As we reported upon their Comic-Con debut, QMx has Star Trek: Discovery‘s license for the new split-delta Starfleet insignia badges, as seen in the new series — and while they’ve only been available to fans on-site at SDCC or Star Trek Las Vegas so far, the retailer has finally launched their online purchase portal for everyone to obtain!

Available in four designs to match the series — Command gold, Sciences silver, Operations bronze, and Medical silver — the badges are on sale now at a $14.95/each price point, and measure approximately 1.5″ x 2.6″, matching the on-screen props.

Like with their other Star Trek insignia badges, each on features a pair of magnets in the two-part design, getting away from the old days of pin backings and off-balance mounting on clothing.

Magnetic backing.

QMx’s badges do not include rank pips on the lower part of the delta, unlike the ‘real’ badges, and the border isn’t quite as crisply chamfered as the true props, but we feel those are acceptable compromises to allow the retailer to meet the low price point offered.

One of the real DISCOVERY insignia badge props, featuring rank pips and crisp edges. (Photo: Nick Duguid)

In addition, there’s no sign yet that the retailer will be launching the specialized Starfleet Academy badges, as worn by Sylvia Tilly – but perhaps a future release may bring that additional, unique design to their store.

Cadet Tilly with her special rectangular Starfleet badge, signifying her student status.

We were able to pick up these badges ourselves out in Las Vegas, and we can attest to the look and feel of them being very similar to the Discovery props – and if you like this sort of thing, they definitely have our recommendation.

The retail badges, in their official packaging.

You can find the new badges at QMx’s online store now.

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    So they have the Enterprise logo ? Even though it was only used on the Enterprise at the time?

    Watch them pull revisionist history , the Enterprise uses it to honor Discovery


    • Reign1701A

      Incorrect, sir. According to Bob Justman, the intention was for the chevron to represent all Starfleet personnel serving on starships. The “different ships have different insignia” thing was a production error. . Example: in “Court Martial”, every Starfleet officer on the Starbase is wearing the chevron/delta.

      It’s one thing to complain about continuity, but at least get your facts straight first.

      • Charles Baxter

        OK… Let’s see how this works:

        In preproduction of TOS they write or given a scrip that has officers from another ship coming aboard to visit.

        THEN as the get ready to start filming the put the wrong insignia on the uniform by mistake. THEN they start filming, that removes it from being a error as it’s now part of the show and has set precedent, by establishing a new policy.

        It was a preproduction error, regardless of the original intent.

        That does not make using one or the other incorrect. It does show that Starfleet is rather large and that that coming up with hundreds of new designs is impractical.

        It’s just THAT simple

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        First, the Discovery team is not following that memo.

        Second, that is not a production error, “different ships” has been stated many times by people involved and I will go with that, not some cheap blog called “1701news”.

        Third, I’m talking about the Star type of logo inside it, that was clearly established as for the Enterprise, despite what cheap “1701 news” (probably your own fan blog) is claiming.

        So get your own reading comprehension straight first.

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        Also, even the “1701news” mentioned that as late as Omega Glory they wore different patches and Enterprise kept up the practice.

        So, even though you claim it is a production error, the shows themselves up to Enterprise were still keeping “different patches” going in continuity.

        And that is just what I read in the article you linked: maybe you should read that more closely and get the facts straight, yes?

        • Reign1701A

          The blog isn’t mine, thanks though. Read it in Mr. Justman’s words:

          Even if you don’t take Mr. Justman’s word for it, at least acknowledge that it’s not even consistent within TOS itself (re-watch “Court Martial” if you don’t believe me). It was the intention along for the chevron to be the standard Starfleet insignia, not Enterprise-specific. The fact that the different patch for different ships idea hasn’t appeared in any other iteration of Star Trek, I think it’s safe to say the Discovery and Shenzou utilizing the delta isn’t breaking canon.

          • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

            That’s well stated, but even if it started as an error , it still has been accepted as canon at late as Enterprise (again , it is discussed in some detail in the article).

            Another good example: Khan recognizing Chekhov is a pretty big production error but it has since been accepted as canon (with lots of ideas such as Chekhov wasn’t a bridge officer yet, and so forth).

            So , again, started as production error but became canon.

    • Synaesthesiaa

      “hurr durr” – You

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        “I blindly follow anything”- You

        • Synaesthesiaa

          “Star Trek sucks” – You

          • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

            “I’m a life long Trek fan and I don’t want to see it ruined by pandering to ‘current year’ political concerns.”- Me

    • Reign1701A is correct. Here’s a memo from Bob Justman that explains the situation:

      TO: Bill Theiss
      FROM: Bob Justman
      DATE: December 18, 1967

      Whilst sitting in Dailies today, it was noticed that a Starship
      Captain (from another Starship) was wearing an emblem unfamiliar to
      yours truly. I have checked the occurrences out with Mr. Roddenberry,
      who has reassured me that all Starship personnel wear the Starship
      emblem that we have established for our Enterprise Crew Members to wear.

      Doubtless this situation has arisen due to the fact that a
      different Starship emblem was used last season on “CHARLIE X”. However,
      the personnel of that other ship in that show were the equivalent of
      merchant marine or freighter personnel — and therefore not entitled to
      bear this proud insignia on their individual and collective breasts.

      Please do not do anything to correct this understandable mistake
      in the present episode. However, should we have Starfleet personnel in
      any other episodes, please make certain that they were the proper

      Under penalty of death!

      Signed this 18th day of December, in the year of our Lord, 1967, by

      Chief Inquisitor

      CC: Gene Roddenberry
      John M. Lucas
      D.C. Fontana
      Gregg Peters

      P.S. A carven [sic] “I’m sorry!” will be sufficient.

      • Matineer

        All true. But it’s one memo. You can’t ignore the different emblems for Captain Tracy and Commodore Decker. Those were very high profile characters with a lot of screen time, so there may be more to this.

        • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

          Not to mention that as late as Omega Glory and Enterprise episodes they were keeping “different patches for different ships” going, so clearly it is continuity.

          • Morgan Smith

            So, as I see it one thing matters. There are examples of non-Enterprise crews wearing the Delta. This establishes that Discovery is not incorrect. Since that is canon, but so too are the “other” emplems it just means Decker and the others just had non-Deltas for some unspecified reason.
            The Justman memo just proves the intent of the creators, and that aren’t always implemented to the letter.

        • Nowhereman10

          The problem is that we don’t get to see the other starship emblems very well through the series, with the noted exceptions, like the crew of Lexington, where Commodore Wesley wears the Starbase one, but the rest of the crew is never clearly shown. But when Commodore Wesley is imploring that the attack be called off, you do see glimpses of their emblems and you can just barely make out the Enterprise emblem on a blueshirt.

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        OK, but I doubt the Discovery team is following that. Of course, it is a third new timeline after TOS and JJ Trek.

        • robjoh

          Don’t you mean before TOS? lol! And I’m curious as to why some people get Chekov’s name wrong. Is there an actual Chekhov in history? An author or artist perhaps? Just wondering.

          • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

            No, I didn’t mean before TOS at all (not to mention this is 10 years before Kirk, Cage was 13 years before Kirk) so if you Cage / Menagerie this isn’t actually before TOS anyway.

            After in the sense that it is the third timeline to come along after TOS and JJ Trek.

          • robjoh

            So you know for sure this isn’t set in the same timeline as TOS? Everyone’s saying it is,or am I misunderstanding you here. Then my bad.

    • Is this actually true? Do we have evidence of ships with different insignia during the Cage?

    • Nowhereman10

      The Shenzou crew also has the same delta emblem, FYI, not just Discovery’s.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’d more than likely pick up the Command version.

    • Soledadcjones


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  • robjoh

    I picked up the Command one at Comic-Con,but won’t they be selling the smaller versions? I picked up two of those as well at CC but would like a few more.

    • Pamelaerichardson


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  • Nowhereman10

    I really do like the photos of these emblems but I wish that the black border on the outsides of the deltas were more emphasized so that they look more like the TOS ones.

    • Sarahjsmith

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  • Joyboy79

    Love the design, but I don’t wanna c just the plain jane insignias, I wanna c the rank versions for sale