Continuing the roll-out of Star Trek: Discovery prop imagery that started with uniform insignias and communicators on Monday, CBS today revealed new looks at both the series’ Starfleet phaser sidearms as well as high-powered phaser rifles!

While Captain Pike and crew were armed with hand lasers in “The Cage,” these new had phaser and phaser rifle designs resemble both main-series TOS phaser pistols, and the phaser rifle bears some resemblance to the particle rifle used by Enterprise-era MACO soldiers.

A TOS-era hand phaser, and an ENT-era particle rifle.

The front aperture of each weapon, however, does give a nod to the “Cage”-era weapons, with the three emitter ports at the front of each barrel.

‘Discovery’ weapons vs. “The Cage” hand laser.

Both, of course, seem to bear no resemblance to Captain Kirk’s phaser rifle, seen only in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

Let’s see what additional props might be revealed tomorrow!