Longtime Star Trek licensee Diamond Select revealed today their annual San Diego Comic Con exclusive releases, including a brand-new Star Trek III: The Search for Spock-themed model!

Limited to only 400 pieces, this “Final Flight” Starship Enterprise recalls our final look at the NCC-1701 as the vessel’s self-destruct sequence carried it into the atmosphere of the Genesis Planet.

“My God, Bones… What have I done?” James T. Kirk spoke those words as he watched the U.S.S. Enterprise plummet from the sky by his own hand, something even the mighty Khan could not accomplish.

This translucent rendering of the Enterprise is meant to replicate its fiery last flight down to the Genesis planet, after self-destructing in orbit. The ship measures approximately 14 inches long, and includes a display stand. It comes in commemorative window packaging. Limited to only 400 pieces. Does not contain electronics.

The final fate of the Enterprise in ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.’

Of course, this isn’t really how the starship looked as it fell to its final destruction – the majority of the Enterprise saucer was already gone before it entered the atmosphere – but this bright orange Constitution-class model will certainly stand out on your shelf.

Diamond Select responded to questions regarding the design on Twitter:

If you get to Diamond Select’s SDCC booth fast enough, you can snag one of these for $65.