As we first learned back in June, Titan Books will be bringing Star Trek Kelvin Timeline movie fans a long-waited behind-the-scenes book focusing on the art and production design of the three most recent big-screen Trek adventures.

Debuting on last week, Titan has released the first preview pages of author Jeff Bond’s The Art of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline, now slated for release in December, as a large hardcover volume.

We’ll bring you more on this book as we near the December 5 release!

Star Trek:
The Art of the Film

Star Trek Beyond:
The Makeup of Joel Harlow

The Art of Star Trek:
The Kelvin Timeline
  • Barak Aslani

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    • The Science Fiction Oracle


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      • Barak Aslani

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        • The Science Fiction Oracle

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    Be interesting to see who was originally envisioned as Khan in the art pre-vis stuff (montalban? Benico Del Toro? Barhem?)

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  • James

    Looking forward to this.

  • mr joyce

    looks good, shame the movies werent totally what everyone wanted though. as for myself, i liked them, apart from ‘into darkness’, that was just ‘meh’..

  • DC Forever

    It would be great if they could do art books like this covering the other two Star Trek alternate timelines — the “Mirror Timeline” and the “NX01 Timeline”

    • Steve Jackson

      NX01 timeline is the prime timeline. Just because you didn’t like the show doesn’t mean it exists outside a timeline you like.

      • Eskay

        No, it’s an alternate timeline. The NX-01 never existed in the Prime timeline, plus the Klingons do not look at all like TOS Klingons. Plus the Vulcans behave very differently.

        Different timeline.