The entertainment industry is facing down a looming strike by the Writers Guild of America, which could begin a soon as next week and is likely to impact the still-in-production Star Trek: Discovery — something becoming more and more evident behind CBS’s hesitance to stake out a new premiere schedule for the upcoming series.

While we wait for Discovery to leave drydock, however, the network announced today a host of new cast members joining the expanding ranks of the show.

  • Rekha Sharma, best known to genre fans as presidential aide Tory Foster on Battlestar Galactica, joins the USS Discovery crew as Commander Landry, the ship’s security officer.
    Sharma also recently appeared in the Star Trek Continues fan film episode “Still Treads the Shadow,” which debuted online last month.

  • Damon Runyan, most recently seen in The History Channel’s Ganglang Undercover, is another Klingon leader, named Ujilli.
  • Newcomer Clare McConnell is Dennas, a leader within the Klingon Empire.

In addition, there’s also been a change to an already-named role from earlier in the show’s development cycle:

We still don’t know when Star Trek: Discovery will beam down to Earth, but keep coming back to TrekCore for all the latest news as it breaks!