Destination Star Trek, the official European Trek convention since 2012, announced today that the event would be returning to the site of its 2016 event – but not for more than another year from now.

Destination Star Trek Birmingham is now scheduled for October 19 – 21, 2018 at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC), the same location where last year’s Destination Star Trek Europe convention landed in October for Trek‘s 50th anniversary celebration.

A limited number of confirmed Trek guests have already been signed for the 2018 event since it’s still another sixteen months out – including William Shatner and Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park.

The first announced convention event will feature Deep Space Nine’s Ferengi family – Armin Shimerman (Quark), Max Grodenchik (Rom), and Aron Eisenberg (Nog) – back in both costume and makeup for a world exclusive photo op with fans.

With so many professional photo shoot areas at the event, we can now reveal that our very special Ferengi Family – Quark, Rom and Nog will be available for a world exclusive family portrait opportunity.

For the first time since working on DS9, Armin Shimerman has agreed to become Quark again for one final time. This photoshoot with all 3 members of the family in make-up is exclusive to this event and will not be repeated again anywhere in the world!

Sit with the unconventional family, and smile for the camera with this unique Deep Space Nine family – only available at Destination Star Trek Birmingham on Saturday.

You’ve got plenty of time to plan for this one, so when you’re ready, head over to the official convention website to claim your tickets for the event.

  • Cap’n

    Birmingham? I can’t see this being popular for anyone outside of the UK. Should have put it in London.

    • Cabo 5150

      Eh? What?

      Birmingham, being the UK’s second largest city, has numerous transport links – served by major motorways, airports, train stations etc. It’s not “a mission” at all. In fact, I find Birmingham to be far more accessible than London in many ways.

      However, beyond that, The NEC complex is the premier exhibition centre for the entire country. It’s bigger than ExCeL – and considerably easier to get to, being located outside the city, just off the motorway links I mentioned.

      You can walk directly into The NEC from Birmingham International Rail Station.

      You might not “be bothered” to make the trip, but, judging by the continued commercial success of The NEC for over forty years, others patently can.

      • Cap’n

        haha it’s all good as long as you’re not from south of London.
        Still have to arse about with several rail changes along the way. I CBA with that, I doubt Europeans will want to add that to their journey after already having to change in France to go through the channel. It’s an ordeal getting connections to Paris from other EU countries. It’s an exhausting day of traveling and changes from, lets say Germany.4-8 changes, that is to say nothing of other countries further afield. Bloody expensive too. Who’s going to go to an event when the return travel costs many more times the transportation costs, and taking up two days of your life?

        • Cabo 5150

          You could, you know, travel directly to Birmingham. Fly in or something crazy like that.

          I’ve done South London to Birmingham several times – round the M25 and up the M40 is no hassle – provided the roads are flowing freely. Yes, I know the M25 can be a bitch, I’ve been there – believe me. But problems can arise on any road.

          The vast majority of the UK’s population live outside of the M25 of course, and The NEC was purposely built and located to be easily accessible to a large chunk of said population.

          I have to do many commercial trade shows every year – both as a visitor and an exhibitor, and I can tell you, I am relieved when I don’t have to travel into London to do so.

          • Cap’n

            How much money do you think these nerds have?

          • Cabo 5150

            There’s no major financial difference from flying into Birmingham as opposed to London from Europe – in fact, I would conjecture it’s often cheaper.

            And, as I said, The NEC is considerably more accessible than ExCeL, Olympia or London’s other major venues to most of the domestic population.

            I’m not getting into a ridiculous conversation with you about “nerds”, the demographic of those who might attend, or their “wealth”.

            You have the last word, Cap’n…

          • PJ

            I see the comment you’re replying to has been deleted, but I can well imagine its contents from your reply though. Sadly there is a strata of people in and around the capital whose sense of entitlement is TOTAL. How dare anybody put anything on that isn’t by and for them and them alone. Sod the tens of millions who might find it easier to meet someplace else.

  • Dan King

    Linda Park must be desperate for a paycheck

  • Dan King

    If you can dodge the Islamic Muslim terror attacks, it would be fun to attend