Operation Enterprise, the Star Trek-based roller coaster attraction debuting in Germany this year, has recorded a full orchestral soundtrack to accompany the new theme park ride.

The Operation Enterprise video team traveled to the Budapest-based recording studio to discuss the soundtrack with composers Andreas and Sebastian Kübler, as well as conductor Peter Pejtsik, who lead the 70-piece Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra in recording themes from all corners of the Trek universe, along with newly-composed material to enhance the ride’s experience.

Most of the above interview is in German, but you can use YouTube’s “auto-translate” closed captioning to get the gist of the conversations.

Let’s hope one of the regular Trek soundtrack labels gets their hands on this music for wide release!

In other Trek music news, Film Concerts Live! — who been hosting screenings of 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness for several years now, touring North American and Europe with live orchestral performances of composer Michael Giacchino’s epic score — has announced that 2016’s Star Trek Beyond will soon be joining their touring lineup.

There are no dates yet scheduled for this upcoming Beyond screening tour, but we’ll keep watch for venues once they’ve been officially announced.

In the meantime, you can still catch Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness performances throughout the summer and fall of 2017.