Star Trek pin producer FanSets, who launched their first Star Trek: Discovery pins at the Las Vegas convention in early August, announced on social media this week that what started as a five-pin set is expected to expand at warp speed with almost two dozen more entries!

The company’s first Discovery releases include a pin featuring the series logo, as well as the USS Shenzhou, Starfleet officers Saru and Phillipa Georgiou, and Klingon leader T’Kuvma. In addition, a CBS All Access-themed Shenzhou variant has been produced by the company as a ThinkGeek exclusive.

On Tuesday, the company revealed they will be adding a whopping 19 more releases to their Discovery line.

With the six characters named above — Starfleet officers Stamets, Tilly, Lorca, and Culber; Ambassador Sarek; Klingon officer L’Rell — that leaves thirteen more pin designs yet to be revealed. Naturally we expect the USS Discovery, Michael Burnham, Harry Mudd, and Kol, but there’s still plenty of remaining slots to fill in that target number.

Lew Halboth from FanSets appeared on the TrekGeeks podcast earlier this month, where he confirmed a Burnham pin is on the way, and also detailed that while the company will be continuing to roll out Trek pins from across the franchise, they plan to heavily focus on Discovery for at least “the next eight months.”

We’ll bring you the latest news on this product line as soon as it breaks!

  • MattR

    Hopefully lots more ships in addition to the Shenzhou and Discovery.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    For the three character pins, they each look they are straining on the toilet to force out a #2.

    These are weird and disturbing looking. No thanks

    • Pedro Ferreira

      They do look a little hunched shall we say. I see what you mean.

  • pittrek

    So, they finally start to sell some merch? It’s a pity these are just these dumb pins, I hope they will get to things like Starship models and full figures

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      • pittrek

        Trekcore – is there no way how you can get rid of these spambots? They are really annoying!

        • Unfortunately it’s a Disqus issue. We’re as annoyed as you about it!

    • They have been selling plenty of DSC items so far: the FanSets pins, QMx’s insignia badge replicas, the new uniform-image T-shirts; books, calendars, and comics are on the way; McFarlane Toys will be doing phaser and character replicas; Eaglemoss will be doing starships, etc.

      • pittrek

        Thanks, the most “problematic” word for me is “will” 🙂 As a person who collects the Eaglemoss models I can’t wait 🙂

  • I do like the ship pins. I wish they made those in patches