With multiple replica variants included with Star Trek Beyond‘s Blu-ray release last fall, and this Spring’s Eaglemoss special release for the Official Star Trek Starships Collection, it sure seems like the USS Franklin is the Starfleet ship of the year.

Now, almost a year after plans for its release were first revealed, we’ve got the first hands-on look at the newest release, Hallmark’s USS Franklin Keepsake Ornament!

Measuring about 5.5″ long and crafted by artist Jake Angell, this first entry in Hallmark’s 2017 collection replicates the Star Trek Beyond starship in one of the more screen-accurate renditions, the first to hit stores with built-in nacelle and bridge lighting as seen in last year’s film.

Powered by three tiny watch batteries (included with purchase), the integrated lighting makes the ship’s warp engines glow a fiery orange in both the forward and aft nacelle caps, which illuminates the entire ship in low-light settings.

The internal lighting is activated by a small button on the top of the bridge dome, which keeps the ship lit up for approximately fifteen seconds.

While the ship doesn’t play any audio or music clips like some previous Hallmark releases – sorry, no “Sabotage” soundtrack included – the warm glow of the nacelle and bridge lighting gives the ship a real life that will certainly enhance however you choose to display it.

While the paint detailing on Hallmark’s Franklin isn’t quite as detailed as the Eaglemoss edition (which, to be fair, is almost twice as large), this ornament does have the orange detailing around the hull and nacelles missing from Eaglemoss’ special edition, which makes it a bit more screen-accurate.

Here’s some more views of the detail on Hallmark’s USS Franklin:

We know a lot of you are annual collectors of Hallmark’s Star Trek ornaments, some going back to the first USS Enterprise release in 1991 – and in our books, the Franklin ornament is another great release in the decades-long tradition of holiday ornaments.

The Hallmark USS Franklin Keepsake Ornament goes on sale at Hallmark.com and at Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide July 15.

Note: The display stand seen in our photos is for illustrative purposes only and is not produced by Hallmark and is not included with this ornament. It can be purchased separately at Amazon.

  • Looks cool. Odd that the smaller Hallmark ship is closer to matching the look of the on-screen version than the Eaglemoss. Perhaps CBS/Paramount should expand the deal with Hallmark to make larger, non-ornament ships. If I recall from a previous article, the Eaglemoss version was a bit of a rush job, wasn’t it?

    • That image (and the one on the Hallmark box) is a digital render first released in 2016. What we have is the final version, hitting stores in two weeks.

      • Got it, thanks. It looks like they opted to not use black detailing on the final model.

  • Fiery Little One

    … Yep, this one’s a buy for me.

  • Dan King

    The Eaglemoss version has lots of mistakes, this one lolls far better.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    The more I see of the Franklin, the more I commend JJ and company for doing such a better job on an developing and older ship that preceded the U.S.S. Enterprise in comparison to the epic fail by Rick Berman and company with the NX-01 starship.

    • Dan King

      I have to disagree. The NX class had a physical grappling hook. It had no shields at all. That’s not early TNG technology.

      Then there is the fact the ship was human designed, and when the federation was founded and other races started to contribute to the ships, the looks changed. They started to move towards the TOS look we are familiar with. The Starfleet went back to the early NX type design style starting with the Galaxy class. An descendant of Captain Archer even helped design it.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        “An descendant of Captain Archer even helped design it”

        Of course we all realized that each model was designed by different eras of studio production teams (e.g. Jeffries, Probert, Probert again, Drexler). The history is fiction that is was added later to canon.

        I always go back to the STAR TREK SPACEFLIGHT CHRONOLOGY (1980) by the two Goldesteins and Sternbach, which provided the key predecessor starships, including visual depictions and technical information on the predecessor starships to TOS and TMP Enterprises. This to me was near canon, in that the predecessor Enterprises were actually featured as models in a scene in TMP.

        And the predecessor designs shown in the Chronology book show the evolutionary design of starships up to TOS Enterprise, and those ships clearly show the much cleaner and elegant designs that holistically lead to TOS Enterprise.

        To this day, I still can’t, for the life of me, understand why Berman and company ignored this iconic design book and TMP models and instead re-invented what I think is a hideous looking, forgettable design. But then again, he killed off Kirk on a “scaffolding accident,” so it’s not like he ever showed much of a respect for Star Trek history.

        In contrast, as was shown in a Trekcore article last year, the Discovery kind of nicely re-invents one of the predecessor starship designs from the Chronology!

        • DC Forever

          I remember seeing the NX-01 for the first time in a magazine prior to Enterprise, as was thinking, oh no, this is the best they could do? Drexler is way over-hyped. They should have brought Andy P. back for Enterprise – Drexler was likely much less expensive I guess.

          • I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but Drexler hadn’t been in the make-up department since the beginning of DS9.

  • Karl

    I wonder who it’s intended market is

    • Dan King

      The Kelvin movie fans with low IQ who want lens flares

  • Cabo 5150

    To the moderators at TrekCore:

    I’m sure you’ll delete this comment and erase my existence from your site – that’s up to you.

    But after closing the comments on a previous thread where I feel another poster had pretty much trolled and insulted me despite my best efforts to remain civil – you have essentially denied me the right of a fair reply and left me feeling angry and frustrated.

    I’m sure the individual at hand will see your actions as a personal “victory”. His comments to me are allowed to stand and I have to just accept it and move on.

    IMHO, this is not equitable or unbiased moderating. I have complied to all your directives and recommendations whilst doing my level best to constructively add to the discussions here. I can’t believe you’ve done this to me quite frankly. Perhaps you have an issue with my opinions or my style, but I’ll save you the trouble of blocking me because I am done with this site.

    Although I’m actually feeling quite upset about this, I’ll nevertheless take this opportunity to wish you well – and I hope the posters you do allow to comment with impunity here align more with your personal “vision”.

    • Dan King

      They probably closed it because you kept feeding the troll for no reason.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Of course you did not, with all of your trolling cartoons you put up for Pedro?

        Whoops! 😉

        • DC Forever

          Wow, Dan put that softball right over the plate!

          • Dan King

            Real men play hardball

        • Dan King

          I hope he choked on them

      • DC Forever

        Ah, what about all of your “troll cartoons” that you posted in those exchanges?

        • Dan King

          I was not feeding the troll, I was trying to inform people he was a troll.

    • That thread was closed because it devolved in to yet another back-and-forth spat between multiple posters throwing out personal insults and accusing each other of trolling.

      We apologize if you took it as a personal affront – but please understand there were *dozens* of posts after your most recent one in that “conversation” that devolved it well past the point of becoming a productive conversation.

      We have no intention of removing your above post. The only comment removals that have occurred in recent weeks have been from previously-banned members continuing the actions which resulted in their exit from our comment boards (and some reply posts, as previously explained, occasionally follow when that occurs).

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      • Dan King

        Discovery has evoked passionate feelings from the fan base to say the least. It better deliver or you can imagine what a nightmare the comments will become 🙁

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          Oh, you can bet the small handful of people who have already predetermined that it’s going to suck will be posting negative like crazy even if Discovery is great. They’d troll on the Bambi movie. 🙂

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Don’t stress over that Pedro dude — his moronic trolling statements speak as to what kind of person he is — don’t let such a clown ruin your day.