STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’s Anthony Rapp on Fan Passions and Social Media


Comic-Con may be over, but our Star Trek: Discovery coverage continues today with another interview with new cast-member Anthony Rapp, who takes on the role of Starfleet scientist Lietuenant Paul Stamets in the upcoming series!

TrekCore contributor Sam Darragh of the Trekkie Girls was our roving reporter at Saturday’s press junket, and she connected with Rapp to chat about his character and his desire to connect with fans via Twitter and on other social media, and his understanding of fan passions ahead of the new series.

TREKCORE: You seem very engaged with fans on social media, which we’re all very grateful for. You seem genuinely proud to be part of the ‘Star Trek’ universe. How much does that mean to you?

RAPP: It means the world to me. I feel like this experience is all ‘bonus round’ experience, because I had a genuinely peak experience in my mid-20’s when I got to be a part of [the original Broadway cast of] “Rent” — and that was in the early days of the internet. I was, uh, I met people through AOL chat room and message boards!

You know, it would be a little harder to really participate in message boards these days. I wouldn’t be allowed to, because of any chance of spoilers or whatever, but I do visit them, and I’m so curious, always, about the opportunity as artists that we have to interact with our audience.

We are all human beings on this planet, and we are all passionate about things we’re passionate about. And as a fan myself of many things, I follow things on social media, so I’m really happy to — and honored that people are interested in interacting with me on Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that, and to get to share glimpses [of the show].

And we’re going to get to share more now, we’re going to be a little more public about some stuff.

TREKCORE: We look forward to it!

RAPP: It’s been really, really gratifying to get to see the enthusiasm, and even — I understand there’s skepticism, understandable, we get how passionate people are, and that they don’t want anything to be ruined, so they feel protective.

I get that. I fully know that that’s the case, and I pledge from my heart and soul that we are doing our very best to bring this, the most full life that it can be.

We’ve only gotten a brief glimpse of Rapp in Discovery so far, appearing in just a few frames of the Comic-Con trailer alongside Rekha Sharma’s Commander Landry, escaping in a shuttlecraft with Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman) and Commander Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).

While we know he’s an astromycologist – an expert in unearthly fungus – and that he works in the Discovery engineering section with Tilly, but past that our information of Lt. Stamets is limited… but that will soon change, when Star Trek: Discovery debuts September 24.

  • SpaceCadet

    Not sure what the study of fungus has to do with engineering unless it has something to do with the new way Discovery flies. But it just makes me even more curious to see the series when it finally appears! And I wonder if Rapp will get to show off his musical theater chops on the series? Maybe something his character can do in his off hours the way Beverly Crusher taught acting and tap dance lessons to her crewmates.

    • Eric Cheung

      Bio-neural gel packs?

      • Yup, that’s what first came to my mind. Bio neural gel packs. But, they’re probably way to early to be experimenting with post TNG technology. But you never know.

    • And Uhura sang in the rec room. 🙂

      • Mariadgentry

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  • David Lund

    Wonder if there’s a fungus connection with the events of Kodos the executioner. If this is indeed set in 2255 it’s about 8 years after alien fungus wiped out the food on Tarsus where a young Kirk survived…

    • Perhaps it’s a big fungus that mutated the Klingons and also explains their awful taste of ship design and clothing.

  • His character and his scientific work is one of the few aspects of Discovery that makes me want to watch Discovery.

  • Thierry Soucie

    I don’t know what he looks like on the actual show, but in these few frames, he looks like Trip from Enterprise and it’s really confusing! 😛

  • It must be pretty daunting to join the cast of Star Trek, knowing how passionate Trek fans can be. 🙂 I’m reminded of the story Zachary Quinto tells, of meeting Leonard Nimoy for the first time in an elevator at Comic Con, when they were about to announce his casting as the young Spock for the then-upcoming reboot movie. Quinto reports that Nimoy said to him, “Kid, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into!” 🙂

    It sounds like Mr. Rapp does have an idea of what he’s gotten himself into. I hope his character will be one we’ll love, and I hope he’ll enjoy the passionate nature of Trek fans. 🙂

  • Fiery Little One

    Why they are so specific about his field should be interesting.