Eaglemoss has revealed some first looks at several upcoming Official Star Trek Starships Collection models through social media other channels, showing off what’s next for the growing fleet.

From the ongoing Star Trek novel series, the first non-canon Starfleet vessels are in development now: Admiral William Riker’s USS Titan, and Captain Ezri Dax’s USS Aventine, seen in the below tweets from program manager Ben Robinson.

On the way from the Mirror Universe, the Terran Rebellion’s ISS Defiant:

The I.S.S. DEFIANT from the Mirror Universe.

From Star Trek: Voyager, one of the plagued Vidiian vessels:

Straight out of Tom Paris’ holodeck archives, it’s Captain Proton’s rocket ship!

The Daedalus-class starship – still in development – seen and mentioned only briefly in Trek:

Eaglemoss is also expanding into the space station game, with this first look at Station K-7 from “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

On Twitter just today Robinson revealed the first two of an upcoming four-pack of small Starfleet space pods: a Federation work bee, a travel pod from Earth’s Spacedock station (seen in several Original Series films), the Argo shuttle from Star Trek: Nemesis, and the Type-11 Starfleet shuttle seen in Star Trek: Insurrection.

The ARGO from ‘Nemesis’ and the TYPE 11 shuttle from ‘Insurrection.’

Also revealed are plans for a set of Kelvin Timeline shuttles, of which there have been several across the three films.

Shuttles aren’t the only thing on the way from the Kelvin Timeline films, as both a USS Franklin dedication plaque and one of Krall’s Swarm Ships are also queued for 2017.

The FRANKLIN’s dedication plaque, measuring approximately 26cm x 20cm.
One of Krall’s automated Swarm ships from ‘Star Trek Beyond.’

You can preorder some of these ships – others will go up for order in the coming weeks and months – at Eaglemoss’ UK store or USA store. Plus, watch for our review of the newest large-size Star Trek model — the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond — in the coming days!

In Eaglemoss’ US store, TrekCore readers can use promo code TREKCORE at checkout for 10% off any ‘Star Trek’ collectible purchase $50 or greater (Starships, Plaques, Binders, Graphic Novels).

  • Thomas Elkins

    Ok, if they’re doing the Titan and Avantine then I want the Odyssey-class 1701-F.

    • Marko Nörenberg

      Whether the 1701-F gets made probably depends on how Titan and Aventine sell. Fingers crossed.

  • Mark Bernero

    Looking foward to Daedalus Class and Rhode Island myself, as well as K-7.

  • I wish they’d release a Kelvin-verse Enterprise plaque.

  • James

    The Franklin model is near perfect, probably the best in the collection.

  • Sykes

    Not so sure about that ISS Defiant. Pretty sure the mirror Defiant doesn’t sport hull markings or a registry, (except in one or two re-used stock shots) so why does this one have them?

    • Tuskin38

      Because then it would just be the plain old Defiant again.

      They did the same thing with the ISS Enterprise TOS, added more markings.

      • Sykes

        Why would it be the “plain old Defiant” again? The USS has the registry and ‘pinstripes’, the ISS does not. If anything, the Eaglemoss version is more like the USS rather than less like it.

        I get it, I just don’t like it.

    • Ryan Withers


  • Fiery Little One

    The Titan would be one I’d consider picking up.

  • TIG1701

    I never seen what the Titan ever looked like until now. Sweet!

  • Walter D Wormack

    The markings on the “Mirror Uninverse, ‘Defiant'”, are ‘inaccurate’. The “Terran Empire”, doesn’t exist, in the 24th Century! The ‘Defiant’, ‘exists’, because “Smiley” crossed over into the DS9 reality, and somehow, ‘accessed’ the DS9 main computers, and downloaded the files for the ship.

    So Eaglemoss, must be ‘hoping’ to ‘resurrect’ the dreaded Terran Empire. I, for one, think that idea, “SERIOUSLY, SCREWS THE POOCH!”

  • andy coote

    If you order from these guys be prepared to wait my missus has ordered me 2 models just about 2 months ago. I believe they are English company im in Ireland how does it take this long

    • andy coote

      Having said that the models are cool and the staff friendly but its so frustrating waiting this long

  • Zarm

    Awesome! I’d consider the Daedelus, K-7, and Captain Proton’s ship… but the travel pod and the workbee, I must have! 🙂

  • Roger Birks

    It would be expensive, but I’d love a larger version of say, the Enterprise D, or maybe the E. I find these ships all quite small really.

    • SavageDragon

      They’re making them.

      • Matthew Burns

        Are they?