The new Star Trek: Voyager DVD box set hits stores on Tuesday – you can order the collection from Amazon now – and believe it or not, this is the first reissue of the UPN-based Trek series in North America since the original 2004 release.

Today we’ve got the first hands-on photos of the new collection!

Like the reissues of both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine before it, this new space-saving box set contains all seven seasons in three DVD cases, with two three-year Epik Pak cases and the final season of the show in a traditional seven-disc pack.

The cover art for each case heavily features Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway, with different hairstyles to represent the passing years included within each case. The artwork is unusually darkened and moody, a sharp contrast to the explosive colors found on last month’s DS9 DVD box set.

In addition, there’s a surprising usage of this odd Voyager cast photo on the back of the Season 7 case, which hides Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Roxann Dawson (Torres) behind the rest of the crew – there wasn’t another group shot that was usable on this box set?

Inside each case, the plain-faced gray discs bear out each grouping of episode titles, while the case interior gives an overview of each season.

As with the other DVD re-releases, the discs themselves are identical to the original 2004 DVDs released in North America – save for the lack of disc art found on those first sets – right down to the on-screen menus.

Like those first-run sets, all of the special features are carried over to this new box (and the available individual season collections also available Tuesday), however the Best Buy-exclusive bonus discs continue to remain lost to collectors of the past – or to those willing to pay out the nose for them on eBay.

All the standard bonus features carry over from the original DVDs.
The 2004 Best Buy bonus discs, not carried over to the new box set.

Despite the exclusion of the Best Buy content, this new North American DVD box set is the most affordable way ever to bring the entire Voyager saga home for fans in the USA and Canada – for a sale price of under $100 USD, this entire collection is near or below single-season DVD prices that the original 2004 sets sold for individually.

And while the series is, of course, available through a multitude of streaming platforms, the DVDs are the highest-quality presentation of the spin-off series available in the marketplace, since the outlook for a future high-definition remastering is, at this time, questionable at best.

So if you’ve been holding off for all these years on buying Star Trek: Voyager – or if your old, brittle plastic season sets have begun to crack and splinter – now’s the best time to take a new trip to the Delta Quadrant with the intrepid Voyager crew.

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