Entertainment news site SciFi Pulse reported what seemed like an exciting development from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine actor Michael Dorn today – that the former Klingon would return to the Trek fold as an ancestor of Worf in this year’s Star Trek: Discovery series:

Dorn [said] that Trek fans would in fact get to see him appear as a guest star in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery, as a Klingon ancestor of Lt. Commander Worf.

Well, after sparking some attention on social media this afternoon, it turns out that report isn’t accurate: TrekCore confirmed with Dorn’s publicist this evening that a statement made by the actor at a public event held in Orlando this weekend had been misquoted, and there are no current plans for Dorn to appear in the series.

While Dorn appears to be out of the running, fans have continued to speculate whether any former Star Trek cast member will appear in Discovery‘s pilot episode, continuing the now-ongoing tradition carried through the four previous spin-off series.

The Next Generation bridged the divide with possible Original Series hold-outs when DeForest Kelley appeared as Admiral McCoy in “Encounter at Farpoint,” and each successive series launch included a similar crossover role.

Patrick Stewart appeared as Captain Picard (and Locutus of Borg) in Deep Space Nine’s “Emissary,” Quark (Armin Shimerman) tried to swindle young Harry Kim in Voyager‘s “Caretaker,” and Star Trek: First Contact star James Cromwell appeared in an archival video as the father of warp drive – Zefram Cochrane – in “Broken Bow,” the pilot of Star Trek: Enterprise.

As of yet there’s been no indication of any crossover appearance planned, but our hope is that tradition continues in some form when Star Trek: Discovery arrives this fall.