We’ve seen many of you wonder on social media if there would ever be a follow-up to 2009’s Star Trek: The Art of the Film book covering the making of the first Trek relaunch film — and today it looks like there’s not only going to be one sequel, but two new books on the way!

From publisher Titan Books, this fall will see the arrival of two new Kelvin Timeline publications, each chronicling a different aspect of the last three Star Trek films.

*   *   *

Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow takes on the enormous creature design and prosthetic makeup work that went into the most recent movie. This 256-page hardcover, written by author Joe Nazzaro, is due out October 3.

With the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, viewers were given a spectacular visual treat as a whole host of new aliens made their appearance for the first time in the rebooted franchise.

At the heart of the process of bringing these breathtaking intergalactic species to life was Academy Award-winning make-up artist Joel Harlow. Together with his team of amazingly talented creatives, Harlow set to work on creating aliens from over 50 different races for the film and documented the entire creative process for each one in exhaustive detail, from preliminary sketches to final make-up application.

Star Trek Beyond – The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow presents the extraordinary work done by Harlow and his crew. Featuring fascinating pencil sketches, stunning concept art and beautiful photography, this visually arresting book gives fans a unique in-depth look into the remarkable work that went into this immensely popular movie.

*   *   *

Arriving November 7, The Art of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline beams down a behind-the-scenes look at all three Bad Robot big-screen adventures, from author Jeff Bond.

A complete and in-depth look at the art of the newest Star Trek trilogy!

Covering the creation of Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, this lavish art book contains never-before-seen concept art and designs, as well as interviews with the key creatives who helped bring these exciting movies to life on the big screen.

We’ll have more on these books as we approach the release dates later this year, including larger looks at the cover art and preview pages (if made available).

In the meantime, lock in your preorders for these deluxe volumes today!

Star Trek:
The Art of the Film

Star Trek Beyond:
The Makeup of Joel Harlow

The Art of Star Trek:
The Kelvin Timeline

  • DangerousDac

    This is a surprise – but a welcome one, to be sure 😉 I should say though – isn’t that NOT Krall on the cover of the Art Book but his no. 2 that leads the raid on the Enterprise that Jaylah then beats up later on?

    • Rychu Rod

      Yeah, this feels like a strange choice. Maybe they couldn’t secure the rights to Idris Elba’s image?

      Also – the Big E is considerably different in terms of color scheme. More like the original. Was there a concept art like that created for 2009?

      • Alex Webb

        I’m pretty sure it is indeed concept art for the 2009 movie. Seems an odd choice though considering it’s the only piece of art on the cover of an art book – everyone else is just photos.

        • Marc Henson

          Since when was photography not an art?

          • Michael

            Photography is not an art because God creates the scene. Art is when a human creates a cheap facsimile of it.

  • Northstar Deplorable

    I enjoyed “The Art of the Film” and I’ll be looking forward to these upon release. Thanks for the news.

  • Michael

    Who will buy these?? The Kelvin timeline is dead. Beyond BOMBED worldwide at the box office and cost the studios big cash. Before that, Into Darkness bombed and was a worse movie.

    There will be no more Kelvin timeline movies thank god. They are dead, Jim.

    • MichaelMeir-Wright

      How tedious.

      • Michael

        This response proves I am right.

        • Cabo 5150

          No, it proves nothing of the sort.

          • Michael

            Wrong in my opinion

          • DC Forever

            Agreed – it proves nothing of the sort.

    • Cabo 5150

      Those who enjoy the Kelvin Timeline.

      Probably appreciably more than those fans who purchase ancillary books attached to DS9/VOY/ENT (even TNG) – which are considerably more marginalised brand names/”products”, and almost completely irrelevant to Joe Public as far as Star Trek is concerned.

      I doubt the weak box office for Beyond will have remotest influence on the sales of these volumes – the intended audience would’ve almost certainly seen the movie week one anyway.

      I feel I should make it quite clear, my statement is not intended as a slight to the shows mentioned above – I love them too.

      • Michael

        “Weak box office” is a vast understatement. The movie bombed badly and is deeply in the red for all companies involved.

        Those shows you mention bring in the cash year after year after year. Their products are always in the black. That’s why they keep being made.

        It’s great for those who enjoy the Kelvin timeline. But they should get used to watching the three marginal movies at best because no more will be made and the Kelvin timeline is dead.

        • Cabo 5150

          In your haste to repeat and expand on an opinion you’ve already stated – you seem to have completely missed my point as usual.

          So, I’ll reiterate, the weak box office for Beyond is extremely unlikely to affect the projected sales of these volumes. Those motivated enough to purchase them will already be in the “hardcore”.

          The publishers will be fully aware of that.

          But if it makes you feel better to type up some more negative hyperbole reference the Kelvin Timeline, and interpret your purely speculative notions to reinforce your own confirmation bias – knock yourself out.

          • Michael

            There are no “hardcore” Kelvin timeline fans. Because in my opinion Kelvin timeline fans are not Star Trek fans. The people who saw the movies wanted a cheap shoot um up action popcorn flick. They are casual fans at best and when presented with actual Star Trek their eyes glaze over from boredom because there are no lens flares and it takes actual thinking to enjoy the shows.

          • Cabo 5150

            I have decades of dedicated fandom under my belt stretching back to the mid 80’s – across the entire franchise up to and (very much) including the Kelvin Timeline. By any measurable metric, I certainly qualify as “hardcore”.

            So, you’re wrong, minimally, in my case.

            And beyond that, your views on fandom are incredibly myopic, rude and disrespectful to other fans. “Like what I like and agree with me or you’re stupid” essentially. It’s a horribly narcissistic and asinine stance – how can you not see that?

            My eyes certainly don’t “glaze over” when presented with what you describe as “actual Trek” [sigh]…

            It is possible to appreciate the extremely broad church Star Trek has become, and all its disparate styles of storytelling. Variety is the spice and all that.

            Well done on getting some additional KT bashing in by the way – just as I predicted.

          • Michael

            Don’t worry, since no more Kelvin movies will be made and JJ long backed out of the proposed TV series based on Kelvin the point is moot. Kevin timeline will be remembered as a failed venture created by someone who never cared about Star Trek and in fact abandoned it in favor of Star Wars.

          • Cabo 5150


          • “Cabo 5150,” if you simply refrain from replying to “Michael” on these types of posts you will find there will be much less of this back-and-forth bickering. Remember, Disqus has an ‘ignore’ feature available to all users.

          • Cabo 5150

            That’s fair enough.

            But, very respectfully to you guys, I know you have an extremely difficult job to do moderating here, I do believe it’s right to call a given individuals behaviour out if warranted.

            I don’t want to get too serious/melodramatic here, but simply “ignoring” what is essentially insensitive and hateful commentary to others, based on nothing more than subjective opinion, simply allows that insensitivity to stand unchallenged – and possibly “normalises”/encourages it.

            Not the way to make the world a better place IMHO.

            Again, with the most sincere and utmost of respect, you may see it as “bickering”, but I see it as standing up to bullying.

            I certainly don’t want to pick up a ban here, I’d be most upset to do so, but I will continue to stand up for my principles when necessary.


          • Michael

            If you don’t like my opinions use the block feature. At least I talk about Star Trek when I post, even if it’s negative towards the Kelvin universe I greatly dislike. You just attack my because my opinion is different.

          • Cabo 5150


            I call you out for your rudeness and totally unnecessary insults to both myself and other posters.

            I reiterate, I have no issue with your opinions, but I do have an issue with being called “fake” “not real” etc, etc.

            Genuinely, I would be more than happy to engage with you in civil discourse – and have a honest/frank, but friendly exchange of opinion, but, thus far, you seem to be unwilling to do so.

            If you continue to insult me, I will call you out on it – and I will continue defend myself.

          • DC Forever


          • DC Forever

            Stop whining, and work on being civil to people. Get a good night’s sleep tonight, wake up fresh tommorrow morning, and then say to yourself:

            “I am not going to attack people on Trekcore today.”

            Then, repeat this process day after day, and before you know it, you will be having more intelligent and meaningful discussions with others on this site.

            It’s not all that hard to not to be a jackass. Just takes a bit of mental fortitude and integrity.

          • DC Forever

            Spot on, Cabo. His rants continue. But at least nobody is fooled by his imaginary sources anymore.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle


            (note please that I am not arguing with him — just wanted to call this out so you can see what we have to deal with from this dude all the time here)

          • Michael

            I said it was my opinion, my opinion is not necessarily a fact. If we can’t have our own opinions on discussion boards we should all be banned then. I personally feel that Kelvin fans are fake fans that have hurt the Star Trek name very badly. The visuals from the Kelvin universe seem to have infected Discovery which is obvious as well.

          • Cabo 5150

            Nobody’s saying you can’t have an opinion, but the way you deliver those opinions is often antagonistic and, well, just gets people’s backs up.

            You can dislike the KT and express your reservations about it without insulting those that do.

            I watch episodes/movies from right across the franchise on virtually a daily basis, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on VHS, LaserDiscs, DVD’s, HD DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, and now, UHD.

            I’ve been to countless conventions, met most of the actors from the various shows – and have £20+ a pop signed 10×8’s to prove it. I have books, models, posters, soundtracks and all sorts of assorted paraphernalia.

            Star Trek is one of my true passions in life – even my wife and thinks I’m obsessed.

            Please explain to me how I, as an individual who loves the KT movies, is a “fake fan”? How would you feel if you were constantly told you’re “not true/fake” and stupid based on nothing more than a difference of opinion on an entertainment property.

            I know, I know, “it’s the Trump era of free speech, baby” – a line you’ve thrown at me several times despite my explaining I live in the UK and just don’t care. As if it excuses abject rudeness anyway.

          • “Michael,” if your only intention is to post complaints and insults towards those who enjoy the new films on every KT-related post, then we’d suggest you please refrain. Thank you.

          • Michael

            That is not my intention. I am sharing my personal opinion and dislike of the Kelvin timeline, and my distaste at what I feel it did to permanently damage the franchise.

            I have no idea why my dislike of the Kelvin timeline rankles people so much. I can’t be held responsible for how people react to my posts. I refuse to be a sycophantic Kelvin follower just because they slapped the Star Trek name on it.

          • Cabo 5150

            People are “rankled” with being called “fake” or “not real/true” fans. People are “rankled” with accusations of “eyes glazing over in boredom” because there are “no lens flares”.

            That is not constructive opinion/criticism, it’s plain rudeness. Seriously, how you think people are going to react to that?

            Just state what you dislike about the KT without the personal invective’s please.

          • DC Forever


          • DC Forever

            About a month ago you labeled me as “you’re not a real Star Trek fan,” and you use that frequently here when people disagree with you. That is unacceptable and violates IDIC.

            You need to clean up your act.

          • OK folks, let’s all go back to our corners on this one for a bit please.

            Michael: Comments like “Because in my opinion Kelvin timeline fans are not Star Trek fans… when presented with actual Star Trek their eyes glaze over from boredom because there are no lens flares and it takes actual thinking to enjoy the shows” may be your “opinion” but that doesn’t not mean it’s not insulting to many people. Hate on the films all you want (within reason, obviously), but this kind of thing aimed at those who disagree is the problem – and please don’t claim innocence on that.

            To all of you in this comment chain: you want to have a real discussion on the merits of the KT films? That’s great, we want to see that too! We love having engaged readers on all sorts of Trek topics – but if you are posting more about other commenters than about the articles in question, that’s a problem. And that’s where things have gotten to for a handful of you.

            Let’s not let things get to this point again please – or some of you will not be pleased with the result.

            As mentioned before, if you have a problem with another reader you can contact our staff through our email portal, or simply use the Disqus ignore feature. Thank you.

          • Michael

            Thank you. Please understand that when I am giving my opinion it is never my attention to insult or anger anyone. Just because I have a very colorful way of describing my distaste for the Kelvin movies that seems to get people upset, why should I be punished for my creative writing?

            People simply dislike when I give my opinion on the Kelvin movies when backed up by facts. The fact is Beyond tanked in theaters and badly damaged the Star Trek name and product. In fact, the entire Kelvin reboot attempt by JJ Abrams is a total fiasco – it all went downhill when he did not get his wish of movies, a television show, etc.

            Just my opinion though!

          • Just stop attacking those who DO like the new films. That is not ‘creative writing.’

            This is the last time you will be asked politely.

          • Michael

            I am entitled to my own opinion.

          • If you have problems with other users you can contact our team via email – this type of post does you no favors.

      • TIG1701

        The Kelvin films do seem dead though and with Beyond bombing it proved they didn’t really have a huge impact of the franchise. End of the day the JJ verse are gong to just be those 3 odd movies that takes place in another universe and not the proper one that most Star Trek fans know and loves. And fans still talk about those other shows like they all came on yesterday and most are decades old now. Thats the power of Star Trek.

        • Cabo 5150

          I’ve haven’t actually made any specific comments on the health of the Kelvin Timeline in this thread.

          Certainly, Beyond was a huge disappointment for the studio. The reasons for that failure are endlessly debatable – although, I do believe an extremely poor/ill conceived marketing campaign must account for at least some of the blame.

          The “impact” of the KT movies on the franchise is entirely subjective. I would argue they rescued and reinvigorated an ailing franchise that was on life support from the depths of complete irrelevancy.

          They certainly brought in new fans and perhaps sparked an interest in the Trek gone before.

          Honestly, I don’t think the term “proper universe” is helpful here. The KT is every bit as “proper” a universe as any other Star Trek – including the many alternative realities/timelines established in the Prime.

          In my experience, “fans” talk about the entirety of Trek – up to and including the KT.

          • TIG1701

            I was referring to the other guy who said the Kelvin films are probably over. I agree with him. Maybe they might make another one but its almost been a year since Beyond and dead, dead silence. I think Paramount has moved on. If they make another one I’ll give it a chance but they probably worry the next one will just bomb too and I can’t blame them for thinking that.

            And lets be honest if they are over then I think in a few years they will be pretty forgotten since A. They take place in a completely different universe than the rest of the franchise and where Discovery will take place again and B. They don’t really attach to the rest of the franchise since they are in another universe. All the other shows and films have direct connections to each other. These only did because of Prime Spock and now even that guy is dead.

            And if they ‘rescued’ the franchise sadly didn’t do a great job of it since the last movie bombed for its 50th anniversary and CBS almost treats those movies like they don’t exist. They could’ve put Discovery in the JJ verse but didn’t. And it would actually makes sense since that show looks closer to that look. They know most fans don’t care about the Kelvin universe. Everyone wants it back in the original one with 700 stories have been told and around for 50 years.

          • TIG1701

            I was referring to the other guy who said the Kelvin films are probably over. I agree with him. Maybe they might make another one but its almost been a year since Beyond and dead, dead silence. I think Paramount has either moved on or working on other ideas. If they make another one I’ll give it a chance but they probably worry the next one will just bomb too and I can’t blame them for thinking that. Don’t think anyone can.

            And lets be honest if they are over then I think in a few years they will be pretty forgotten since A. They take place in a completely different universe than the rest of the franchise and where Discovery will take place again and B. They don’t really attach to the rest of the franchise since they are in another universe. All the other shows and films have direct connections to each other. These only did because of Prime Spock and now even that guy is dead.

            And if they ‘rescued’ the franchise sadly didn’t do a great job of it since the last movie bombed for its 50th anniversary. And all JJ did was make a $150 million Star Wars movie but called it Star Trek to get a lot of teeny boppers to watch it. It felt like Star Trek in name only and turned TOS characters into CW characters with a Star Wars look. If that’s ‘saving’ it well in that case keep it dead Jim. And now most fans have already stopped caring about it after just three films. The 50th anniversary should’ve packed the fans in. Instead most just turned away because they so many already soured on these movies. Not good.

            And CBS almost treats those movies like they don’t exist. They go out of their way to make clear Discovery has nothing to do with JJ verse. They could’ve put the show in that same universe but didn’t. And it would actually makes sense since that show looks closer to that look. They know most fans don’t care about the Kelvin universe. Everyone wants it back in the original one with 700 stories have been told and around for 50 years.

            Thats where the legacy is. If they don’t make anymore JJ verse movies, that universe will have an asterisk to it as a failed experiment with doppelgangers of characters that look like other ones but not really.

          • Cabo 5150

            A studio worries about the financials of every movie they release – Star Trek is no different. Unless of course, it’s something akin to Star Wars – about as sure fire a hit as it’s possible to get.

            The first two KT films didn’t “bomb” at all, and were, in fact, two of the most successful of the Star Trek films.

            As I’ve already elaborated on, the reasons for Beyond’s poor performance are debatable, and its numbers don’t necessarily give any indication of the returns form any future entry.

            Star Trek is a long running film franchise, and its box office receipts fluctuate like most other long running franchises – James Bond for example.

            It’s nothing more than completely subjective opinion whether they will be “forgotten”. Personally, I think you’re way, way off in that opinion.

            You seem to be somewhat fixated on the “universe” – when, in reality, 99.9% of Joe Public don’t care or likely even realise the difference. And probably the vast majority of fans aren’t bothered either.

            The quality of the product is paramount to me – and the KT is superlative.

            No, I don’t agree Abrams made a Star Wars movie, he, and Justin LIn, made Star Trek movies that brought the action/adventure feel and camaraderie of TOS back beautifully with a modern sheen.

            Please provide a link to some evidence breaking down the demographics of the audience for the KT films. If you are unable to do so, I’m going to discount your statement reference “teeny boppers” as complete bunk and hyperbole.

            Again, your statements reference “most fans stopping caring” is your subjective opinion.

            CBS do not own the rights to the KT, Paramount do. Thus, they were unable to set the series in the KT. Yes, the look of DSC is very close to the KT, which, contrary to your assertions, actually indicates they do want to attract newer fans.

            Without wishing to labour the point, your last paragraph is again completely subjective opinion.

          • TIG1701

            Yes I was just stating my opinion it will be forgotten because its just 3 movies that take place in a different universe, and only one of those films the fans seem to all agree on was actually good, the first one. Many thought STID was crap (because it was) and Beyond was an improvement over that but as said bombed because no one seem all that interested in the story. I think putting Kirk on a dirt bike in the first trailer was a dumb idea and probably what helped kill off its business from hardcore Trekkies.

            And I think that decline didn’t disappear with these KT films. It certainly didn’t unite the fanbase. many seem to hate them as much as they hated Enterprise and Nemesis. More people did watch them though but I don’t think most people will care about them if we never got another one.

            As far as CBS not having the right to put the show in the KT universe, thats not true. Bryan Fuller himself said he could’ve put the show in any universe, he simply chose the proper one because its the one fans want to see again. And sure the show looks modern, thats a no-brainer, but nothing about the show itself is tied to the KT films. They could’ve hired the same actor who played Sarek in the ST09 film. They didn’t because clearly they don’t want people to identify the show with the film. And I’m not saying they are doing it out of spite, I just mean they don’t seem to think the ‘success’ of those films were big enough to tie this show to it.

            No one is saying everyone thinks these films are crap, I’m only speaking for the fans who do. But its probably the same fans who avoided Beyond that made it less of a draw and why these films are probably done for. They started out with a lot of hype but sadly ended on a big whimper.

            Teeny boppers was just a joke…but looking at how Beyond was marketed something Paramount clearly hoped would fill the seats.

          • TIG1701

            Ugh for some reason my comments keep getting erased here so I will just say what I said before abbreviated but yes its just my opinion they will be forgotten. Everyone here is just citing their opinions. My reason for it though is A. There are only three films and B. They take place in an entirely different universe from the franchise. It doesn’t mean everyone hates them I’m saying they just aren’t very relevant at the end of the day. They don’t add much to the bigger picture because those events have no bearing on anyone else like old Kirk or Picard. They are just side stories at the end of the day. I’m not fixated on the universe I just mean the stories in that universe have no importance to the franchise as a whole.

            As for the show looking more modern like KT thats a no-brainer but I mean its clear CBS doesn’t want to attach the show to the KT universe because they don’t seem to think it really matters. Case in point they could’ve cast the same actor from ST09 play Sarek but they got someone else instead. They don’t seem to want to connect it to those movies. And its not true that they can’t make the show in that universe. I think either Fuller or Kurtzman said they could’ve placed it in any universe they just placed it in the old one because thats the one most fans cares about and wanted to see again.

            And I know some fans care about this universe, I was talking about the ones who didn’t. And with Beyond bombing in the year of the franchises biggest anniversary proves most fans stop caring about these movies. Maybe the next one will be different if they bring in the Borg or something to get people excited but its clear the hype has completely fizzled now.

            And I was mostly joking about the teeny boppoer thing but if you look at Beyond’s first trailer its pretty obvious they marketing down and not up. And it look like it cost them.

          • Cabo 5150

            Yes, I know you’re citing your opinions, as am I. I think we’ve established that at this point! You replied directly to me, and I, in turn, am responding directly to you. That is the nature of an open discussion forum.

            There are only three KT films, because, well, there are only three KT films. For the period following the release of The Search For Spock, up to the premiere of The Voyage Home, there were “only” three TOS movies.

            I feel I must point out though, that Beyond is actually the thirteenth Star Trek film, because, you know, it is. If you wish to personally, and subjectively, distinguish the KT films from the previous ten, that is your prerogative of course – and I don’t have a problem with it. But objectively, you are mistaken.

            Technically, the KT branches off from the Prime, and is most definitely part of the overall Star Trek universe. The definition of universe is “all that there is”, which, in this case, includes all realities/timelines the Prime has created, both in Trek ’09, and many preceding episodes.

            We experience events in the Prime during Spock’s mind-meld with Kirk during the first KT movie; and, of course, Spock Prime lived many years in the KT. They are part of the same universe – that is simply a fact whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

            I believe the KT films are highly “relevant”, and judging by the RT scores, the vast majority of viewers rate them extremely highly. Yup, that’s film-goers giving them a score based their actual enjoyment of the film, and not an arbitrary judgement on “the universe”.

            The KT movies are every bit as “important” as any other Star Trek story, and no more of less a “side story” than, say, “The Inner Light” for example.

            CBS can’t attach DSC to the KT – they do not hold the rights. How do you know anything about the casting process of DSC? Again, I believe it’s blatantly obvious CBS are trying to attract casual KT viewers. From what we’ve seen, the “look” is pretty much as far as they can go without infringing copyright IMHO.

            Please supply a link confirming where either Kurtzman or Fuller state they placed DSC in the Prime “because that’s the one most fans care about”. And, again, no, they couldn’t set DSC in the KT because Paramount hold the rights to it, and CBS don’t.

            Yes, Beyond did relatively poorly (but still better than most Prime movies) – I’ve agreed with that several times. That does not “prove most fans have stopped caring”.

            Did “most fans stop caring” after The Final Frontier? Did “most fans stop caring” after Nemesis. Are you suggesting that TNG fans have abandoned the Prime universe due the utterly dire critical and financial performance of Nemesis – a single film.

            If we follow your train of logic (to make a sweeping judgement on a particular iteration of the franchise based on the box office of a single movie), there should be no more than a tiny niche of “caring fans” – either of the Prime or Kelvin Timelines. Remember, the last TNG movie “bombed” to a significantly greater extent than Beyond. The “hype” for the Prime has just completely “fizzled”.

            Nope, I don’t get the “teeny bopper” connection to the first trailer – although I do think it was a poor representation of the film as whole. Part of the overall weak marketing campaign, which I believe was a major contributor to the lower box office.

  • I really wish they had made 1701-A at the end of Beyond look like the ship on the cover!

    • Jorge Teixeira

      That ship is one of Ryan Church’s concepts from the ’09 movie. It’s also on that movie’s “The Art of…” book

  • publiusr

    Very nice.

    One on just the ships please.

  • Claire Brsk

    I enjoyed the 2009 book a lot, and the costumes book that included Into Darkness as well.
    I wish there was a companion book specifically for Into Darkness, after all, it’s still the record holding most successful Star Trek movie in the history of the franchise. Hopefully this new Kelvin Timeline book will cover a lot of details from STID as well. 🙂