As we reported upon their Comic-Con debut, QMx has Star Trek: Discovery‘s license for the new split-delta Starfleet insignia badges, as seen in the new series — and while they’ve only been available to fans on-site at SDCC or Star Trek Las Vegas so far, the retailer has finally launched their online purchase portal for everyone to obtain!

Available in four designs to match the series — Command gold, Sciences silver, Operations bronze, and Medical silver — the badges are on sale now at a $14.95/each price point, and measure approximately 1.5″ x 2.6″, matching the on-screen props.

Like with their other Star Trek insignia badges, each on features a pair of magnets in the two-part design, getting away from the old days of pin backings and off-balance mounting on clothing.

Magnetic backing.

QMx’s badges do not include rank pips on the lower part of the delta, unlike the ‘real’ badges, and the border isn’t quite as crisply chamfered as the true props, but we feel those are acceptable compromises to allow the retailer to meet the low price point offered.

One of the real DISCOVERY insignia badge props, featuring rank pips and crisp edges. (Photo: Nick Duguid)

In addition, there’s no sign yet that the retailer will be launching the specialized Starfleet Academy badges, as worn by Sylvia Tilly – but perhaps a future release may bring that additional, unique design to their store.

Cadet Tilly with her special rectangular Starfleet badge, signifying her student status.

We were able to pick up these badges ourselves out in Las Vegas, and we can attest to the look and feel of them being very similar to the Discovery props – and if you like this sort of thing, they definitely have our recommendation.

The retail badges, in their official packaging.

You can find the new badges at QMx’s online store now.