Destination Star Trek, the official European Trek convention since 2012, announced today that the event would be returning to the site of its 2016 event – but not for more than another year from now.

Destination Star Trek Birmingham is now scheduled for October 19 – 21, 2018 at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC), the same location where last year’s Destination Star Trek Europe convention landed in October for Trek‘s 50th anniversary celebration.

A limited number of confirmed Trek guests have already been signed for the 2018 event since it’s still another sixteen months out – including William Shatner and Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park.

The first announced convention event will feature Deep Space Nine’s Ferengi family – Armin Shimerman (Quark), Max Grodenchik (Rom), and Aron Eisenberg (Nog) – back in both costume and makeup for a world exclusive photo op with fans.

With so many professional photo shoot areas at the event, we can now reveal that our very special Ferengi Family – Quark, Rom and Nog will be available for a world exclusive family portrait opportunity.

For the first time since working on DS9, Armin Shimerman has agreed to become Quark again for one final time. This photoshoot with all 3 members of the family in make-up is exclusive to this event and will not be repeated again anywhere in the world!

Sit with the unconventional family, and smile for the camera with this unique Deep Space Nine family – only available at Destination Star Trek Birmingham on Saturday.

You’ve got plenty of time to plan for this one, so when you’re ready, head over to the official convention website to claim your tickets for the event.