Continuing the roll-out of Star Trek: Discovery prop imagery that started with uniform insignias and communicators on Monday, CBS today revealed new looks at both the series’ Starfleet phaser sidearms as well as high-powered phaser rifles!

While Captain Pike and crew were armed with hand lasers in “The Cage,” these new had phaser and phaser rifle designs resemble both main-series TOS phaser pistols, and the phaser rifle bears some resemblance to the particle rifle used by Enterprise-era MACO soldiers.

A TOS-era hand phaser, and an ENT-era particle rifle.

The front aperture of each weapon, however, does give a nod to the “Cage”-era weapons, with the three emitter ports at the front of each barrel.

‘Discovery’ weapons vs. “The Cage” hand laser.

Both, of course, seem to bear no resemblance to Captain Kirk’s phaser rifle, seen only in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

Let’s see what additional props might be revealed tomorrow!

  • Quonk

    Note that, while the phaser rifle certainly bears a very strong resemblence to the MACO-rifle (like the hood above the nozzle that resembles the MACO-rifle’s topside covering and the general somewhat bulky but compact design), I think it also hints at the ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’-rifle’s design in that those cylinders with the grilles, that stick out slightly at the sides of the rifle, are somewhat reminiscent of the copper “coils” of the WNMHGB-rifle.

    • M33

      “And they probably redesigned the whole sickbay too! I know engineers. They love to change things.”
      – Leonard McCoy, 2270s (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

      • Quonk

        And as with the changes made to the Big E during her refit, I for one applaud those changes.

        • M33

          Yeah, the TMP refit was pretty amazing, with a lasting impact.
          Except the uniforms.
          Thankfully they changed those in TWOK!

  • M33

    Now THAT’s more like it!!

    A beautiful cross between Kelvin-era and Pike-Era!

    • M33

      Now the real question:

      Are they:
      A) Phase pistols? (per “Enterprise” lingo)
      B) Laser pistols? (per “The Cage” lingo)
      C) Phasers? (disregarding “The Cage” lingo)
      D) Some other newfangled name?

      Bets, anyone?
      Accepting gold-pressed latinum and quatloos. Federation credit not accepted.

      • Quonk

        They’re PHLASERS.

      • prometheus59650

        My money goes to “phaser.”

      • TUP

        Someone pointed out that the term “laser” in The Cage was really a mistake. Gene was advised against using the term, used it anyway and realised he was wrong by the time they filmed the second pllot.

        So we have to accept “laser” as an error that never happened.

        These are phasers.

        The Kelvin used phasers and that was about 20 years before Discovery.

        • M33

          An easy in-canon fix:
          Pike’s ship was using a new experimental type of laser weapon supposed to be better than phasers.
          Obviously, like the test lithium drive in early TOS, didn’t work out.

  • prometheus59650

    Those are sexeh.

  • drew

    Now we’re talkin’!

  • The Chadwick

    “Both, of course, seem to bear no resemblance to Captain Kirk’s phaser rifle, seen only in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

    Of course not. Let’s not be absurd, the TOS rifle looks ridiculous, retro and awesome in its own right but absurd nonetheless. These new weapons look real, practical, functional and just so awesome.

    • Quonk

      Well it does have the grilled cylindrical parts which are sorta reminiscent of the TOS-rifle’s coil thingies.

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    • Eric

      Totally agree with you.

    • Karl

      lol you TOS nerds and your latest TOS moneyspend

    • Simon

      Agreed. THE CAGE laser rifle is straight out of the sci-fi “ray gun” look of the 1950s-60s.

  • Tuskin38

    There is one piece of resemblance to the TOS Rifle, it still has a ‘coil’ or what ever those 3 orange tubes are.

  • M33

    As an owner of an AR, I love that the rifle has the attachment notches just like our contemporaries. Makes it more versatile than the ENT fixed-function models.
    Nice touch.

    • Quonk

      Good eye! I didn’t realize it at first but it does indeed have something resembling a Picatinny rail mounted on top… interesting bit of realism – but then this seems a bit low-tech for Star Trek, wouldn’t you say?

      • M33

        A wheel doesn’t change its shape because it is a design that is timeless.
        I think the rail would be the same thing.

        • Quonk

          Well that’s just what I’m not so sure about. Of course, the Picatinny rail has now been in use since what? – 20 years (with its predecessor, the Weaver system, dating back to, uh… quite a bit earlier)? – And has so far proven to be the most viable concept of that kind (which is mostly a question of standardization though).

          But what’s science fiction if not the joy of extrapolation? And extrapolating on mounting platforms for guns is not delving too far into the realm of fantasy if you ask me.

  • Dan King

    Terrible. Too flashy for 10 years before Kirk. They look like post Voyager weapons.

    • DC Forever

      It’s getting old Dan. It’s like you just cut and paste this every night.

      Also, instead of the rapid fire one sentence posts on essentially the same topic, why not just put them together in a paragraph?

      Unless of course, you like all of the attention?

    • Eric Cheung

      They look a lot closer to TOS phasers than the Kelvin-timeline phasers did.

      Aside from the Cage-style barrel, they basically look exactly like TOS phasers, but with different covering. From the angles we’ve seen, the Type I phaser looks identical.

      I’m not sure how much closer you could possibly expect it to look. I could understand not liking other design elements from the show, but this is by far the closest any design for the show has come to looking like TOS or The Cage.

      • Snap

        Definitely. It could also be argued that these are a step between the Cage lasers and the TOS phasers and the look would eventually come to even more closely resemble them with further refinements. I’ll make no bones about my criticism about what we’ve seen of the Klingons, but the props are definitely looking sweet and evoking a TOS flavour with a modern touch.

    • TUP

      I think you have to accept that the TOS look, especially the cheap props, are gone. These are the new look of the TOS era.

      • Dan King

        The worst part is we won’t see any new technology. This is in the distant past. Post-Voager would have been perfect so the writers could invent new techs.

        • TUP

          I disagree. If you look at Voyager, it became so bogged down in technobabble. I dont even know if they had a science advisor on the show but it didnt seem like it. And certainly didnt have writers who were committed to creativity and research.

          They’d get into trouble via technobabble and get out of trouble via technobabble.

          Probably the most reasonable use of advanced tech was transwarp which was first discussed in The Search for Spock and used for the Borg. Voyager’s quest to use it themselves made sense. But that was previously invented tech.

          When you get too far into the future, it becomes fantasy. You’d be looking at new tech that is superior to replicators, holodecks, hologram officers, transwarp etc. So you get to the point where you dont need officers, you dont need crews, you dont need food, you dont need spaceships (consider the much-criticized transporter that Khan used in STID).

          Im not saying its impossible but I think you lose an aspect of the human struggle and condition when you get into crazy and wondrous technology.

          In TOS, things like transporters, robots, warp flight, food delivery systems etc, were all wondrous hypothesis of the future. But really, in many cases practical and in many cases, we achieved those advances.

          But to me, thats the cool thing about Star Trek. Its us extrapolated into the future. It should always be about the person, not the tech.

          • Snap

            Yeah, Treknobabble became something of an epidemic by that point. What made it funny is one of the Trek books, maybe it was the Nitpicker’s Guide, had a technobabble generator where it had three columns of words which you would mix and match to create your own authentic sounding babble.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle


          • TIG1701

            How is that different from the JJ verse movies though? Didn’t they have self transporters that can transport you from Earth to Quonos? They didn’t even have that technology in the 24th century. Oh and magic blood.

            I think people are kidding themselves. End of the day its just the people writing the stories. And just because Starfleet don’t have holodecks in the 23rd century doesn’t mean other aliens won’t. Enterprise made that clear.

            Discovery already shown us full holographic technology TOS didn’t have. Trust me, this show like the JJ verse will be adding tons of things far advance from TOS. I think its funny people think other wise.

  • Dan King

    Kirk’s weapon was not Starfleet issue btw, it was his “special” creation

  • Dan King

    Xindi weapons confirmed

  • Thomas Elkins

    Neat I like them. I kind of wish they would bring the MACO Back to Star Trek. While I understand Gene Roddenberry’s idea of a peaceful Utopian future, I always thought the lack of a proper military was incredibly naive. Yes, Starfleet technically serves as a defense force, but when you’ve got Klingons and Romulans knocking on your door one day and Borg and Dominion the next day, you should really have something stronger than a small defensive fleet. I think that’s why DS9 was my favorite Star Trek, because it acknowledged that Humans were united and Earth was a paradise, but then it asked you how far you’d be willing to go to protect that paradise.

    The reintroduction of MACO would probably be controversial, since many agree with the anti-military world Gene tried to establish later in life, but I think there is still room for MACO to exist. The extended edition of Star Trek VI, (which I grew up with on VHS and was sad to find missing on the Blu-ray), did feature a Colonel West, so it’s possible he represented a MACO like Army. Either way, if they want to make Starfleet look slightly more tactical than we’re used to I’m all for it.

  • pittrek

    Looks neat

  • Jamie

    Now we need to see the new Tricorders!

    • Quonk

      Yeah, I guess those might’ve been quite a challenge to the design team. I mean it’s obvious that they can’t make them look like a tape recorder with a little readout on top (I’m sure I’m not the only one who liked to pretend his tape recorder was a tricorder as a child) and so far the only glimpse we had of a DSC-tricorder only revealed that they look bulkier than both, the Kelvinverse ones (which featured in one singular scene of ST09, if memory serves) and the ENT ones. I’d guess they’re going to look a bit like those featured in STIII – at least that’s the vibe I got from that one image.
      The real problem here is that we’re actually at a point where you can almost cram the necessary tech to build something akin to a real-world tricorder into one single small-scale device. So how far does one have to go to make something look more advanced than what’s already out there?
      Yeah, of course today’s technology doesn’t quite allow us to scan for lifesigns or crucial biological data in a reliable manner. Also stuff like obtaining mineralogical data or doing a spectral analysis still requires some actual probing and can’t just be done at a safe distance using a handheld device. But what else have we seen tricorders do? – Recording and playing back audiovisual data? – No biggie. Gathering meteorological data? – Very simple as well. Displaying topographical and other geographical data? – Primitive. Sending data to and obtaining data from a mainframe computer? – Well, please… A Geiger counter can fit right in your pocket, equipment for scanning for electromagnetic fields can be bought at every hardware store, visualizing the infrared, ultraviolet and several other spectra is absolutely no problem…

      I think the wisest path they can choose here – and that’s obviously just my opinion – would be sticking to a design that makes sense from an in-universe perspective and instead just show off more of what a tricorder is capable of.

      N.B.: Of course there have been several projects to construct a real-life equivalent to a tricorder like the one pictured below. A lot of those projects have failed to secure the necessary funding (mostly because there’s no real demand for a universal scanning device in most scientific fields) but still: The technology is there

      • Quonk

        So this was just released.
        <a href=";
        Another tiny glimpse of the tricorder. Does indeed look like a cross between the TOS- and STIII-designs.

        • Karl

          Cool! All you need now is the support of the millions of star trek fans who don’t frequent this site, have gotten sick to the back teeth with TOS origin and prequel vomit, to roll over and pay a monthly fee to view your 2017 take on your 1960’s tv show they couldn’t care less about!

  • germanlion

    I’ve always loved the MACO rifles.

  • GIBBS v2

    The Prop Department is killing this stuff! Great work!

  • I may be crazy, but it looks like Phaser II slides into a device to create Phaser III, the rifle. (Wasn’t that the idea behind the TOS weapons?)

  • Fiery Little One


  • Snap

    Those look pretty sweet. If you zoom in on the recent poster featuring the Discovery, the Bussard collectors also resemble the three emitters on the phasers, just with the larger one on top and the two smaller ones below.

  • Vger64

    I am so really looking forward to this new Star Trek series!!

  • Karl
  • Dan King

    A disaster. Not happy at all.

  • BatesHotel

    Behold, the spectacle of Trek weaponry. Gene is rolling in his grave.

  • Zarm

    That’s not bad as a transition from the laser pistol to the TOS type-II. Once again, it is in prop-design that Discovery seems to be paying the proper homage to the established time period.

  • TIG1701

    Johnathan Frakes threw a full pic of the new phaser on twitter.

    It looks pretty cool. I wonder will Frakes be on the Discovery panel? Probably not but you never know.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    They still look like the electric razors of Enterprise. In all not terrible but nothing special.