We’ve now seen several small-scale versions of Star Trek Beyond’s hero ship – the USS Franklin – over the last year since the film hit theaters: from the plastic versions that arrived with Beyond‘s Blu-ray releases to Hallmark’s light-up ornament to Eaglemoss’ special edition model.

Now, the largest version yet of the Beyond vessel is on the way from Moebius Models, a massive 15.5-inch, 1:350-scale edition under development as a kit for collectors to purchase and assemble at home.

Moebius had their fresh-off-the-3D-printer prototype on display at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention for fans to take in, a still-in-development version which is due to be finalized in the coming months.

News on ordering and availability is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned for more Star Trek news out of Las Vegas in the coming days!

  • GIBBS v2

    Insta buy! I love this scale.

  • Mrplatitude

    That is an incredible amount of detail, very impressive.

    • Nowhereman10

      The detail is really brought out by the grey plastic that the prototype was made out of and you can see a lot due to the contrast created. One detail I see on the underside view is that the ship does have two little nav deflectors in a notch, not one great big dish. That’s neat and sets it apart since the ship in size is in that area between a runabout and a regular starship.

  • Daniel Broadway

    Already pre-ordered mine!

  • germanlion

    Diamond Select Toys should use this to make an electronic toy version of the Franklin.

    • Shadowknight1

      They can’t. Diamond Select Toys isn’t allowed to make models of any of the ships from the Kelvin Timeline films.

      • germanlion


  • Eric Cheung

    It looks very nice, and I love the scale. My only problem with it is that I wish the bussard collectors were clear plastic.

    I haven’t made Trek models since I was a kid. I kind of sucked at it. But maybe I should get back into it.

    • Lou Dalmaso

      The bussards will be clear. This is a 3d printed prototype

      • Eric Cheung

        Cool. I remember Jonathan Archer having opaque bussards on his model.

  • AfroCOONApe


  • dep1701

    And yet, still no North American licensed models of any of the JJ – Prise iterations. Interesting.