As we first revealed back in early June, this fall will see two Star Trek Kevlin Timeline artistry books hit store shelves — with Titan Books releasing first Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow on October 3rd, as author Joe Nazarro digs into the Oscar-nominated, breathtaking creature design that went into the most recent Trek film.

With the release of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ in 2016, viewers were given a spectacular visual treat as a whole host of new aliens made their appearance for the first time in the rebooted franchise.

At the heart of the process of bringing these breathtaking intergalactic species to life was Academy Award-winning make-up artist Joel Harlow. Together with his team of amazingly talented creatives, Harlow set to work on creating aliens from over 50 different races for the film and documented the entire creative process for each one in exhaustive detail, from preliminary sketches to final make-up application.

‘Star Trek Beyond – The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow’ presents the extraordinary work done by Harlow and his crew. Featuring fascinating pencil sketches, stunning concept art and beautiful photography, this visually arresting book gives fans a unique in-depth look into the remarkable work that went into this immensely popular movie.

After several weeks of curiosity, Titan has released the first set of preview pages for the upcoming hardcover, looking at just a few of the epic designs that Harlow and his team somehow found a way to translate from sketch to screen.

Transforming Sofia Boutella into Jaylah. (Titan Books)
Idris Elba in one of Krall’s many looks. (Titan Books)
Actor Danny Pudi goes from human to alien – the scavenger Fi’Ja. (Titan Books)
The featured Natalia, played by Ashley Edner. (Titan Books)

We’ll bring you preview details of the second art book, November’s The Art of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline, as soon as more information is released from Titan Books.

In the meantime, you can lock in your preorders for these sure-to-be-fascinating releases below!

Star Trek:
The Art of the Film

Star Trek Beyond:
The Makeup of Joel Harlow

The Art of Star Trek:
The Kelvin Timeline

  • DC Forever

    Only Star Trek creative team member to ever win an academy award. Nuff said!

  • Dan King

    Too bad his talents were wasted in a movie that bombed badly and killed the Kelvin universe.

    • Robert Anthony

      Everyone understands your disdain for the Kelvin movies. (Loud and clear.)

      • DC Forever

        Yea, like every day now with multiple faux humorous “tweets” of his. lol

  • Guest

    I seriously think the Kelvin Timeline was already a parallel universe before the Romulans arrived. How else do you explain Pike’s age difference?

    I also hate how the Vulcans of the first six movies and the Kelvin Timeline films look like caucasians with pointed ears. Look at the skin tones of the Westmore Vulcans/Romulans/Mintakans. That’s how green-blooded humanoids’ skin should look.

  • dixonium

    It’s an absolute crime that this film did not win the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

  • October_1985

    Completely robbed at the Oscars. Harlow work is superb!!