While they aren’t as exciting as a long-desired Blu-ray release, the new 2017 DVD box sets of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager arrived this year with brand new packaging and artwork designs, the first re-release of each series in the United States in over a decade.

In addition to their artwork changes, the two box sets hit stores with substantially-reduced price points from their earlier runs on DVD, with each one now selling on Amazon for $95 or less for the complete run of each show.

Now, just a few months after their debut, bootleg copies of each new release have begun to arrive on eBay and other reseller marketplace, which a look of authenticity that may confuse unsuspecting buyers in to purchasing counterfeit copies of each show, for prices nearly identical to the real thing.

The “real” DS9 and Voyager box sets each feature three DVD cases in an external slipcase — two large, ‘Epik Pak’ plastic cases, and a seven-disc case for the final season of each show:

The official DEEP SPACE NINE series box set.
The official VOYAGER series box set.

The bootleg editions, now appearing on eBay and other third-party resellers, feature slipcases that emulate the originals nearly perfectly, but they contain five plastic DVD cases inside instead of the proper three-case arrangement:

We confirmed with Paramount today there have been NO changes made to the packaging on the official Deep Space Nine or Voyager DVD boxes, and senior brand manager Matt Arsulich also shared the information on Twitter this afternoon.

So if you’re looking to pick up a copy of these releases for yourself, stick to reputable retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc. — or if you must buy third-party, be sure you’re getting the real item before you fork over any cash for the box sets sight-unseen.

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Star Trek: DS9
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  • Kaine Morrison

    The Copy I received was a bootleg.

    • Neil Kesler

      It’s unfortunate that people are selling bootleg copies of anything these days

      • TrekRules

        True but it isn’t surprising. Amazon.ca still wants $126 for a DS9 that ended 17 years ago. These should be cheap(I got X-files on bluray for $15 a season, come on CBS) but CBS overcharges even with these new sets so people sell bootleg versions. CBS has made their money off of these over and over again, quit double-dipping and either drop the price on these or get the blurays out and you won’t have this issue.

        • Neil Kesler

          Well said Bro

        • How is this double dipping? That doesn’t make any sense. Is there new material in the box sets?

          • Ace Stephens

            Most complaints I hear about “double dipping” are ridiculous anyway (if people actually knew what they were talking about). For instance, the people behind it didn’t quite know the title’s popularity in the market and so, a few years after the original release, they released a new version with more/updated stuff (like special features they didn’t think to create or put on a bare-bones version because they thought it would sell decently on its own and didn’t expect so much interest or things like that). Why? Because the sales of the original seemed to justify it. Or maybe a new studio got the rights and decided they could do a better remaster and/or extras. Or a sequel/prequel/remake is coming out and they think it would be smart to release it again with more features they couldn’t afford last time but made enough money to do from the original release’s sales (with the thought being that the expense now will be justified by collectors who pick up this new version and might resell the previous copy). Or on and on.

            Certainly, it does occur where somebody seems to set out to release something and then release a version with notable (non retailer) “exclusives” a short while later or things like that (without announcing them prior – so unlike the Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D thing, which was announced so people just had to wait – which I’m sure some whined about as though delaying their purchase six months was some disastrous impairment to their lives and Disney owed them it now now now…)…

            Most of the time, it’s just normal, non-exploitative business operations. If the first version never sold, they wouldn’t bother releasing it again as some souped-up one. If the new release has no new stuff, it’s just a repackage (because they already did nearly all the work and just have to get it out there). Etc.

            But cynicism and self-involvement won’t allow people to see it for what it is sometimes. Of course, there are also fans who would gladly buy the same thing twenty times with only the most minor variations even sometimes if they aren’t huge “completists.”

          • Sean Richardson

            “Why? Because the sales of the original seemed to justify it.”

            This is so outdated that you might as well be talking about VHS releases.

          • Ace Stephens

            What do you mean? Regarding works which aren’t new themselves, if they tried selling it once and it didn’t sell at all and interest generally seemed low, they wouldn’t bother with another edition or seeking out those involved in the production for a further featurette or commentary or similar.

          • TrekRules

            Because this is now what, at least the second and I think the third time they have released the exact same material just now they are doing it as a set. They did the same thing with TNG – release them on bluray and then release the old set on dvd again. They keep releasing the same stuff over and over again but with new packaging and even though it is cheaper now than when it first came out, it is still high for shows that are as old as DS9 and Voyager. That’s why people bootleg them – why spend $125 on a set when you can spend $50 and get the same thing(hopefully). That is why anything is bootlegged – the cost is too high for what they are trying to sell so someone makes a copy for cheap.

          • Roger Birks

            Not sure why these pirots bother anymore. You can stream all the episodes online ‘for free’ to watch anytime if you look for it. Its really not very hard either… not that I am advocating it. I own all the episodes, I am a fan.

          • Sean Richardson

            “That’s why people bootleg them – why spend $125 on a set when you can spend $50 and get the same thing(hopefully).”

            Morons who think that the world will work out that way with no negative consequences are exactly the reason that “Deep Space Nine” will never be released on blu-ray, meaning that nobody has the option to spend any money on any copies and there will never be HD copies to bootleg. So, good job, continue promoting bootlegging and we’ll never have to worry about any physical release of any Star Trek again!

        • d0x360

          It’s because they know fans will pay and whatever they lose on volume they will make up for in price

        • Kaine Morrison

          I got my X-Files for $8 each. FoxConnect had a great sale that week!

        • Sean Richardson

          Previous DS9 sets cost $50 – $100 a season and you are complaining about $18? Why not just admit that you will always complain that something is over-priced unless it is free, in which case you will find something else to complain about, like “took too long shipping”?

      • Jamesholden

        It’s always because of the chinks. Can’t be original at anything ever. Glad to see they dont exist in the star trek universe. Lol

        • TUP


          • Ace Stephens

            They’re an idiot and/or a troll. Don’t bother feeding them.

          • Kaine Morrison

            What was said? I missed it.

          • Ace Stephens

            Basically something that read as bigoted toward the Chinese (using a slur and referring to how it was all about them making money). Rather overt and out of left field if that person was just here to talk about things like international copyright and trade. As a result, I assumed low intelligence and/or intentionally trying to rile people up.

    • Eric

      What’s the quality of it? Is it as good as the original or some poor copy?

      • Kaine Morrison

        I haven’t opened it. I’m sending it back and getting a refund.

        This thing was only a couple of bucks cheaper than the lowest sale price that walmart had it at.

        I ordered it from Wish.
        I’ve ordered a bunch from them and every order was always fulfilled by deep discount

        • Neil Kesler

          My advice is if you buy anything from eBay, check the sellers stats and comments, don’t be afraid to email the seller any question you might have on a product you might be interested in purchasing. Amazon has a similar buying program and they back the buyer 100 percent on their A-Z guarantee

          • Kaine Morrison

            Wasn’t ebay. Was from Wish

          • Jamedem

            I found things on wish to generally be counterfeits. And if you’re buying fake stuff it’s actually better to get them from AliExpress. I think wish is just buying stuff tomorrow AliExpress and reselling them on wish for a markup.

          • Kaine Morrison

            Well, like I said, every video I’ve purchased before this was fulfilled by deep discount. This was the first bootleg I’ve gotten.

          • Roger Birks

            Fairplay on Amazon. They are very, very strict with the A to Z policy. Sellers be warned. Do not mess up with delivery or anything less than what buyer expects.

      • Sean Richardson

        I don’t own it, but 99.999% of the time it will be a poor copy. As a general rule, bootleggers use single-layer DVDs, while a professionally made DVD of a movie popular enough to be worth bootlegging pretty much never will, so they essentially have to shrink the contents of the disc in half just to start.

  • Spyros Spyrou

    The bootleg packaging makes far more sense and is more visually appealing. IDK why CBS went with the fat 2 cases, and the slim 3rd one… it looks ridiculous.

    • bytes

      Probably to save money.

    • Ace Stephens

      The uniformity is generally welcome but I would guess CBS most likely went for the Epik Paks because it would save money (less plastic). However, having two packages labeled “Seasons 1-3” and “Seasons 4-6” on the bootlegs seems incredibly sloppy to me in terms of visual appeal. That’s probably another reason CBS went with the Epik Paks.

      • Spyros Spyrou

        Right. But as you say, it looks sloppy… it looks like it was hastily thrown together, and the last season was an afterthought. It looks unbalanced and silly. CBS isn’t doing that great of a job with things Star Trek lately.

        • archer923

          To be fair. Stargate Atlantis did the same thing. The original Complete series BD set. Had Seasons 1-2, 3-4 in larger boxes. Than just threw in 5 alone.

      • d0x360

        It’s because of piracy. Have you ever seen one of those large DVD cases in a store? You can buy them online but it would cost more than just using the smaller size and old box art.

        Clearly these pirates want profit day 1 and since they are using old box art and cheap cases they will make it

        • Ace Stephens

          I think piracy plays a factor but I doubt it was the focal concern here.

        • Sean Richardson

          Why it would it cost more to use less plastic and have to print out fewer covers?

    • d0x360

      They did it because those big cases are custom made and a bootlegger isn’t going to custom order cases and print box art for something custom.

      Personally I’ll wait until they get the TOS/TNG treatment on Blu-ray.

      • Kaine Morrison

        My bootleg has embossing.
        So, yeah, they will make custom box art…

        • d0x360

          It’s more like the stole the box art or went to a craft store and spent $20 on a stamp that can do that to any image.

          Anyways ART aside I was talking about the case itself. They aren’t going to spend money to replicate that case and even if some did it would still cut the amount of fake copies being sold to people who want legitimate copies significantly since they would know it doesn’t come in a normal off the shelf case.

          • Kaine Morrison

            Box is also bigger.

          • Kaine Morrison

            I think.
            I don’t know though. I haven’t seen this in stores yet…

  • Jed Raybould

    Great article. Any chance in doing an article comparing authentic Star Trek DVD & blu and bootleg Star Trek DVD & blu?

  • They look really small.

    I’ve got DS9 on DVD from way back. Each season came in its own box, you had to buy a season at a time. But, when you put all 7 seasons side-by-side they seem to take up a lot more space.

  • This has been a problem for years. Back in 2007 or so I bought all seven seasons of Voyager on eBay. The discs and packaging were fairly convincing but the discs defaulted to displaying Chinese subtitles and many episodes skipped as if the discs were scratched. Got my refund and wasn’t made to return the discs.

  • Fiery Little One

    Not that I’m an online buyer, but thanks for the tip.

  • TIG1701

    This is so sad. There is always someone trying to rip others off.

  • those ‘epik paks’ are so epikally shitty tho

  • Brandon Klassen

    I’ve run across a bootleg or two in my time, trying to acquire something older and being fooled by some very convincing items. Sometimes it’s not obvious right away when you start to play the discs, and bootlegs – which are usually made in China, that’s just the way it is (there’s a prominent website right now based in China that sells tons of bootlegs) – are made with very high quality these days, because in China they actually press (instead of duplicate with DVD-Rs) and silkscreen/offset print their bootleg discs, which can make them in appearance just like the official discs. But when you start to analyze the discs on a computer, especially if you have a real one to compare, it becomes obvious pretty quickly. They take the DVD – almost always dual layer these days, like DS9 and Voyager are – and they strip out everything on the disc (such as additional audio tracks) and they compress that dual layer disc into a single layer disc. So you’re getting something that’s half the quality of the original, that they can produce very cheaply. I don’t know if that’s the case with these particular bootlegs, but that’s generally what I’ve seen in the past. So the main reason to avoid bootlegs, besides them being unofficial, counterfeit and illegal, is that you won’t be getting the quality of video/audio that you should be getting.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Isn’t this a bit redundant?

  • Theo Bear

    On any decent sized HD television, DS9 on DVD is almost unwatchable. There’ll be little to no visual difference between the pirate and legit copies if they’re taken from a master that looks awful.

    • KitchUK

      This is why we need new 4K scans for hopeful 1080p/4K blu rays.

    • Mike Edwards

      the new bootlegs don’t take from TV sources or other “masters”. what they do is clone ISO’s of the legit DVDs and reprint from there. new bootlegs are almost IDENTICAL to the original

  • George

    Sadly, most of us cant watch low resolution releases anymore. If they are not going to remaster em on blu ray.. i really dont care at all, sorry.