Attention all Star Trek music lovers: thanks to our friends at La-La Land Records, we have two copies of their stunning new Star Trek: Voyager soundtrack collection ready to fly from the Delta Quadrant right to your front door!

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Between now and March 24, just answer this question in the comments below:

Do you get groovy with the crew of the Aurora in “The Way to Eden”? Does Picard’s flute melody from “The Inner Light” float through your dreams? Perhaps you dig Sisko and Vic Fontaine’s Deep Space duet from “Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang”!

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  • David Francisco
    • pojkeman

      Well, then you’ll be please since it’s on the new Voyager soundtrack!

    • Robert Anthony

      An exploding cigar never packed such a wallop. : )

  • gumtuu

    Favorite was Inner Light. And specially this version of it.

  • Doug Irving

    There is so much great music to choose from. I would say that my all time favorite Trek music is Spock’s funeral montage from Star Trek II, including “Amazing Grace.” Bittersweet and it perfectly captures the hope of the 23rd Century.

  • Henrik Kovács

    I don’t have a residents in USA 🙁 But i share my all time music event in not just a Trek, all of a television history: Picard sad flute in The Inner Light’s End…

  • It’s so hard to pick just one! Nevertheless, I’d have to say one of the most poignant musical moments was the final moments of Star Trek: Enterprise’s finale, “These Are The Voyages”.

    We’d just had some very bittersweet music balancing Trip’s death with Archer preparing to make his speech – the culmination of everything the show had built up to. Then, as Riker and Troi leave that familiar holodeck, the Star Trek fanfare – something that barely ever played in the show – begins.

    Then we see the Enterprise-D and hear Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic theme…which seamlessly transitions into Alexander Courage’s TOS theme as the original Enterprise flies by in HD…which seamlessly transitions into Dennis McCarthy’s “Archer’s Theme” – the REAL Enterprise theme – and the NX-01 does the Star Trek equivalent of going off into the sunset. All while each captain shared the “Space, the final frontier” speech.

    When that played on-screen I teared up big time. I did not expect that short montage at the end, and it remains one of the most memorable and coolest moments to me. I still get chills when I hear it. Eighteen years of Star Trek had come to an end, just after my own eighteenth birthday and high school graduation. It really sank in that a chapter had closed, but that the future was an exciting new frontier.

  • Sykes

    I can’t enter due to being non-American, so I’ll just amuse myself with all the entries that choose a score cue instead of a source-cue. 😉

  • Gregory Paul Stamper

    STAR TREK The Motion Picture – Ilia’s Theme

  • Zarm

    The Inner Light makes me tear up, as you rightly suggest, and the duet from Badda Bing, Badda Bang was the song we danced to at our wedding. But my favorite, out of many, many wonderful options, has to be the lush, ethereal excitement of ‘Floating Office’ from The Motion Picture.

  • Alexander Hall

    Star Trek III: Stealing the Enterprise

  • Daniel Buckley

    The end of The Best of Both Worlds part 1 and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  • Jeff Nordahl

    Wow, selecting one musical moment is hard. I would have have to say when Kira says goodbye to Odo at the end of What You leave Behind. Dennis McCarthy brought back his wonderful music from Life Support when Vadek Bariel died. It brought Kira full circle and a fitting closure to the series.

  • Benjamin Stock

    A British tar from Insurrection.

  • Patrick Williams

    The Jack Pack singing Do-Re-Mi in DS9: Chrysalis.

  • Ralph

    I love all the music from all the series, however my favorite of all is “Genesis Countdown” from TWOK. Perfection

  • Adam Lettow

    The suite from DS9’s “The Siege of AR-558” during the final conflict.

  • Christopher Ryan

    I think my favorite is actually from Star Trek First Contact, during the Borg battle at the beginning, and the secondary theme plays as the Enterprise sweeps in to save the day. “Red Alert”

  • Shayne Bither

    My favorite is definitely the Doctor from Voyager, daydreaming about singing opera while single-handedly stopping Tuvok from going all Pon Farr on everyone.

    • Robert Anthony

      One of THE funniest comedic efforts in all of Star Trek. Love this. It still makes me laugh. : )

  • Scott Kardel

    Oh, so many to choose from. I love Ilia’s Theme and Klingon Battle from TMP, but the music from The Doomsday Machine, and Inner Light are also some of my favorites.

  • Benjamin Yoon

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
    You make me happy when skies are grey
    You never know, dear, how much I love you
    Please don’t take my sunshine away

    – “Someone to Watch Over Me” (Star Trek: Voyager)

  • Matt Fuller

    For me it would be the opening title sequence of First Contact. I was in middle school at the time and many mornings on the bus I would try to think of new themes based on Best of Both Worlds music. I was simply stunned when those first bars started playing at the movie. The breadth and sweeping melody was more than anything I had come up with. Still gets me to this day. 🙂

  • Elaine Hott

    I love the Star Trek the Voyage Home and Undiscovered Country themes. This Inner Light and Caretakers Hoedown are other favorites.

  • Roman Blair

    Any of Jeri Ryan’s singing from “The Killing Game”

  • Lao Che

    Jeri Ryan’s attempts to explore all things ‘human’

  • Martin Paternoster

    In “unification” I think, in a bar of ill repute, Worf under cover singing Aktul and Mellorta (sp?), a rather primal sounding Klingon opera. 🙂

  • Brady Foster

    There are so many to choose from, but one moment comes from Voyager’s second episode “Parallax” during the briefing room scene. After Janeway and Torres have come to an agreement on solving the problem and they dismiss from the meeting, Chakotay and Janeway share a glance and Janeway nods. The music that plays is a slow rendition of the main theme. It encapsulates the optimistic spirit of Star Trek so well and how people of different backgrounds can work together to solve a problem. Definitely a beautiful moment that has stuck with me for over 20 years now.

  • Sastrei

    Scorpion Parts 1 & 2! “dun dun da da dunnn” whenever the bio-ships are attacking!

  • Carly Shibby

    I absolutely love the entire episode of Deep Space Nine, “His Way”. The whole show is amplified by Vic Fontaine, and Odo learning how to lighten up. The mixture of classic lounge music, and romance, made that episode so amazing!! I love hearing Vic sing some of my favorite old hits!

  • lonestarr357

    Star Trek V. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sybok are going to meet God. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, the crew is watching, unaware that the Klingon ship is on the radar.

    In the midst of Goldsmith’s gorgeous music, the Klingon Battle motif appears in such an awe-inspiring rendition. So very lovely.

  • petek66

    Can there be any other answer than Star Trek V– Uhura singing “The Moon’s A Window To Heaven” on Nimbus III??? Hello, boys!

  • Geoffrey McCarthy

    Once again the international community, plenty of whom support this site I am sure, are excluded from a give away. Come on Trekcore, in the spirit of Star Trek, make your competitions and giveaways open to everyone.

    Good luck to everyone from the States though.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Hey we need some happiness and special benefits here in the states. It’s so depressing with this nutcase leading us; we need all the positive reinforcement we can get. 🙂

      • Geoffrey McCarthy

        Lol. There is no way I can argue with that. Point definitely taken. And thanks but, erm, no thanks. 😀

        • Locutus

          Folks outside the U.S. also get access to Star Trek Discovery via Netflix, another boon. You win some, you lose some …

  • blackwidow8000

    Robert Picardo singing Someone To Watch Over Me in Voyager. I’ve always loved that and wished for a copy.

  • bgoo2

    The end scene in Menage a Troi… Picard calls Wesley into his ready room and gives the speech for his Ensign promotion… cut to Wesley stepping on the bridge in his full Starfleet uniform…his proud mother in the background…

    The underlying orchestration completely carries the emotion of this scene forward … at first gently from the insightfulness of speech … and then triumphantly and inspirationally as the Enterprise warps out.

    Its a true underrated and overlooked musical cue gratefully included on the recent box set TNG CD releases, and encompasses a sequence representing everything the best of that series was about.

  • Stephanie Ann Reis

    I really enjoyed the moment Seven of nine did some singing. She made it feel like she was becoming more human.

  • Robert Anthony

    I can’t enter, ’cause I’m Canadian, but in the spirit of the contest, (and since it’s Voyager) I’ll share a memorable music moment for me.

    In the episode “Blink of an Eye”, the music always moves me to see an aged Gotana-Retz staring up at the sky at the brightest source of light (which is Voyager trapped in the atmosphere) that has so-shaped his entire civilization. The light flashes and disappears as Voyager goes to warp and resumes course home. It’s a beautiful moment and the music is perfectly sad and triumphant for an old man who has saved both his planet from seismic chaos and the skyship legends of his childhood.

  • dixonium

    Another vote for “His Way” from me, specifically the charming scene in which Sisko is delighted to find that Odo just can’t stop himself from humming “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”–and joins him. That one always gets me “right here.”

  • Locutus

    My favorite Star Trek music probably has to be the Main Title from Star Trek: First Contact. As an honorable mention, I also really enjoy “The Mountain” from the Star Trek V soundtrack.

  • Sarah Elizabeth Linsley

    I loved the couple episodes where Picard plays his flute – The Inner Light and later when he plays with Lt commander Daren and her piano!

  • Jason

    Today for St. Patrick’s day I’m going to say the Klingon Drinking Song from DS9: “The Way of the Warrior”!

  • Rob Parks

    my moment is when Sisko and the gang are walking to the holosuite to do their plan in Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang

  • Cloyd Hatch Jr.

    The Voyager episode “Counterpoint”. The entire episode is full of wonderful music

  • Bret Lonsway

    The action sequences in “The Doomsday Machine”.

  • Kate Allen

    For me, it’s when Riker played the trombone, specifically when he played it in the holodeck.

  • Vikram Gill

    Spock neck-pinching the 80’s punk playing loud music on the bus in The Voyage Home. I assume that counts as a “musical” moment?

  • Vger64

    The Doctor and Seven of Nine: “You are My Sunshine”!

  • Neil Kesler

    I have to say the title ” first contact ” from Star Trek first contact. It is just simply a very relaxing and peaceful scene and score.

    I also liked jumping the ravine from Generations, every time I go horseback riding, I hear that song in my head and picture myself within a nexus

  • sebulbafett

    Nothing tugs at my Trekkie heart strings quite like Scotty playing “Amazing Grace” on his bagpipes during Spock’s funeral in Wrath of Khan. As if the last several minutes of that classic film weren’t emotional enough, the incidental music may have, at first, seemed anachronistic in a Trek movie, but it worked magically, and became iconic. A beautifully sad moment.

  • Mark Rubin

    I like the Spock/Kirk confrontation on Vulcan in Amok Time.

  • Cameron Catton

    It’s so hard to choose! As a musician, my connection to Trek’s musical tapestry is very strong. I’d have to say, for sure, Seven of Nine and the Doctor singing “You Are My Sunshine” together is a favorite. The Doctor is impressed by Seven’s musical talent, which is a byproduct of Borg assimilation. As she sings “You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you…” and he joins her, you realize that the episode was never really about Seven. It was about the Doctor’s discovery that he loves her.

    Star Trek: Voyager – “Someone to Watch Over Me”

    • getoverit

      wow. just wow.
      the picture gets clearer and clearer cameroon.

  • Mark

    My favorite is the Picard Flute music from Inner Light. It was amazing at the Star Trek convention a couple years ago hearing the Inner Light Suite performed by an orchestra and conducted by the composer. Brilliantly beautiful piece of music.

  • It’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite. I was initially torn between the big moments during “Scorpion,” “Someone to Watch Over Me” or even the chase scene during “The Voyage Home,” but in the end it came down to “Lessons.” I love when Picard and Daren are playing together in the jefferies tube.

  • Dustin Snyder

    Although there are many, many, wonderful music moments in all of Star Trek, the one that gets me the most is Picard’s flute solo from “Inner Light”. I still get the feels.

  • Shaun

    Sisko realising his personal revelation in Emissary, which was repeated beautifully in The Visitor

  • Garrett Bridges

    Definitely the Species 8472 theme from Voyager’s “Scorpion”. I was about 12 when that aired and it was the coolest Star Trek episode I’d ever seen.

  • Liam Dillon

    Hey guys! Couldn’t we have a competition that includes outside USA once in a while? 🙁

  • SFSeries&Movies

    I love the scene where Worf and Picard try to distract Data during Star Trek: Insurrection

  • Impecunious Joe

    Source music, or score?

    Argh, there are so many for both. But one that fits both is “Amazing Grace” at Spock’s funeral, as it transitions from Scotty playing it in-scene on the bagpipes to the full orchestra taking over in the score.

  • pittrek

    We are talking about 50 years of brilliant music, but I think I mostly love the music which plays during the duel between Spock and Kirk in “Amok Time”. Also known as the national anthem of Decapod 10 🙂 If I remember correctly on the soundtrack it’s called simply “Ancient Battle”

  • Gary Manis

    My favorite moment is when Kirk & Scotty are inspecting the Enterprise in Star Trek:The Motion Picture.

  • Zedd Wordd

    The inner light flute music is my favorite. It has a haunting loneliness to it at the end of that episode that always got me

  • Tyler Howat

    It’s easily the spacedock tour of the Enterprise in The Motion Picture. What a way to return to the ship we love than through a space flight?

  • The whole of the Ron Jones stuff from Best of Both Worlds is pretty great. That dun-dun-dun! bit at the cliffhanger has stuck with me.

  • Xeos

    ‘Red Alert’ from First Contact and ‘The Mountain’ from The Final Frontier. Jerry Goldsmith was amazing.

  • Tim Wegner

    The opening theme to Star Trek First Contact always takes my breadth away and was the first and only theme I ever learned to play on the piano.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    My favourite incidental music from Star Trek was in TNG’s magical youth theme by Ron Jones in Where No One Has Gone Before. A shame I live in the UK:

  • THX

    The Enterprise sequence in Star Trek the motion picture!!!!

  • CaliburnCY

    Ilia’s theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  • Tribble8572

    I’d literally have an easier time answering the question, “what’s your favorite episode?” Picking my favorite musical moment is almost impossible. I was going to pick A Fistful of Datas because I love the western spin on the ‘trek sound’ – but no- I saw someone else pick Star Trek First Contact…it got me thinking, and I have to pick the first contact moment from the film as my favorite. 100 percent.
    I have listened to it many times over the years. I’ve even played it on the sax.
    It’s so sweeping and emotional. On top of all the action in the film it just makes it iconic. RIP Jerry Goldsmith & thank you!
    The whole score draws you in, and illustrates not just how important that event was for the history of the Federation, but it captured the emotion we all feel as fans of trek, thinking about science fact, the universe and what real first contact would be like for humanity….

  • Alex Weaver

    Voyager opening

  • Keith Ferguson

    My favorite is the original series theme. or possibly the music from any Kirk fight scene.

  • Jennifer Snyder

    The Voyager opening titles. Also the ending to the DS9 episode Red Squad.

  • Kai85

    The music behind Kirk and Spock’s duel in Amok Time.

  • Zak Heisenman

    My favorite musical moment of pretty much any franchise are the leaving
    spacedock sequences, but my favorite has got to be the one from The
    Undiscovered Country. Cliff Eidelman’s theme is gorgeous, and it has a
    sense of nostalgic finality to it. Perfectly fits the film. That swell
    as Enterprise clears space doors for the last time always makes my heart soar.

  • Charlie

    The tension in the climax of The Doomsday Machine… that episode had me on the edge of my seat and almost running from the room when I was little. The music was a big part of it, and then also signaled the “all clear” as soon as Kirk was safely back aboard the Enterprise. I could watch – and listen to – that episode all day.

  • Ben Rice

    My favorite moment was in “Best of Both World’s” when we first see the Borg Cube. Ron Jones’s fantastic music swells as Picard tells Word to alert Starfleet that they’ve engaged the Borg, and for the first time I was truly terrified by the Borg. TNG was never more epic and exciting than in that moment. Outstanding score and an outstanding moment!

  • Michael Wong

    I’m going with Jaylah blasting “Sabotage” in Beyond. What an unexpected and brilliant moment!

  • Eriq

    The moment the Vulcans arrive at Earth for the first time in First Contact. It’s Trek at it’s best and truest, and the music completes the moment.