialized dramas I just hope this show looks and acts the part. Enterprise for example the most modern of the ST shows still smacked very badly of that “set” feel. Nothing stylized or unique about it’s look. I hope the show owns more of those details.

  • Jack Burton

    If those leaked photos were actually supposed to be Klingons proper. You flipped millions of fans the bird. This show WILL not convince long time TV Trek fans to pay to watch. We don’t want JJ Lite on TV. We don’t want our Trek treated like it’s not good enough and needs re-imagining.

    • Your Worst Nightmare

      Sooo… what were your thoughts when they changed the Klingons’ look in 1979? Or the Romulans in 1988? Or the Trill in 1993?

      Personally? If changes like this (that I honestly have no idea what the rationale for the look is in the first place) bothered me that much that? I’d go watch something else.

      But that’s just me!