TrekCore is hosting yet another Star Trek Online contest to celebrate “Reckoning,” STO’s Season 12!

Our winners have been notified!
Congratulations to: Al B., Anthony A., Kelly A., Mike C., and Ordo H.

We’re giving away five Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruisers, exclusively for Xbox One players! This Tier 6 ship is a true representation of Hakeev’s thirst for power. It boasts core architecture based on the iconic D’deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser, though extensively augmented with Borg technology.

This Khlinae-class battlecruiser is one of the many ships used to great effect by the Tal Shiar. It utilizes an insidious variant of Borg technology to subvert the weaponry of an enemy vessel – the Enhanced Indoctrination Nanite Dispersal System. This system utilizes adapted Borg technology to deploy advanced nanites to subvert the weapons of an enemy vessel.

Once the nanites have taken over the target’s weapons system, they will cause the target to fire randomly at their allies, dealing electrical damage to any nearby friendly units they can target. The enemy vessel will be unable to disable their own weapons during this time, or fire them on targets of their choosing.

To enter the contest, just email us here with your name and email contact info by May 9. Five names will be randomly selected to win one Star Trek Online Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser, who will be emailed the in-game code and instructions how to add the Tier 6 Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser to your Star Trek Online Xbox One account.

Good luck to all!