The “What We Left Behind” Deep Space Nine documentary team completed their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign last night, raising more than a stunning $631,000 in fan-driven donations, blowing past even their highest stretch goal by over $100k.

Ira Behr and the production team released this ‘thank you’ video Friday afternoon to pay tribute to the more-than-9,200 contributors to the month-long fundraiser – with a guest appearance by Garak actor Andy Robinson.

The team announced the other week that the high volume of raised funds will help in their negotiations with CBS to hopefully gain access to the original Deep Space Nine film negatives, to rescan and remaster select series clips to 1080p high definition for inclusion in the forthcoming film, as well as work with Trek visual effects veteran Doug Drexler to revisit some of the 1990’s-era CGI work used in the show.

From a recent campaign status update:

As you probably know, this final stretch gives us the financial ability to follow up with our intent to scan and remaster selected shots from the series for presentation for the first time in HD. While we want to reiterate that nothing’s guaranteed until we can get into details further with various departments, we’ve been empowered by our positive talks with CBS Television Studios, along with guidance from familiar faces Mike & Denise Okuda and VFX master Doug Drexler, among others.

Any additional funds will continue to be put towards additional interviews, custom graphics, and most importantly, the costly process of licensing (and re-scanning for HD!) archival clips for use in the film.

While such a goal remains, at this time, still under negotiation – the “What We Left Behind” team has been clear that nothing is certain yet on this topic – the incredible support behind the Indiegogo campaign is surely a point in their favor. Fingers crossed!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments on the “What We Left Behind” Deep Space Nine documentary as they are revealed.

  • Eric Cheung

    And rising. Though the campaign is officially over, it’s still possible to donate, as I’ve seen the total go up a bit over the last few hours.

  • Tone

    Fantastic for for a less than good Trek series, don’t you think Mr Moonves? Shove this up your butts CBS.

    • Wes

      Ok, Les Moonves had NOTHING to do with remastering TOS and TNG. There is no sense to bash him for not remastering Deep Space Nine.

      • Ace Stephens

        Plus, acting like money for this doc would be going to Moonves or stockholders in any notable regard is absurd. Those behind this didn’t do the IndieGoGo to profit a ton – they did it to have the financial resources available to create the best quality version of their product (the doc).

        • Tone

          Argh you again… Trust you to take it literally just so you can take the juxtaposition. I will give you a clue about reading and comprehension, sometimes it’s just not the words, but the intent.

          But as baby is being deliberately difficult today, he needs spoon feeding, I will explain it to you…

          1.) A documentary could have been made for the DS9 DVD release, but wasn’t due to costs.

          2.) A documentary was announced and asked for funding from fans.

          3.) Said documentary achieves nearly three quarters of a million dollars funding.

          4.) Fans spending money on documentary highlights the fact that DS9 is more popular than otherwise thought.

          5.) Fans want a DS9 HD remaster.

          6.) Moonves is the person (that has been critical of Trek in the past) who has the say in funding a remaster project.

          There, understand a little better now?

          • Ace Stephens

            I will give you a clue about reading and comprehension, sometimes it’s just not the words, but the intent.

            I’m a big proponent of considering “context” so attempting to lecture me on “the intent” is futile since it’s already “paramount” in my concern. That’s why I considered context here and you didn’t.

            What this comes down to is you wanted to complain and point the finger at Moonves and similar so you contorted your reasoning in order to do so and then when someone called you on it, you went, “But it’s not my reasoning that matters! It’s that I’m whining!”

            Yeah, I get it. Most of us get it. Your points are invalid because Moonves could do any number of things and you pointing it out here in some self-involved, whiny manner doesn’t relate to anything other than your bitterness toward him.

            More evidence of this exists in the reasoning you outlined in the above. Let’s see…

            1.) Because they didn’t have crowd-funding and presumably didn’t find the hassle worthwhile at the current time, particularly prior to any potential DS9 remaster.

            2.) See 1 (this was not considered a viable option for them due to it being a repackage – so “investment” was absolutely minimal since it’s not even really a “new product”).

            3.) That’s nowhere near the amount necessary for funding a complete DS9 remaster and a doc about the show hoping to remaster some small moments of the show is not the same as a DS9 remaster anyway.

            4.) Nope. Only if you were a fool and thought there wasn’t a DS9 fanbase out there. Which, of course, Moonves isn’t because he’s doing the whole “All Access” Star Trek thing due to noting Trek fans’ loyalty to the franchise. So if anyone knows, “This can make money from people desperate for more on this…”…yeah, he’s one of the top people.

            5.) This is true, for the most part, but doesn’t change the other concerns involved surrounding funding, organization, timing, etc. which a huge corporation has to deal with and answer for to their stockholders (including saying, “We spent a ton of money right now hoping it will pay off…” while no immediate return is seen…and the stock market is notoriously volatile/impatient, as many know). And all this on a corporate level while they would be dealing with the types of hurdles that exist in front of the current doc people regarding securing elements and ensuring they are adequately remastered.

            6.) His “say” is notably limited since he’s not really in charge of decisions for home media as far as I’m aware. So yeah, he can probably have enough input to say, “Why don’t you do that?” but it doesn’t have a ton of traction. In fact, what would give it more traction would be things like Discovery being a huge hit, making the home media people take notice and say, “There’s strong demand for this still!”

            You seem to think your lack of consideration of the full context and logistics involved equates to having some “mind-blowing” or insightful intent. You don’t. You have bitterness toward Moonves, which was plain in your first comment derailing itself to distort the context of things.

            Do you comprehend now?

            Better than you have this whole time. You see an extremely direct “A-to-B” correlation which is immensely oversimplified in the world of corporate considerations…because you want to. And it’s easier than thinking about all the things they have to deal with (as you’re the one more with a perspective like a “baby” who sees a thing it wants and then whines that it can’t have it ASAP, ignoring the variety of reasons that isn’t even a reasonable concern to have).

            And so you complain from your limited perspective and pretend it should have validity. And then when others say, “That’s a limited perspective,” you act like they’re being pedantic rather than that, you know, they see how petty and misguided your take on the matter is when it has facts incorrect, associations oversimplified, etc.

            So, yeah, you are being deliberately difficult.

          • Tone

            Your always trying to goad people in to an argument over something petty, some minor detail, just so you can feel superior and win the Internet for the day.

            I haven’t bothered to read your no doubt pedantic overly long and drawn out rant at me, so please save your time and effort.

            Basically, my position is that I want CBS to remaster DS9, hopefully you can’t pick that statement apart too much.

          • Ace Stephens

            I don’t want to win the internet. Yourself and some like you just don’t understand that sometimes you are capable of being wrong about something. And so if somebody else says, “Wait a second…that doesn’t make sense.” then, rather than saying, “I think the sentiment stands but maybe I overstated it…” or things like that, you have to immediately escalate it into personal attacks and then go, “How dare you start an argument!” I didn’t. You did. If not by being inaccurate in your assertions to begin with then by responding with personal attacks to someone pointing out that you were.

            Nearly every thread you get involved in ends up with some overly long winded argument where the other person simply gives up trying to reason with you.

            You’re not using reason. And all that you stated just goes to show you how overbearing and unwilling to accept criticism some people are when somebody just says, “No, that doesn’t hold up and here’s why.” Then some people, instead of addressing the “why” in a meaningful fashion, start assuming things about the “questioning” party or they start overgeneralizing situations. Then I have to reiterate the original concern while deconstructing the nonsense they’ve put forward. Just like I am doing here because you can’t accept that your bitterness toward Moonves has distorted your appraisal of the considerations relevant for CBS to remaster DS9. So then your stance becomes pretty much nothing to do with your original point because you’d rather make personal attacks and ignore that you were wrong to begin with. You start from a petty, bitter personal perspective and then persist in it no matter what.

            Basically, my position is that I want CBS to remaster DS9, hopefully you can’t pick that statement apart too much.

            I agree with that (but since it’s a preferential statement, it’s really irrelevant whether I agree or not). What I disagree with are bitter, distorted perspectives of matters intent on poisoning discourse or consideration…and then when you get called on it, it’s not, “Oh, okay…” or “Oh, and you were just responding to me in-kind?” Instead, it’s, “See?! You’re trying to create an argument!”

            No, I’m not. You are when you put forward plainly erroneous reasoning and dismissive commentary. Then when I reply with an explanation and maybe add elements rhetorically in order to turn the tables in the hopes that you will reflect on that and see the issue with your reasoning, you don’t go, “Oh, I see. So I was doing that?! I’ll stop.” Instead, you go, “SEE?! YOU JUST WANT TO ARGUE!”

            I just want you to make sense and, when you maybe don’t, not take it personally when someone comments on how you didn’t. But since you seemed to start out having taken Moonves’ involvement/relationship with the franchise personally (which I’m sure plenty of fans can outline they “have their reasons for”), it would seem that attempting to address this distortion with people like you is a futile effort. As when someone says, “I think this was taken a little too personally…” it’s no wonder you’re the type to go, “WELL, YOU’RE THIS AND THAT AND SOMETHING ELSE, YOU BABY!” or similar.

            Because that’s what you do. You ignore reason so you can take things personally. And then you get mad at others who don’t ignore reason or who reflect your erroneous reasoning back at you in an attempt to wake you up to what you’re doing.</b

            I understood your point was, "I'd like DS9 remastered!" The issue was your manner of stating this was demeaning another party on a basis that was erroneous and has very little relationship to that subject.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Guys, just an observation — you don’t really seem that far apart — you are letting your personal distaste for each other kind of create a somewhat artificial series of disagreements here…just saying. 🙂 You both have a lot of good posts here that I enjoy reading, BTW

            Moonves will green-light re-mastering when the economics are ripe, which I estimate will happen before 2020. An Moonves likes “good Star Trek” that gets good ratings and makes money; he doesn’t like “bad Star Trek” like Enterprise that nosedived in the ratings every consecutive year with a starting point season one that was a pretty lame ratings average to start the series with.

            Moonves was right to cancel Enterprise and put it outs of his misery. He was also very astute in giving Trek on TV the decade+ break it needed. Now he’s right on the money in allowing the reinvention of Trek on TV this year. And he will be right in 1 to 3 years when he gives the final go-ahead for the DS9 remastering effort — the economics get better on doing that every year that goes by, as I covered in my post (no, it’s not going to be the same very expensive process that was done for TNG — see my other posts)

            There is a reason Moonves is considered the best exec in TV, and I also believe that his stepping in with “adult supervision” to get Discovery back on track in going to pay big dividends this fall. Fuller was disorganized and making poor decisions — he had to go.

          • Ace Stephens

            I don’t have distaste for the party I was replying to. I never brought up how someone is due to comments on other articles here (unlike what they did). But their first comment was dismissive and placing fault on someone due to…no reason. It’s like when people blame presidents or political figures for things that they really weren’t in charge of but “happened on their watch.” In terms of drawing a direct association, it’s often quite a leap and says more about the narrow viewpoint and negative attitude of the party in question than it does the target of their ire. I simply questioned the issues in their logic (replying to a differing poster) and was then trashed for the impression this party has of me from other articles – largely ignoring my criticism (with their focus on largely unrelated points) seemingly due to their wanting things to be “personal.” There was no need to start talking about their interpretation of when/why/how I post or for their inferring negative intention there. They simply want to see negative intention, just as with Moonves where his not catering to their whim regardless of the logistics is some evident fault in their view.

            As for Moonves himself, what division would be in charge of that DS9 remaster? I never got the impression that syndication/licensing or home media was his focal forte, although he obviously oversees some incredibly important (to the franchise) stuff.

            I do not “mind” Enterprise’s cancellation, in-premise. I personally would have preferred it to be a year later (as I thought the show had just found its groove and I feel another season could have saved the reputation of it in the views of some) but I know the economics don’t conform to my personal preferences.

      • Tone

        Unless we can time-travel, he is very much the person which would be green lighting any potential remastering project, and has been in control for many years now.

    • Eric Cheung

      Moonves wasn’t specific as to which shows he thought were subpar, was he? I thought h was deliberately vague.

      • Tone

        True, but it is widely regarded that he was inferring DS9 and Enterprise.

        • Eric Cheung

          How?? Is this just a guess? I see no reason to make any assumptions unless there’s some kind of specific clue.

  • StuUK

    Have been checking in on the campaign everyday to see how it’s doing.

    I’m floored by how quickly the campaign had managed to achieve its initial $150K target (inside a day!!), that it had achieved the half-million mark with about 4 days left to go… and the fact that it ultimately smashed the final extended target by $130K is pretty jaw dropping.

    This has been my first experience with participating in a crowd funded endeavour. If DS9-R could benefit from this approach (if only in part) I for one would be prepared to submit a contribution for every season.

  • you can still contribute by getting one of the perks. i’m hoping this will be possible for a few more months, because i’d love to go to the London premiere, but i can’t afford it at the moment. maybe in a few months, if it’s still possible to contribute then. anyway, awesome sucess for the campaign, and i hope it will get us one step closer to DS9 in HD!

  • Ensign Pepe

    I definitively think CBS should use this crowd funding approach as an alternative to finance the DS9/VOY HD Project. I’d be quite happy to contribute season to season

    • whowhatwhy

      I read an estimate from somebody in the know, it may take up to 40M to digitize the material and almost completely redo VFX (the digital models have been lost). Even by Trekkie standards that’s too steep for crowdfunding.

      I would love to be proved wrong!

    • Tegan Bigone

      Trust me, CBS is not poor. They are just cheap and greedy. Together with advertising revenue and their Paramount Pictures income, they’re making a killing from all of us already paying for CBS network thru our cable/satellite bills, all of which funds their TV shows – but that wasn’t enough for CBS. Oh, no. Instead of turning Star Trek into a massive franchise like Star Wars, they’ve held it hostage, tossing out moldy crumbs to fans every few years. And now they’ve realized how much more money they can make by creating a lame Netflix copy-cat called CBS All Access and convincing stupid suckers into paying for CBS programming twice! Corporate loathing of Humanity is as horrifying as the special place in hell reserved for Corporate thugs.

  • M33

    “An’ I helped!”

  • Ian Fleming

    $80 well spent.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Hey Trekcore staff, you need to reconsider your long-held position that fan funding couldn’t get the DS9 HD remastering started. Based on getting well over $600k for just this 90 minute documentary, it should be obvious now that a sustained fundraising campaign for remastering the entire first season of DS9 — thus getting the initial funding for CBS to get started — should easily garner $2 million.

    Trekcore, you need to re-compute your overly conservative opinion on this. With all due respect, you are just simply wrong here.

    • Ensign Pepe

      I think these days it’s more about which Episodes and Seasons that are popular rather than which series is popular. I’d rather they start with DS9’s Season 3 Remaster…i’m more likely to contribute to that than to Season 1 remaster

  • Pedro Ferreira

    So am I right in thinking the more the fans give now the more than can be put towards remastering?

    • Eric Cheung

      I asked a similar question on their Facebook page:

      Eric Cheung Does that mean $205,000 will be allocated to remastering clips?

      What We Left Behind: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Documentary Hi Eric – it’s not *quite* as directly attributable as that, since we have Indiegogo fees and manufacturing and shipping costs for fulfillment of the rewards. Also because we not only need to pay to remaster any of that footage, but also to license it. Suffice to say — we’ll put all funds raised to good use in the film, and hope you’ll appreciate the finished product!

      • Pedro Ferreira

        My question was more if fans can continue to donate money will it mean more can be spend on remastering not just for the clips but maybe whole episodes.

        • Eric Cheung

          Well, I don’t think any of the money from this fundraiser can be put toward remastering the show proper. But this shows an obvious interest from the fans in the remastering aspect of the fundraiser. At the very least, I think that remastering the clips will help the team understand the scope of the project so that they can know how to approach it, if they do tackle the series as a whole.

  • Kirksdeadjim

    DS9 remastered will never happen guys.Just let it go.

    • Ian Fleming

      Wow, you’ve mastered the art of positive giving up.

  • Tegan Bigone

    Its amazing how much money people are willing to blow. I wish people cared this much about health care and human lives.

    • Ian Fleming

      As a backer of this campaign all I can say is: 1) that’s a horrible smear, 2)completely baseless and 3) you are a horrible person.

    • StuUK

      Oooo, pick one Tegan: Would you like sanctimonious? Self-righteous?? Morally superior???

      You can thank your succession of governments for the state of your healthcare system as it exists today; they are ultimately the ones responsible for the management of your tax money, how it’s allocated, how much the healthcare system can have and they are responsible for the rulebook under which your healthcare system operates.

      I think we can agree that $630K and up is A LOT of money BUT the deficit in the resources available to the healthcare system would swallow $630K in an instant (in the UK at least). Under those conditions, if such a sum were allocated to healthcare, everyone that gives half a damn about it (myself included) would continue to observe how poorly managed and under-resourced the healthcare system is and thus be left wondering where our $630K actually went.

      Now with the creation of this ‘little’ Star Trek project? – We’ll actually have something to show for it at the end of the day. Why don’t you attempt to enjoy it rather than condemn those that support it?