This certainly is Star Trek: Discovery week, as yet another look ahead to this fall’s television revival arrived from CBS today- and this time, it’s to a brand new take on a classic Trek technology.

In today’s new reveal – courtesy again of Entertainment Weekly – Capt. Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) stand ready to beam down from the USS Shenzhou transporter room, as Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) mans the control panel along with another Starfleet officer.

Capt. Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and Cmdr. Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) prepare to beam down. (CBS)

That’s right: this is a Starfleet transporter room, a design of which we’ve not seen, well, ever in a previous Trek adventure. And as EW reports, we’re bound to see yet another transporter facility aboard the USS Discovery, not yet revealed – and as EW puts it, will be “very different” from the one aboard the Shenzhou.

As the Shenzhou is an older Starfleet vessel, the Discovery transporter bay may resemble the classic six-man beam-down facility seen aboard Constitution-class ships of the day – such as Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise, already in service during this time in the 23rd Century.

Christopher Pike, Spock, and crew prepare to beam to Talos IV. (“The Cage”)

Also of note in today’s new Discovery photo is the tactical gear Georgiou and Burnham are wearing: both protective vests sporting some variation of the well-known Starfleet Command logo, as well as holstered communicators and phasers (or laser pistols?) ready for action.

NOTE: This image has been color-corrected from the original photo.

Let’s hear it, folks: what are your thoughts at this look into the newest take on mid-23rd Century technology? Sound off in the comments below!

  • The Chadwick

    First off Im loving the transporter room. A mash up of modern and 50’s/60’s tech. Looks great, two thumbs up. Reminds me of shows/movies with that kind of tech like The Cage, 007 Dr. No and Forbidden Planet.

    The phasers are looking like a classic sci fi “laser pistol” but not quite Buck Rogers “ray guns.” A nice mashup of The Cage and later TOS, from what we can see.

    And the body armour, finally! I hope they are more than just for show and are functional like deflecting or dissipating phaser/disruptor hits.

    • M33

      I still wonder if they are going to call them phase pistols, phasers, or the 2250s tech-term “lasers”.

      • The Chadwick

        Good point. Curious.

      • Cold Case Posse Supporter

        They’ll be called “Phlasers”.

    • DC Forever


    • TIG1701

      Yeah thats how I want to envision the future 300 years from now…by thinking what it looked like via 1962.

  • M33

    No doubt about production value!

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Yeah where is it?

  • Locutus

    I am onboard with the look. I’m not sure I’m in love with the huge circles on the walls as it doesn’t seem very consistent with what’s come before. On the other hand, the NX-01 transporter consisted of a single big floor circle and ceiling circle, so whatever. I’m not married to any particular design.

    They look a little like “space cops” too, but they still look sharp!

    • The Chadwick

      Yea space cops lol totally! Good point about the transporter circles. Good attitude to have as well.

    • BatesHotel

      OMG, they do look like space cops. Now I can’t unsee that.

  • Trent

    That Transporter looks terrible.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I don’t mind the look. I just hope the show makes it a point to show the evolution in design, bridging the gap between the older USS Kelvin design and newer USS Enterprise. I know they make comparison here to the Discovery, but I still think the Constitution should be the golden standard. I know she is old in real life, but they can remain faithful and modernize it a bit at the same time if they just try.

    • M33

      It is interesting to see how they will combine the two designs, considering the Enterprise in the 2250s (Pikes time) was already 10 years old, and had a muted, darker color scheme:

      And the Kelvin-style bridge is probably older than 2233.

      Discovery may likely be from a time before 2245, pre-duotronic, since duotronic system (and their accompanying aesthetic) was first installed on Constitution class starships.
      Any other ships either used the prior tech, or were retrofitted, and probably so with Discovery since 10 years had passed since that time. It would give the producers the opportunity to have a more modern-ish bridge, but with aesthetic callbacks to the Pike-era starship looks.

      • Thomas Elkins

        I always thought the Kelvin bridge was an excellent example of modernizing the classic design. It has a lot of TOS in it, but with a much better budget. It’s obviously not exactly like it, because it’s not a Constitution class, but it proves you can take the original layout and make it look modern. If we see a Constitution in DSC, then it should be something like this.

        • TUP

          I whole-heartedly agree. The Kelvin looks like someone completely unrelated to JJ’s team designed it. It was perfect as a modern representative of what that era could/should look like.

          If they apply that same esthetic to a “modernized” Constitution-class, I think it would work. Take the Enterprise bridge as it is but inspiration from the Kelvin in how they made advanced tech look dated.

    • startrekker1701

      Never going to happen. If they did a straight TOS remake they wouldn’t do the Bridge the same. Just look at the Kelvin movies.

  • bytes

    Continues to look less and less like Star Trek.

    • GhostLoveScore

      With recent image of Isaacs on the bridge of Discovery my hopes were up, and now they are down again. Looks like Austin Powers time travel machine

      • Planetary

        Looks more like George Pal’s “Time Machine” than Austin Powers.

        • GhostLoveScore

          yes, it does

        • GIBBS v2

          Thats the first thing I thought when I saw it. I sure how they do not spin.

  • M.Dorian

    If I were messing with the look of the transporters, I might have gone all the way and place them in a big transparent sphere, or spherical transporter field.

  • pittrek

    Oh my God. Why?

  • DC Forever

    The more I see, the more this is looking like a perfect modernization of the classic Star Trek look. Enterprise kind of screwed things up, but the look of Discovery makes more sense in terms of how you would want to carefully update the classic Star Trek look for a 21st century TV production.

    The transporter room looks tremendous!

    • Bill Smith

      You are clearly wrong. This is a disaster.

  • Ian Fleming

    If only the 20th Century Trek shows had this stuff.

  • Tone

    That’s not Star Trek. Oh god I hope that picture is just a red herring. If not, it’s bloody awful and amateur looking, to say the least.

    Not good…

  • people need to start accepting the fact that this is a parellel universe. it’s not the “Prime Universe” we know. STAR TREK has long been established to be a multiverse. and this is simply one of those countless parallel universes. and obviously that fact will never be mentioned within the series, because everyone thinks of THEIR universe as the “Prime Universe”. just accept that things are different here, just like things are different in the Mirror Universe and the Kelvin Universe. then you can stop complaining about “continuity” and simply enjoy the series for its stories and characters and messages.

    • TUP

      Except its not. What we know is, its Prime. Unless that is changed in the show. So let’s stop with the nonsense.

      It aint the 60’s anymore.

      The designs I’ve seen so far are reasonable extrapolations of the NX-01 and USS Kelvin, both of which were Prime Universe.

      • but you can never know that it’s not a parallel universe. anything said by producers, writers or other people making the series, is NOT CANON. only what is on screen is canon. and clearly, as i have pointed out, the characters in a parallel universe do not think of themselves being in a parallel universe. they think of themselves as being in the “Prime Universe”. so, even if they ever (for some reason) were to say “we’re in the Prime Universe”, that wouldn’t prove anything, because everyone would say that about their own universe.

        so the only CANON evidence we have is what’s on screen. and on screen we can see, without a doubt, that this clearly isn’t set 10 years before TOS in “our” Prime Universe.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          Let’s hope they change their minds and say it’s the Kelvin timeline.

          • there’s an almost infinite number of other parallel universes. why fixate on the “Prime” and “Kelvin” ones?

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Good point but unless it’s announced this isn’t looking good.

          • only what you see on screen (canon) matters. so when you see on screen that this isn’t the Prime Universe, then it must be a parallel universe. simple.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            It has been argued that it’s the Prime Universe but reimagined for modern audiences.

          • “argued” outside of canon.

            i care only about canon (what is on screen).

          • Pedro Ferreira

            If you ignore the actual people behind the show yeah.

          • i’m not “ignoring” them. the CANON is simply DEFINED as what is on screen. when people behind the show say something, then that is not canon. i didn’t make that up. that’s how the canon is defined.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Well you kind of expect the showrunners to know what they’re talking about. I agree they could change their minds considering the confusion as since the trailer aired.

    • TIG1701

      Only this is in the prime universe chief. If it was in the JJ-verse (please no) or somewhere else, fine, but they made it clear its the prime. And they are screwing it up royally.

      • “they made it clear its the prime”

        what “they” say isn’t canon. only what is on screen is canon.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          TUP went into a huge debate with me about this. It’s the Prime Universe but looks nothing like it. They messed up.

          • you have no CANON way of proving that it’s the Prime Universe. so i don’t take your word for it, sorry 😉

          • Pedro Ferreira

            It’s been stated in the press it’s the Prime Universe. It looks nothing like it though.

          • “stated in the press” is not canon. i only care about canon. only what is on screen is canon.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Ok we’ll see.

          • we can already see that this is not the Prime Universe.

            and like i said, it can never be confirmed in canon that this is the Prime Universe, because even if (for some reason) a character should say “we’re in the Prime Universe”, then that would still not prove anything, because everyone thinks of THEIR universe as the “Prime Universe”.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            The Prime Universe is the original timeline that’s why people call it the Prime Universe timeline. My major annoyance is that it’s supposed to be set in the Prime Universe but looks nothing like it.

          • again: there is no canon confirmation that it’s set in the Prime Universe. and there actually CAN NOT BE a canon confirmation for that. because even if (for some reason) a character should say “we’re in the Prime Universe”, then that would still not prove anything, because everyone thinks of THEIR universe as the “Prime Universe”.

            i don’t know if you simply don’t understand what i’m saying to you, or what is the problem here 😀

          • Pedro Ferreira

            It doesn’t matter if a person says their universe is the correct one, what’s record in references books, online data etc is that the original shows from 1965-2005 as well as the first ten movies were set in the Prime Universe. That is what is recorded. Not just me saying that, it is canon that that is the Prime Universe. The reboot movies are part of a new timeline due to the events of the 2009 movie. I mean you have two different Spocks show up in those movies. You need to understand all this.

        • TIG1701

          Yeah yeah you keep saying this. Most people knows it takes place in the prime universe and is responding on that basis. You can tell yourself whatever you like, the problem is the filmmakers have made it clear its the prime universe and not another parallel one. As the other guy said, they simply screwed it up.

          • “the filmmakers have made it clear its the prime universe”

            that is not canon. if you don’t care about canon, that’s fine. but i do.

            and in canon, we can already see lots of continuity discrepancies to the Prime Universe.

            so, if you want to take non-canon statements PLUS obvious continuity discrepancies and STILL hold on to the belief that this is “somehow” the Prime Universe, then that’s your problem.

          • TIG1701

            WTF are you talking about? Thy said its the prime universe. You making excuses for it doesn’t help and thats all you’re doing man. Their problem is trying to convince the fan base this is really the prime universe and so far its not working out for obvious reasons.

            Guy you are putting the ‘blame’ on the wrong people. You should attacking the idiot producers for this being not canon. They set the guidelines chief, not us.

          • you seem to be getting very emotional about all this.

            all i’m saying is: what “they said” is not canon. canon is only what is on screen.

            if you can’t accept that fact, then you simply can’t accept facts.

          • TIG1701

            Bro no one is agreeing with you. Get the hint already. You can trick yourself to whatever you want to believe. The rest of us are dealing with the reality this is suppose to be the prime universe and so far looks like a big swing and miss. Again, thats the ‘fact’. Don’t blame the viewers, blame the idiot producers man.

  • James

    That’s an alien ship maybe? It doesn’t look Starfleet. Also not a fan of militarising star trek, something which Roddenberry avoided. Holsters on the hip look too current. This could be any old SF show, looks like Dark Matter.

  • Chris

    Does that design really mesh with the Shenzou bridge and corridors for you?

  • Honeylard

    Well, we don’t know what’s behind the golden wall panels on the Enterprise’s transporter room in the Original Series, maybe the round fan-like machinery is the same part only less sophisticated.

  • startrekker1701

    Think we all need to relax over variations – the three Kelvin movies haven’t even had the same warp effect.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      More or less they’ve been the same. I haven’t noticed any change.

  • October_1985

    It all is looking very “unStartrek-ish” to me, but I like it the same.

  • Matineer

    I’m going to give the show a chance, but these transporter uniforms are very SWAT, circa 1975. Looks like flak vests. The holster, too. Maybe they should have gone retro 50s with everything? Gotta give them kudos for attempting change, though.

  • Fiery Little One

    That is… Odd… But then this is the ship on the bottom of the saucer, so maybe Starfleet used this class to do some ‘outside the box’ tinkering.

    • Bill Smith

      It’s the Klingon section of Discovery

  • Harry Kane

    Very odd, Have the designers of this so called trek show actually looked at the Transporter Pad in ENT???? The above is pathetic. An if the Shenzu… is meant to be older then they clearly have not got any idea about designing trek ships and how to actually do it properly

  • Harry Kane

    Shenzu is way too advanced. This show is meant to be very late ENTvery early TOS we have not seen anything yet. Hulls are meant to be edging towards the painted smooth look, not overdone either. Anyone can design a fancy looking spaceship and set, desigining to a particular spec takes a bit more skill.

  • Harry Kane

    Here’s the thing why one earth they even bring a new series out, already recked the movie side and now they will reck the TV side utter jerks they are.

  • TIG1701

    OMG, seriously???? This things is looking to be one big shit show. The ship is bad and ugly Klingons are bad enough and now they turn it into a farce with stuff like this. Are they just trying to kill Star Trek for good? The Kelvin films have already killed the movies, this thing might kill the TV side again before it starts.

    I’m trying to stay positive but damn. And look at those uniforms. WTF are they thinking????

    • Harry Kane

      Its all an utter shambles, suggesting it was prime was just a PR stunt. Its nothing like it, we didn’t expect it to look exactly likes TOS but we expected a mix between late ENT look and a slightly enhanced TOS look. Not hard to do with some brains but as we can see, they couldn’t give a fudge. they don’t know anything about ST or what it should be. They assume its all about diversity and all that sort of crap. No its about the universe itself, so many storys are yet to be told properly, Rick Berman was right.

    • pittrek

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates it. Why do they actually call it Star Trek? It feels nothing like Star Trek, it looks nothing like Star Trek, nobody from Star Trek is working on it…

      • Io Jupiter

        Nobody from Star Trek is working on it is incorrect sir, Nicholas Meyer is a writer and consulting producer for Star Trek: Discovery that directed Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. He wrote the screenplays for Star Trek II, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek VI. Trek’s IV and VI have always ranked high on the list of best Trek movies while The Wrath Of Khan IMO is the top gun of all Trek movies and most film critic’s top pick in the list. I wish that Meyer had been given the rains of Trek instead of JJ.Abrams.
        I do wish that this show would have looked like Prelude to Axanar with just better technical work. To me Axanar feels like watching a new Original Trek episode which I would rather watch instead of Discovery. And those super wide nose Klingons in Discovery, lord help us!!!

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I don’t think they were thinking.

  • Bill Smith

    The “transporter” looks like something from another franchise. It’s NOT Star Trek. Enterprise set the canon for transporter look and TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY kept it. This show is prime universe, so what the hell is this crap?

    Too much of a leap guys

  • Bill Smith

    McFarlane’s “U.S.S. Orville” looks to honor canon prime Star Trek far more than Discovery does. Can’t wait until the ECV-197 leaves dry dock and destroys Discovery.

    Seth McFarlane is extremely creative and intelligent.

    CBS needs to be humbled hard after upsetting the majority of the fans with the butchering of the established canon prime universe.

  • Bill Smith

    The “Let’s push liberal diversity” mental illness that doomed the all female cast of Ghostbusters 3 has infected Discovery. Liberals with their agendas fueled by hatred for Trump have ruined the StarTrek franchise.

    Good job guys.

  • Bill Smith

    It’s obviously a Klingon transporter system people. Matches the theme of the newly butchered Klingons.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Seriously what kind of ship is this?! It looks like a Klingon ship mixed up with something organic. I’m not sure how you can go from Archer’s ship to THIS in a couple of years. The outside of the ship looks weird as well.

    • that’s because it’s a parallel universe.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Well it’s supposed to be the Prime Universe yet it looks like the Kelvin one.

        • there is no canon evidence that it’s supposed to be the Prime Universe. i only care about canon.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            I guess we’ll have to see although it has been confirmed already as being set in the Prime timeline.

          • again, that is not canon. canon is only what is on screen.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Ok but try debating this with TUP.

          • there’s nothing to debate. what isn’t on screen isn’t canon.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            As I said feel free to drop TUP a line on this. You guys can debate this as much as you want.

          • and as i said: there’s nothing to debate. what’s on screen is canon. what isn’t on screen isn’t canon. that’s all there is to it.

          • Pedro Ferreira


  • Dan King

    No one is talking about this but both of their faces especially Yeoh look plastic. Are they doing digital facial manipulation?

  • Mo

    Pretty design. I’m still waiting to see the story being told.

  • Lee O.

    I don’t like it. 😀
    Looks more like an alien ship than Starfleet and also doesn’t seem to match what we saw from the Shenzhou design-wise. My guess is that the wall panels are actually something like turbines, that rotate and “suck” in the transporter particles. But it’s a wild guess.

    • Lee O.

      As for the “kevlar vests”…. I dunno. Looks like Starship Troopers. Makes sense, but… it seems odd in Star Trek.

  • Dan King

    Klingon transporter?

  • Dan King

    They should be holding hands to push the “diversity” aspect some more and get people talking.

    I wonder if they are lovers… hmm….

  • Barak Aslani

    I had a really bad day today. I wish I could be looking at some photos of ‘My Trek.’ I miss the rich universe I have followed for years and invested in emotionally. These strange reimagined Klingons, this tech that doesn’t fit into the history of what came before and what came after. I understand ‘sex it up’, ‘subvert it’. But this is Trek. I LOVE Game Of Thrones, and dutifully spend a lot lf money on the bluray boxsets and binge watch… However, if I have had a bad day, I reach to Trek. Optimism, hope, and the wonder of a vast galaxy to explore. “Discovery” is showing me nothing like that. Those huge pointing bits of equipment on the transporter, directly behind the person, makes no sense. What if they fall backwards? Could quite have easily be positioned above them, but then it wouldn’t be in shot and make for ‘exciting new tech’. We could of had a well-written, stimulating, edgey, realistic series set post-nemesis. With cheaper SFX production and learning from mistakes of the duller reiterations of Trek, we could of had a beautiful series I could look forward to seeing. Instead, I have to squint my eyes, grit my teeth, and hope for the best. Why is Trek being treated like this? Why are WE being treated like this? While Disney works so hard to preserve the look, style, the ‘feel’ of the Star Wars universe…. expanding and not reimagining… Meanwhile Our Trek is continually battered, bashed and scewed into something that isn’t ours. I know a lot of fans feel the same as me. But the studios knows we will take what little crumbs they’re dishing out, over nothing at all – why they get to draw in a wider audience to make more money on the back of 50 years of creative vision.