Longtime Star Trek licensee Diamond Select revealed today their annual San Diego Comic Con exclusive releases, including a brand-new Star Trek III: The Search for Spock-themed model!

Limited to only 400 pieces, this “Final Flight” Starship Enterprise recalls our final look at the NCC-1701 as the vessel’s self-destruct sequence carried it into the atmosphere of the Genesis Planet.

“My God, Bones… What have I done?” James T. Kirk spoke those words as he watched the U.S.S. Enterprise plummet from the sky by his own hand, something even the mighty Khan could not accomplish.

This translucent rendering of the Enterprise is meant to replicate its fiery last flight down to the Genesis planet, after self-destructing in orbit. The ship measures approximately 14 inches long, and includes a display stand. It comes in commemorative window packaging. Limited to only 400 pieces. Does not contain electronics.

The final fate of the Enterprise in ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.’

Of course, this isn’t really how the starship looked as it fell to its final destruction – the majority of the Enterprise saucer was already gone before it entered the atmosphere – but this bright orange Constitution-class model will certainly stand out on your shelf.

Diamond Select responded to questions regarding the design on Twitter:

If you get to Diamond Select’s SDCC booth fast enough, you can snag one of these for $65.

  • Michael

    Complete unrealistic. In the movie the saucer section was half gone.

  • Laughing Boy

    Would actually be appealing if half the saucer was missing, like in the film. As it is, it doesn’t make any sense.

    • Michael

      Exactly. Are the people who made this movie aware of this fact? Have they even seen the movie?

  • Haha, this is just ridiculous

  • Vger64

    Oh boy.. I feel bad for the person working that booth. I Hope they don’t get paid by commission.

    • Michael

      Yes, sweaty fanboys who smell really bad from lack of showers will be lining up to obtain this trinket, only to be profoundly shocked when the model is not specific to the movie.

      Then the tears will flow, and Shatner will come over to the unkempt and unemployable masses and demand.. you…. stop… crying…… there…. is…. no…. crying….in…. Star………….Trek…

      He then will invite the fanboys over to his table where he charges $1000 a pop for his signature, and $3000 if you want him to breath on you so you can take in Captain Kirk’s heady musk.

      All for the crippled horse fund, of course.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    So weird, but man, if I attached this to a Klingon themed pumpkin, I see a pumpkin decorating contest blue ribbon in my immediate future!

    • Michael

      Which Klingons are you speaking of? TOS? TMP? Discovery?

  • Michael

    It looks like a flying turd after having too much Taco Bell, then swallowing 2 cups of fiber.


    Meh. I looks like the color of the General Lee.

  • Melllvar

    The stand looks cool, though

  • Locutus

    They should have wrecked the saucer! But it’s a cute idea.

  • Dr. Cheis

    I’m guessing the reason the saucer isn’t missing is so they could re-color an existing model instead of making a completely new one for a limited run product.

    • Brian Johnson

      That’s exactly why. A DST rep said so on the TrekToy boards, so anycomments about not wanting to make it looked like a twisted wreck is a creative stretch of the truth.

      Also, for $65 this thing should have electronics. Self-destruct countdown, Kruge and Maltz’ conversations, etc.

  • Chris Tyler

    I’ll pass!!

  • Zarm

    It’s just like the Discovery design controversies… it’s not like anyone involved had no way of knowing that they were making a product for detail-obsessed nerds. It’s not like this is a new or little-known reputation! 😉

    Inaccuracy aside, it’s actually very cool; I’d buy it if I had the spare cash.

  • GIBBS v2

    Ha, you can’t inset a tiny frame of ship hitting atmo next to a frame with half the saucer missing and call the job done. See, see it was orange right here, at this moment… pffft.

  • Cabo 5150

    I absolutely know it’ll never be produced, but it would be super cool to have a crashing, half destructed saucer model à la the shot above – replete with tiny LED’s carefully installed to simulate the embers of the destruction.

    Oh, and a realistic “battle damage” paint job of course!

  • Mark Michel

    I SO want one! Sadly I won’t be going to SDCC. 🙁

  • seigezunt
  • U.S.S. Orville

    I am going to purchase several of these and resell them online – but keep one for myself. I have space on my ample shelves.

    • JGG1701 .

      Keep me in mind when you are ready to sell one to me.😁

  • James

    Tosh, like most Trek merchandise. Why do Star Wars fans get decent products and us Trekkies get junk? The best we get are the okish eagle moss models.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    I won’t be at SDCC, but honestly I’d rather have a “twisted piece of wreckage.” But that’s just me.

  • U.S.S. Orville

    At least it’s not Kelvin universe merch.

  • Tony

    I know it’s a “limited” edition but $65 for a two color model with no electronics that isn’t even remotely screen accurate? I’m always up for a new DST Trek item but this just looks to me like quickie cash-in prepared with minimal thought or effort. I’ll keep waiting for that Reliant; hopefully it will be released before I hit retirement age.

  • dep1701

    I much prefer the first issue of this model ( marketed as the “Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan” Battle Damage version ), which was released at the same time as Art Asylum released their very first NCC-1701-A. It basically had the same paint job as this one, with the saucer in mid destruct, but with more accurate hull coloring ( which made the reds and yellows in the saucer destruct art stand out a lot more ).

  • Edgar

    Been waiting for the Reliant for over a decade, yet they keep wasting time with one redux after another…