We’re nearly at 2017’s halfway point and next year’s varied Star Trek calendars are rolling out for release this summer!

There are six new 2018 Trek calendars due for release from Universe Publishing, and whether you’re looking back to the Original Series or ahead to Star Trek: Discovery, there’s bound to be one for you.

First up, the annual Original Series wall calendar features a dozen images from the classic Trek series, with episodic quotes accompanying each month’s page.

This twelve-month calendar is available now from Amazon.

From the Kelvin Timeline comes next year’s weekly engagement calendar, a spiral-bound release featuring more than forty images from Star Trek ’09, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond.

This sixteen-month calendar is available now from Amazon.

A perennial fan-favorite, the 2018 Star Trek day-to-day calendar returns for another year, with tear-off daily pages featuring Trek quotes, character biographies, trivia, and more for each day of the year – covering all six television series and the Trek feature film.

The 2018 daily calendar is due for release on June 6 and is up for preorder now at Amazon.

Continuing the trend started in 2017, the Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years. poster calendar returns with a dozen additional “ready-to-frame” reproductions of artwork celebrating the franchise’s golden anniversary, featuring artwork from Nick Walker, Tom Whalen, Derek Charm, Leonard Nimoy and more.

This wall calendar arrives June 20 and is available for preorder now at Amazon.

Returning once more for 2018, the horizontal-format Star Trek: Ships of the Line monthly calendar showcases ships from all eras of the Trek timeline, with the most famous vessels on display throughout the year.

This wall calendar is due out on June 27, and can be preordered at Amazon now.

The series hasn’t even debuted yet, but Star Trek: Discovery has already been included in the 2018 calendar releases! While no images of the official release have yet been made available – only the placeholder design seen above (right) – the 2018 Discovery calendar will feature images of the cast and settings from the first season of the show.

The Discovery calendar is coming October 17, and can be preordered now at Amazon.

Unfortunately, it seems that The Next GenerationDeep Space NineVoyager, and Enterprise have been left out of the calendar game this cycle, a disappointment as we move into anniversary years of TNG (turning 30 in September) and DS9 (turning 25 in January).

Do any of these calendars strike your interest? Sound off in the comments below!

  • James

    Surprised by the lack of a TNG calendar.

    • Desert Runner

      I wish I could say the same, but CBS seems to have dumped everything other than the 23rd century stuff. ಠ_ಠ

    • Carl Kingery

      Ships of the Line is also my only delve into the Star Trek Calendars. My friends want to get me other calendars but I tell them I only have room for one calendar in my office and that it is filled with the Ships of the Line calendar. They tease me to no end.

  • I buy the TOS calendar every year and hang it in my kitchen; it gives me a little boost every morning when I see it for the first time that day. Nothing like cereal, milk, and Star Trek for breakfast! 🙂

    • Cabo 5150

      I’m with you – I hang my TOS calendar in the office room on the wall adjacent to my PC desk!

      Despite all the electronic means of organising days and dates, I am always surprised at how often I glance at the wall to check a date. And, as you say, it’s awesome to have my friends from the old NCC-1701 overlooking proceedings!

  • Fiery Little One

    Ships of the Line is usually the only one I bother with.

  • Desert Runner

    They continue to give me reasons why I will not spend any more time and money on their obsession with the 23rd century.

  • Xandercom

    You people, and the admin of this site are in complete denial.
    You’ve embraced an atrocity, and it will cost you all of your jobs.
    You have no legitimacy anymore. You are no longer an authority of Trek, you’re a laughing stock!

    • Cabo 5150

      Damn, what the hell’s wrong with you?

      You’re so full of hate and hostility. Always seeking to antagonise, cause offence and sow discord over even the most mundane of subject matter – like a report on forthcoming wall calendars.

      If you hold this site and so many of the posters here in such contempt, why don’t you just leave? Why come here and torture yourself?

      I’ll answer that – because you’re an individual so childish and immature you can’t tolerate others taking pleasure from anything that doesn’t align with your own myopic worldview.

      You’re rude, arrogant and truly distasteful, and clearly demonstrate what a shitty person you are – trying to suck the joy out of others interests because you don’t approve.

      I pity you.

      • Ryan Withers

        You lot are so out of touch with reality. Do you even visit non-fandom websites for a more rounded view of the situation? I can tell you don’t, you’re in a warm fluffy moderated bubble of skewed hope that, in no reality, is the actual state of play. Exactly the same thing happened in 2004-2005 with the “save enterprise” campaign which tried, and failed to crowdfund series 4. It was given with a reduced budget, and then completely written off 10 months later.

        Admin on this site routinely remove any comment which doesn’t align with their view!

        • Ryan Withers
        • Cabo 5150

          None of what you’ve typed has anything to do with my actual comment on the excess of Xandercom’s personality.

          But well done on a (highly subjective) straw man/rant there.

          I really don’t care what he, you, or anybody else thinks they know about DSC – everybody is perfectly entitled to their opinion (even if it’s informed by purely speculative sources).

          What I do care about is the delivery of said opinions, which, in Xandercom’s case, is excessively rude and aggressive – and totally uncalled for.

          I’d be more than willing to engage with him with decorum and civility if he’d tone it down and refrain from school playground level insults/taunting.

          Speaking of which, I can assure you I’m more than “in touch with reality”. Your comments directed to “us lot” are totally unnecessary and straight up bellicose.

          You could have made your points without resorting to accusations of “us lot” being in “in a warm fluffy moderated bubble of skewed hope”.


          • Ryan Withers

            You folks are so out of touch, it’s embarrasing.

          • Cabo 5150

            …and conversely, I find your somewhat gratuitous self-assuredness to be simultaneously cringe-worthy and comical.

          • Ryan Withers

            So utterly out of touch.

          • Cabo 5150

            So, in lieu of having anything of substance to add to this exchange, your default riposte is to copy paste a single subjective and unsupported comment over and over.

            Brilliant repartee there, just brilliant…

          • Ryan Withers

            Fatally out of touch and living a fantasy.

          • Cabo 5150

            I rest my case.

            You’re a troll – nothing more. Bye.

          • Ryan Withers

            Ahh yes, trolling, that’s why you guys simply don’t grasp reality, you’re so out of touch it’s laughable.

  • PJ

    I’d like a Discovery calendar, but the manufacturers obviously haven’t considered the impracticality of the background being black. How are you supposed to write stuff in the boxes?

    • Well it’s just a placeholder preview for now – surely the final version will be more note-friendly!

  • Michael

    Obvious attempt to push fans towards Discovery. Won’t work CBS. We don’t want Kelvin crap.