After helping Federation-bound intergalactic travelers find their way around planet Vulcan in last year’s Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Vulcan, literary Trek luminary Dayton Ward returns to help plan your summer vacation!

Teaming up once more with publisher Insight Editions, Ward’s newest entry, Hidden Universe Travel Guides: The Klingon Empire debuts this July with a full-color, illustrated handbook to Qo’nos and the seat of Klingon power.

From the press release:

nuqneH! So are you bored with ordinary vacations to places like Risa or Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet? Want to discover a unique and ancient culture not bound by standard niceties and social mores? Then Qo’noS (pronounced Kronos, for you Earthlings) and the vast Klingon Empire are for you – and your audience!

Insight Editions, under license by CBS Consumer Products, is proud to announce the second installment of the Hidden Universe series set in the truly iconic Star Trek universe. This work compiles over fifty years of lore and legend into one essential volume, Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: The Klingon Empire. Plus it explores every facet of the revered warrior society in painstaking detail.

Hence this one-of-a-kind travel guide provides readers with all the information they need. As a result, they can plan, enjoy, and survive a trip to the very heart of Klingon territory, from an overview of Klingon history to tips on what to wear (fur and leather are very popular). Plus a glossary of important phrases such as nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa’’e’?: “Where is the bathroom?”

In addition, every major location in the Klingon Empire—from the breathtaking First City to the charming prison planet Rura Penthe—is meticulously mapped and catalogued. In addition, there are tips on where to eat (true travelers haven’t lived until they’ve tasted gagh blood worms), how best to get to and from noteworthy destinations, and what to do if challenged to a bat’leth battle to the death.

With exclusive maps and awe-inspiring illustrations, Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: The Klingon Empire is the perfect reference guide for any visitor. What are you waiting for? Qapla’!

In addition, several preview images of the book’s interior have also been released, showcasing the written content from Dayton ward, and the beautifully-illustrated artwork by Livio Ramondelli and Peter Markowski.

Hidden Universe Travel Guides: The Klingon Empire arrives July 11 – watch for our review of this new book this summer!

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Travel Guide:
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