After this morning’s announcement that Star Trek: Discovery will (finally!) arrive on September 24, show producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts sat down with Entertainment Weekly to relay some new details behind the seemingly-constant delays in the series’ launch.

While it’s been well established that initial delays were due to a need to increase production time, followed by the departure of creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller, and then the possible writers’ strike earlier this year, Berg and Harberts revealed some new specifics as to the timeline extension.


You can’t cut corners or have 95 percent of what’s on screen be completely original and inspired and then have five percent something you bought at a store. It has to be cohesive — and it is.

I’m so proud of what’s on screen, it’s so beautiful and it’s taking world-building to a whole new level.


There’s is so much artistry and custom craftsmanship that go into every prop, every costume, every set.

These things have to be designed and manufactured. We flew a costume designer to Switzerland to pick up the fabric for the Starfleet uniforms. Several items on our uniforms are 3D printed. Some of our sets can take over six weeks to make.

CBS has given us the time and the money to make something the fans will find worthwhile.

Entertainment Weekly also confirmed what we suspected from the May teaser trailer, that the Discovery sets have yet to be seen – and in fact, are completely separate sets from the Shenzhou (the starship from the trailer).

[Take] the bridge of the U.S.S. Discovery. Trek fans think they already know what it looks like from the trailer. But that’s not it — the trailer shows the bridge of the U.S.S. Shenzhou — an entirely different  (and older) ship than the Discovery that the production also had to build.

The actual Discovery bridge has yet to be revealed…

In addition, CBS has also released a new promotional poster for the forthcoming series, with a new look at the starship Discovery, first spotted back in the summer of 2016. Seen here is the variant released in Canada for the SPACE network:

Compared to the original look, the Discovery has been polished up from a once-coppery metal to a more refined and textured silvery-blue design – and we can’t wait to see the final version on screen this fall.

2016’s original USS Discovery CG render (left) compared to the new poster image.

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  • Cabo 5150

    After many reservations reference the aesthetic of Discovery herself, I’m really starting to come round to the overall design after seeing a glimpse of the retooled/finished version in these new publicity materials.

    However, I still feel a slightly wider saucer would make it just that little bit sweeter – but no biggie!

  • Chadwick Adams

    Without question! The detail alone on that Klingon bridge looks amazing. The Klingon costumes and their bridge have some Egyptian influences. Im loving it. And since the Shenzhou bridge is an older bridge i.e. USS Kelvin I’m really excited to see what the Discovery bridge looks like…and the transporter room and engineering.

    • Justin Olson

      Holding out hope that the uniforms will also change on-board the Discovery. An update of the Cage/WNMHGB uniforms (similar to what Trek ’09 did with the classic TOS uniforms) would be welcome. Pretty sure that won’t happen, however.

      • SpaceCadet

        I’m guessing they’ll keep the starfleet uniform design consistent between all of the ships featured.

      • Snap

        The part I really don’t understand is, at a point in time where rank is denoted via wrist braid, they are using TNG-style pips integrated with the insignia badge. I mean, for all the criticism the Kelvin movies may get, they don’t use pips for rank.

        Sure, it looks cool, it just doesn’t fit with the time period in which the series is supposed to take place.

        • TUP

          I dont mind the pips. Who’s to say the TNG era didnt recycle a former rank idea from the past?

          When we look at the evolution of the uniforms, they seem pretty consistent as far as evolving when you go from Enterprise (with their NASA inspire flight suits) to Kelvin which are closer to the TOS era but maintain a distantly similar nod to Enterprise, to TOS to TNG. But the TOS films are a huge departure.

          Now, those TOS film uniforms are the best (though impractical for everyday use). So we all accept that Starfleet has embraced wilder designs.

          The Discovery uniforms fit a design evolution from Enterprise to Nemesis if you ignore that the same period used the Cage unis and again, you have to see the TOS films as an outlier (TMP works because its still a jump suit style which is reminiscent of the PJ look of TOS and the jumpsuit design of early TNG).

          So I can buy that “pips” were a design choice used at various times. It doesnt kill me to use them. I might be more choked if they used insignia communicators though lol

          • M33

            They so far have been playing fast-and-loose with the canon;
            I really have consigned myself to accept none of it will match up or make sense to what we know the Prime Timeline to be.
            This is living-constitution-interpretive Trek.
            I’m glad at least it is going to be high caliber budget and acting, but all the details we know and should expect… forget it.

          • TUP

            Well we cant say for sure how fast and loose they’re being because we dont know anything. And we cant be certain, even, about things we have seen. We dont know if there will be in-universe reasons for certain choices

          • M33

            Time will tell.
            Hoping for best.
            Preparing for Fuller’s “reinterpreting”, as he called it.

          • TUP

            There have been many statements from those involved saying they cherish the canon and want to respect it. The thing with writers is, when they have an idea they think is good, they dont want to let someone elses work get in the way.

            Thats why you need a strong showrunner who looks at stories and offers notes about how “thats not the voice of that character” or “that violates what has been established” and force the writers to get to the same conclusion in a different way.

            Hopefully that is the case here. There is very little someone would want to do creatively that cant be arrived at without violating canon if they want to make the effort.

            What we have to accept is, they do not accept that what appeared on screen visually in the 1960’s is “canon” to the visuals of Star Fleet. They have evolved from Enterprise, USS Kelvin and Franklin.

            All ships using the same insignia doesnt bother me so much. I would like an in-universe explanation for the uniforms and the Klingons though. So hopefully that happens.

            Enterprise and DS9 both showed us the TOS era, confirming certain aspects. DS9 didnt have much choice but Enterprise could have taken a stab at modernizing the Constitution Class, though they likely did not have the budget to do it justice (and considering how bad Enterprise mostly was, it’s probably for the best they didnt try).

          • Thomas Mossman

            Besides, ENT uniforms had pips.

          • Snap

            Indeed, but that was pre-Federation Starfleet, 100 years before the TOS era, and during the Mirror Universe episodes with the TOS Defiant, the TOS uniforms used had the wrist braid. DS9 even recreated the wrist braid when they adopted the uniforms to blend in with the Enterprise crew.

            Discovery, on the other hand, is supposed to take place 10 years before Kirk’s tour on the Enterprise. Starfleet was using the wrist braid at that time, however rudimentary, which was tweaked when TOS went into series production. There were no pips on the badges.

            We were told it was supposed to be Prime timeline which, if that’s what it is an not its own separate thing, creates a glaring inconsistency. Regardless of how cool it may look, it’s change for the sake of change. The other (potential) issue is the broken delta, which ship does it belong to? We’ve seen it on the crew of the Shenzhou and we’ve recently seen it on Captain Lorca of the Discovery. Ship badges weren’t homogeneous at this point in time. The split nature differentiates it enough from the Enterprise to be considered a continuity issue, but it can either be the Shenzhou badge or the Discovery badge, not both.

          • Snap

            No, that’s not what I meant. The pip and badge design is pretty cool, I like the way it looks, what I’m talking about is the timeframe in which it is being used. If it is Prime timeline, as a contemporary or the Constitution class Enterprise, Starfleet uses the wrist braid to denote rank, the same is true with the Kelvin universe.

            We only need to look at Enterprise to see the same pip system as TNG so it could technically be argued that after the wrist braid and the shoulder insignia, Starfleet looked to their pre-Federation history for their next rank aesthetic.

            If Discovery is in a separate, yet similar, universe then the use of pips doesn’t create an inconsistency. It doesn’t make sense if some ships use badge/pips while the rest use the established wrist braid. For instance, if they were to show the Enterprise at some point and the badge/pips were used, unless it was a new universe it would create an inconsistency which does not exist in any of the post-TOS series which revisited that era.

  • Alex Huffman

    I’m still not sold on the ship design. They’re really going to have to explain away the ugliness of the ship. I really hope the show is a big success though. Glad to see they’re premiering on the network.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I think the ship’s outside was beaten with the same ugly stick as the ship interiors.

  • Taking their time to do it right certainly sounds like the right decision to me! I’m eager to see what they’ve made for us.

  • DS9 is King

    I can’t wait for the Mirror Universe episodes and a possible Mirror Universe spin off.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      A Mirror Universe in this show will probably be the good universe, ha, ha!

  • Simon

    It took me a while to get used to the 1701-D “Hotel in space” look – the first time I saw it was on the cover of TV GUIDE a few weeks before the premiere and I hated it initially. Once I saw it on screen and in motion those feelings went away.

    • pittrek

      Really? I loved the D from the moment I’ve seen it and I love it 30 years later

      • StuUK

        Love the D… The sets for it were cool as well. Love it all the more for there having been so much material published about it.
        Loved it enough to assemble an archive of around 4500 images of it!
        I even have a picture of it hanging in my playroom!!

    • jerr

      agreed. I didn’t like the D design when I first saw it either. It was SO different from TOS and the movies up to that point. It took a while for it to grow on me and fall in love with it.

      • Harry Kane

        But there was a significant time gap between them…. These ships are too advanced

        • jerr

          I mean real time between the last movie and TNG. Of course TNG is farther in the future…lol

    • DC Forever

      The D has not grown on me. Still looks awful.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Your loss is out gain.

    • TIG1701

      I loved it the second I saw it because it was so different. A new era of Trek was beginning!

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I always saw D as a cruise ship which makes sort of sense since families could live on board.

  • hellion

    i would love to hear andrew probert’s or john eaves’s take on the new ship.

    • David Lund

      John Eaves is designing all the ships from what I understand so will undoubtedly have developed the Discovery from the 1970s design. Shenzhou looks very much like his design style

  • startrekker1701

    Looks like they didn’t spend that time on the ship – still pretty fugly 🙁

    • Leopold Nienhaus

      It’s a matter of taste. I like the rougher, more rectagonal design. Though the most beautiful ship in all of Star Trek for me is still the TOS movie era USS Enterprise (and Enterprise A).
      I think this ship looks decent. It’s a bit overdone like Enterprise E, but overall ok.

      • Snap

        It looks decent from a top view, but the real question is how the “beauty shots” will look. One of my (admittedly subjective) taste objections to the ship from this view is that the saucer looks too small in proportion with the rest of the ship.

        I also agree on the real Constitution class being the best looking ship Star Trek has produced.

        • TUP

          I hope they take the time to give us a beautiful fly by ala TMP (I know they wont devote 12 minutes or whatever it was, but something similar to TMP would be great!)

    • I’m quickly warming up to it, especially with the new design. I’ve always preferred the more functional look of ships like the Stargazer.

      I’m really beginning to think that the Discovery and Shenzou are part of a shadow Starfleet organization, not necessarily nefarious, just with a slightly different mission.

  • David Lund

    Any thoughts on those secondary hull markings on the Discovery? Very unlike starfleet – all those early rumours of a fed-Klingon design mashup seem unlikely, but those markings do look a bit Klingon to me. Can’t wait to find out.

    • Leopold Nienhaus

      Looks like some sort of camouflage. Makes the ship harder to spot in space? Like I said, Discovery might be on some black op or even rogue.

    • Kahmore

      To my eyes, the detail from the Space shot is a stylized D9 heavy cruiser modified to hold the saucer section in an extended spindle. Given the look of the ship and the heavy Klingon presence in the cast the speculation “could” be: Sarcophagus Klingons come out of long hybernation, perhaps bringing back Kahless, and they are threatening not just the current Klingon Empire but the Federation as well. The “enemies” come together to fight a more threatening enemy, etc. etc. etc. and cobble together the Discovery melding the two disparate technologies. It will be interesting to see how close this is to the actual plot.

      • TUP

        You could be onto something. Although it would be weird for them to stitch together a Klingon ship and a Federation ship. If you had two nations co-operating on a build, it wouldnt just be two halves sown together.

        It could be a Klingon build based on Federation tech (or the other way around) as part of a co-op mission.

        It was said that Balance of Terror was a touchstone for the series, right? What we know was happening at that time was the Klingons and Romulans sharing technology (to explain why they used the same ships and cloak on a budget).

        Perhaps as nasty as the Klingons are, they were willing to make the same arrangement with the Federation (or the Romulans do with the purpose of investigating these ancient Klingons).

        Perhaps its called “Discovery” as a cover. Its cover mission is peaceful deep space exploration but in reality it has a secret mission. Or the Shenzhou is attacked and destroyed and the previously brand new deep space peace going vessel is re-purposed to go after the culprits…?

        Loking forward to finally learning!

  • Leopold Nienhaus

    My theory is that the Discovery is on a rogue-ish deep space mission. Maybe even rumored destroyed, but actually doing some shady stuff out on the rim that has something to do with the Sarcophagus Ship. And the Shenzhou lands right in the mittle of it and will probably get destroyed during the pilot with most of the crew going on board the Discovery and then having to serve there. And Michael Burnham (really weird name… pushing the SJW card a bit, I feel) becomes first officer and gradually finds out what Discovery’s mission is about.
    COuld have something to do with Section 31 and might be revealed either during or shortly before the season finale.
    Well…. I’m really curious and a cautiously excited…

    • Locutus

      I have a feeling that more than a few daughters with Trekkie moms and dads are going to be named Michael.

      • Tone

        Yep, one way to make your little girl stand out and probably be bullied most of her school life. I wish parents would actually think what implications of naming their child with “edgy” or “fashionable” (at the time) names can bring, not on them necessarily, but on the child that has to live with it.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      “My theory is that the Discovery is on a rogue-ish deep space mission.” My theory is that even Mayweather took one look at the ship and said “no thanks”. Ha, ha!

  • Weyoun 5

    Great sufferin’ sawfish!!! Ken Adam’s Motion Picture Enterprise Design is back. Interesting!

    • Locutus

      I thought it was a Ralph McQuarrie design.

      • Weyoun 5

        Yeah right! Forgot him. McQuarrie started it and Adam refined it.

  • jerr

    “…then have five percent something you bought at a store”. I don’t know.. making something look good for less is more artistic then just throwing money at it. Some obscure director from TWOK said the same thing in the commentary. 😉

    • Locutus

      It’s a little ironic since the Original Series was notorious for retooling found or store bought items into props. Salt shakers became medical scanners. Dinner place mats became soldier uniforms. It was all quite clever and unrecognizable when done right.

      • Simon

        Yeah, but that stuff doesn’t fly anymore. You don’t remember people complaining about the “barcode scanners” on the Kelvinverse Enterprise bridge?

        • Locutus

          Yeah, of course you are right. General audiences expect a lot more than they did in the 60s, that’s for sure! Can’t say I blame them, but fundamentally whether the show has legs will depend on the storytelling, not the props. They have an interesting mix of writers, so I am pretty optimistic.

    • Simon

      Well that same guy insisted on adding buttons & sliders and blinky lights to existing sets & props for both II and VI (even thought the 1701-A was supposed to use Okudagram touch panels). And that guy is on the DISCOVERY team. 😉

      • jerr

        I know that… I was being funny. He still spent way less money and made a much better movie compared to the first one. To bad his tired and true approach is not being used on this project. Perhaps it will work out for the best?

        • archer923

          Because he had access to already done props. Myers wouldn’t of saved money, if the team had to build the bridge from scratch, like TMP. He improved stuff yes. But he had freebies to allow him to focus on that.

          • jerr

            what prop from TMP made it to TWOK? I thought everything from the uniforms to phasers, tricorders, and communicators were different. And I’m not sure that one set was were he save all that money. 😉

  • M33

    From the EW article about Michael Burnham:

    “deliberately a man’s name”

    Remember back when I said this was being done intentionally as a political point?
    Many said there was no way to know for sure.
    Now we know.

    Let’s see if they are “bold” enough to name a male character “Tiffany”.
    Why is it that women get stuck with the burden of carrying a male name but not the other way around?
    Let’s be really about equality here instead of playing it safe.

    • TUP

      I don;t know. I’ve known men with traditionally female names. Michael is actually more unusual to me as its very traditionally a man’s name despite some well known actors to the contrary.

      I wonder if the character ends up raised on Vulcan from a very early age and they choose the name, either for some reason or simply as a result of not understanding or caring about the difference. Perhaps her father was named Michael and Sarek or whomever name her after him for some reason.

    • Snap

      But it wouldn’t be the first time for a main character of a show, as Stargate had a male character whose name was “Meredith” (though he did go by his middle name “Rodney”).

      • M33

        The name he went by is far more telling than the name he was given at birth. Probably had equalist parents, and you saw how much a child growing up with a feminine name hated having to deal with that stigma, which is why he chose his middle name.
        In a way, it proves unisexing gendered names does not work very well.

    • Tone

      Personally I wish it was not necessary to deliberately name a woman with a mans name, or a man with a woman’s name, just to underline their sexual preferences.

      Your parents name you when you are born, so are you saying that just because your parents give their baby girl a mans name, she will grow up to be a lesbian?

      So you name your baby son Tiffany, will he then grow up to be gay?

      I Can’t stand this type of thinking.

      • M33

        I was being facetious on the “equality” naming. I just find the whole forcing the issue to be 2-dimesionally transparent and 1-dimensional thinking.
        And I agree, a name isn’t going to make you gay or straight (and why the hell should it matter anyway?).
        Being molested or abused as a child… that often can cause someone’s mind to create coping mechanisms, though it is not the only reason for it. There are many, but I know personally that this one has affected many in the community.

        • Tone

          Yeah, totally get you. Totally in agreement with both of your posts.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Bill Potts in Doctor Who.

      • M33

        Still sexist forcing women characters to carry men’s names and not equally the other way round.
        Again, name a male character with an obviously female name like “Tiffany” or “Jennifer” and then see if they will carry it with pride. Don’t think so. Like McKay from SG-A, they will hide it, shorten it, or use a different name altogether. Like the guy who was in real life named “Loser”, shortened his name to “Lou”.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          It doesn’t really matter whether women have men’s name or vice versa. I mean it’s more plausible in a film or TV for a man to have a man’s name and so forth, that’s what they should do. Not a big issue what they call them unless they make a big deal of it. Casting a female into the role of a Michael and then not changing the name just sounds silly. Like casting a white guy in the role of someone called Gunpei Lee.

  • Someone needs to “leak” a sideview of the new, improved Discovery.

  • Fiery Little One

    I suppose that makes sense.

  • The USS Discovery is just ugly. How could they greenlight such an awful atrocious design. Hope it will eventually grow on me… Looks like the drawing of a child that was turned into a render. The USS Shenzou on the other hand looks amazing.

  • Harry Kane

    So who is designing the look? Discovery cannot be bigger than the Connie (NON REFIT VERSION)

    • Reign1701A

      Why not? When was it ever established that the Constitution class was the BIGGEST ship class in the fleet?

      • TUP

        That’s true. In fact, one would think there likely were larger ships including carriers of some kind, transport ships etc.

        Also the kelvin looked pretty darn big though I dont know how big it was.

        The Enterprise was the Flagship though. Even during the films it was considered an intimidating vessel (per the Admiral in VI) although he referenced “The Enterprise with James Kirk in command” so the power and intimidation aspect of the ship could come hand in hand with Kirk being Captain.

        I would, if it were me, go smaller than the original for the sake of *some* continuity. But then again, as others have pointed out, if the Discovery is a new ship, its newer than the Enterprise. But for whatever reason the Enterprise was the Flagship regardless of the size or technology on other ships. So somehow maintaining that would be nice.

        I have a feeling the Discovery might be some sort of experimental or black ops ship. Although its name lends itself to a ship designed for deep space exploration more so than a military purpose.

    • Cap’n

      Then it should clearly look more like the refit connie than anything else.
      just doesn’t fit, and people ain’t gonna like it or understand how the
      hell it is supposed to tie in to the Trek they love and quite frankly
      will be unbelievable. If there’s one thing you should never, ever do
      with Star Trek it’s rewrite it’s history and essentially take away what
      fans have grown to love and be a part of over the years.
      Mindless vandlism of the franchise in action here folks.

  • Andreas

    Nope, I don’t like the design of the Discovery at all.
    Would have been much better if they had used a sort of TOS refit Miranda-class:

    • Tone

      Well, they are saying that the Discovery is a totally new ship, much more modern than the already modern out of (TOS) place, JJ looking Chinese named ship, that I cannot spell right now.

      • Cap’n

        Then it should clearly look more like the refit connie than anything else.
        It just doesn’t fit, and people ain’t gonna like it or understand how the hell it is supposed to tie in to the Trek they love and quite frankly will be unbelievable. If there’s one thing you should never, ever do with Star Trek it’s rewrite it’s history and essentially take away what fans have grown to love and be a part of over the years.

    • Pedro Ferreira


  • TIG1701

    Man that ship still looks ugly as shit. Why can’t they get the guys who designed Voyager or the Enterprise E to design these ships?

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Well they’re considered ‘old guard’ so no longer hip enough to work in TV.

  • Cap’n

    That ship design has no place in Stafleet up to the point of Voy. If they had made it less geometric and set it 100 years after TNG then maybe, but I can’t help but feel this is the kelvin flop in TV form, and of course it was conceived before Beyond was a flop and, so far as we currently know, has ended the movie franchise in to a trilogy.

    I really don’t think anyone other than TOS fanboys and some casual viewers will get in to STD, and even then it’s a big ask to have casual viewers not torrent it due to the paywall.

    This will either make or break the franchise for good, and I fear it will be the latter, no matter how much money and writing they pour in to it. If it doesn’t line up with what’s already been established over 50 years, it will be rejected. Just as the movie trilogy is dead in the water.

    The running theme of course is bringing on board people who want to change things just to put their mark on the history of the franchise. Well we all know how that worked out in Enterprise too. Why oh why can’t these people see the mess they are making, and refuse to accept it until it’s too late? It then gets mothballed for a decade and the cycle repeats until there is no one alive who actually watched pre-enterprise TV and movies.

    You can do a lot of things with star trek, it’s an almost unlimited universe and unlimited future. Why oh why are we continually being beaten upside our faces with TOS prequels and reboots? I’m sick of it. I had no interest in TOS in the first place, but all this continual regurgitation of it has made me come to actually hate it with a passion now.

    I’m sure the TOS fanboys are all delighted, but unless there’s a few tens of million of you fronting up the cash in every marketplace, it ain’t gonna last kids.

    • TUP

      Have you seen every star fleet vessel ever created? Clearly not since this one seemingly exists.

  • Bill Smith

    Delay? It takes time to meld Klingon and Federation technology into one ship. 🙂 oops…. SPOILER

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I don’t see the improvement in the ship design.

  • Dan King

    This is one ugly ship.