UPDATE: Anthony Rapp has contacted TrekCore to address the below quoted statement, sourced from his interview at EPGN.com:

“I was misquoted in that [EPGN] article. I had mentioned that in the future we would be doing things *like* Comic Con but I never said anything about being scheduled to do this upcoming Comic Con.”

We appreciate Rapp’s clarification, and certainly hope that the Discovery cast will make appearances at big genre and Trek fan events in the future!

Last year was a huge showing for Star Trek at the annual San Diego Comic-Con event, with the public debut of Star Trek Beyond with an outdoor IMAX presentation, and a big panel announcing the Star Trek: Discovery show title hosted by show co-creator Bryan Fuller, giving us our first look at the USS Discovery in an early promo video.

With Discovery production now well underway, it’s only natural to think that CBS is soon to ramp up its marketing and promotional efforts to get fans amped up for the early-fall series premiere, and July 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con looks to be their next big event.

Discovery actor Anthony Rapp was discussing an upcoming Philadelphia-based musical performance with EPGN.com this week, and let slip that Star Trek fans should probably make plans in their Comic-Con itinerary for Star Trek: Discovery presentation:

EPGN.com: Your career alternates between theater and film. What can you say about your roles on Broadway and the big screen? Are you always looking to reinvent yourself?

AR: I don’t think of it in terms of reinvention. I’ve been fortunate to do interesting projects. I haven’t done a huge number of films and TV shows. I’m proud of what I’ve done with “bwoy,” and other small films I’ve made. They are collaborative and creative and outside of the pressures of the [industry].

I’m just getting my feet wet in the “Star Trek” experience, and that’s the biggest machine I will be a part of. We’re supposed to do Comic-Con.

I helped establish BroadwayCon, and that’s the biggest experience like that I’ve had so far. But this is a going to be a bigger event and have an international aspect. I’m curious to see how it’s going to manifest itself — how many countries and cultures I’m going to experience.

Obviously plans for promoting the show at Comic-Con may change between now and the big event this July – and of course, this isn’t an official announcement from the studio – but it’s good to know that there are plans to kick off the first season of Discovery with a big public event like this.

Star Trek: Discovery launches later this year on CBS All Access, Space, and Netflix.

  • Cabo 5150

    I must admit, I’m itching for a substantive DSC sneak peek at this point!

    A cast photo, final ship/production/set designs… or even, a proper trailer and basic story synopsis! We can but hope.

    • GIBBS v2

      I would settle for a really nice, classic crew on the bridge shot.

      • Eric Cheung

        Crews on bridges!

  • James

    I hope they’ve got something decent to show. That early promo video was horrible, not the design of the ship, but the appalling CG work. I really hope that this show is good, but such weak promotional material can only damage its chances.


      By July this year they should definitely have some CGI that’s finished or close to finished.

      • James

        For me, the look of the show is going to make or break it. For sure, the story is important, but modern audiences expect a lot these days. I mean, the quality of Game of Thrones is incredible, but even lower budgeted shows like The Expanse look amazing. Speaking of which, I really hope that Star Trek can include some actual science in its fiction. I’m really enjoying The Expanse at the moment partly because of it’s use of science. Star Trek has become a kind of science fantasy show.

  • Fiery Little One

    Whatever they give us will most likely be worth the wait.

  • James

    Oh Christ, they’ve just announced casting for Harry Mudd. A character that fans have been crying out to see more of. I mean, of all the terrible characters to revisit. This is the problem with a prequel. Lack of inventiveness and pandering to the fans.