Modiphius Entertainment, the tabletop game company behind the upcoming Star Trek Adventures role-playing game, has shared with TrekCore new images of new miniatures that will be released in connection with the game.

The miniatures, depicting James T. Kirk and a Romulan female holding a disruptor, act as aids for players and gamemasters to keep track of location and movement during complex scenes of the role-playing game.

A first look at Mophidius’ Kirk and Romulan miniatures!
The full ORIGINAL SERIES crew.

For those who have never played tabletop a RPG, the use of miniatures dates back decades in games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and many gamers enjoy collecting and painting them just as much as playing the game.

Modiphius plans to release four sets of miniatures including TOS-era crew, TNG-era crew, and more Klingons and Romulans. Preorders for the miniatures and the core rulebook will open on June 8.

The full NEXT GENERATION crew.

Star Trek Adventures is the first officially licensed Star Trek tabletop RPG since Decipher’s version went out of print over a decade ago. Modiphius conducted a playtest of many of the game’s mechanics over the last few months (as we’ve been covering for the last several months) and recently announced on Facebook that the designers have finalized the core book and have sent it to CBS for approval.

Star Trek Adventures runs on the 2d20 system, a game engine designed to offer cinematic and narrative-driven gameplay. The system’s main task resolution mechanic requires players to roll two 20-sided dice, attempting to roll as low as possible to achieve successes.

Rolling more successes than necessary generates “momentum,” which players can use to unlock extra bonuses. Likewise, gamemasters make use of “threat” to challenge players in dynamic and often improvised ways.

UPDATE: Also revealed today is a new trio of Star Trek customer 20-sided dice coming from Mophidius this summer for Star Trek Adventures players (via

Designed by Q Workshop, each Starfleet division-themed set — available in TNG-era command red, operations gold, and sciences blue — includes three 20-sided dice, and four cube dice which will feature into your gameplay.

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