For this year’s 35th anniversary of 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, movie theaters across the United States will be bringing the Trek classic back to the big screen in September across North America.

Nick Meyers’ extended directors’ cut of the second Star Trek film, remastered and re-edited to include some scenes not present in the standard theatrical release, will beam back to movie theaters on September 10.

The TWOK Director’s Cut Blu-ray, released in 2016.

No specific showtimes or locations which will be hosting the special screenings have been announced yet, but you can watch Fandango for local screenings near you.

  • September is Trek month.

  • Justin Olson

    Hell yeah! Here’s hoping it’s a 4K DCP, though I’d settle for 2K, since the high-speed film stock it was shot on back in 1982 wasn’t really anywhere near 4K. The last time I saw the movie in a theater was in 2010, an original 70mm print from 1982 that had gone magenta. It had the original title card without the II.

    Very cool, can’t wait for this!

  • DC Forever

    Why didn’t the do this for the 50th? Makes no sense, given they completed the remaster in Spring 2016?

    Proving once again that Paramount is in complete disarray.

    • They did screenings in 2016 at some conventions (New York Comic Con, Trek Mission: New York), others.

      • DC Forever

        Ah, OK. Thanks

  • Dan King

    This will pull bigger numbers than Discovery will

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    • Pedro Ferreira

      We can hope.

  • David Dennis

    130 minutes?! LOL, Yeah, I’d pay to see that. But no.

    • Dan King

      Kelvin universe fan identified.

      • Alex G

        And what does liking the Kelvin films have to do with that?

        • Dan King

          Low attention span must have lens flare

          • Alex G

            That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Justin Olson

      It says 2 hr 10 min on the AMC page for some odd reason. The Director’s cut is 116 minutes, so that may imply that some kind of 14 minute retrospective or featurette is going to play either before or after the movie.

      I hope that doesn’t also imply that it won’t be a proper 4K or 2K DCP shown on the cinema projector, but rather some sort of low bitrate, 1080p satellite feed shown on the advertising projector.

      Hopefully we’ll learn more as we get closer to September.

  • pittrek

    Why does only Khan get such a special treatment? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great movie, but it’s not like it’s the best movie. Or a fan favourite. Or the most profitable. Or anything else. I just don’t get it.

    • Sean Dailey

      I cannot tell if this is a bad attempt at sarcasm or not.

      • pittrek

        Why sarcasm? No, I was absolutely serious. If you ask most people what the best/their personal favourite Trek film, you will get mostly the 2009 movie, Star Trek 4 or First Contact or Khan. It was also definitely not the most profitable. The box office results were quite good compared to the budget, but overall it’s on the 7th place out of 13 movies

        • David Dennis

          When you only spend $14 million and you bring in $78 million in the USA –you DO end up with the most profitable Trek movie. Not the biggest box office haul — but clearly the biggest return on investment.

        • TUP


          I think WoK is considered by many to be the best Trek film. Its certainly the one that all the others wanted to be like.

    • ¡ zer0 !

      Today I learned that The Wrath of Khan isn’t a fan favourite.

      And which would you nominate for best trek movie ? If not this then what ?

      IMO Undiscovered Country hasn’t aged anywhere near as well.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Star Trek 6 is overrated as is First Contact. It’s easy to blast the odd numbered films but some of those movies are actually better than the even numbered ones.

    • It’s not MY favorite Trek movie — that would be The Voyage Home — and I prefer a whole lot of episodes* to ANY of the movies. But The Wrath of Khan IS widely considered to be both a fan favorite AND the best Trek movie.

      One only has to spend about five minutes in Trek fandom to hear this, and I know you’ve been here way longer than that, so I’m not sure how you could have missed this.

      * “Amok Time,” “Journey to Babel,” “The Devil in the Dark,” “Mirror, Mirror,” “The Enterprise Incident,” “The Naked Time,” “The Doomsday Machine,” and a whole bunch of others.

    • SpaceCadet

      It is considered both a fan favorite and is critically considered as best of the film series. Not only did it turn a healthy profit but it ensured the Trek film series would consider after TMP was considered a disappointment.

      • pittrek

        There is a difference between objective facts and subjective opinions.

        “It is considered both a fan favorite” – by who? You? I like it too, that doesn’t mean it’s a “fan favourite”. It is one of the fan favourites, together with ST4, First Contact and 2009.

        “critically considered as best of the film series” – no, it’s not. Ratings are very subjective, everybody has a different list, if we take a look at imdb or rottentomatoes, according to rottentomatoes it’s on number 3, if you check imdb it will be also number 3.

        “Not only did it turn a healthy profit” – sure. Basically all of the movies were profitable. Most of them were profitable in the box office, the others were profitable thanks to home video.

        ” TMP was considered a disappointment” – it was actually considered a huge hit, professional reviews were not very keen (to say it politely), but fans loved it (these days most of them for some reason don’t) and it made 139 million worldwide with a 35million budget (Khan made just 95.8 millions, but it had a lower budget)

        • SpaceCadet

          It seems like you’re arguing just to argue. No, TWOK is liked by more people than just you and me – it’s been a favorite of a majority of fans for as long as it’s been around. It’s pretty much common knowledge. TMP made a profit but it was also a big event because it was the first film and it was eagerly anticipated. And the budget was higher and production went over-budget which cut into its profits not to mention if it were better received it would have done even better.

          • Warren Colvett

            Just my .02 worth… TWOK is my favorite Trek film, my family thinks it’s the best of them, and so do most of my friends… Admittedly we are statistically insignificant, but just throwing it out there.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      It’s not my favourite Star trek movie but is a solid one.

  • Andrew Malcolm

    Hope someone in the UK picks up this idea.

  • 1Technologist

    WOK is my absolute favorite move and I am very excited for this. The remaster is amazing. Bravo.