Shuttle, shuttle, who’s got the shuttle? It’s Eaglemoss’ Official Starship Collection, of course!

Branching out from their standard-sized model collection into smaller 2.5″ designs, the company first launched their four-ship shuttlecraft sets in late 2015, and we’ve finally gotten our hands on the first wave of releases, which covers a century of Star Trek auxiliary crafts.

The complete four-shuttle collection.

Like Eaglemoss’ full-size ships, the set includes a mini-magazine for each of the four ships written in an in-universe style, detailing the history, configuration, and general usage of each shuttlecraft.

Along with each vessel comes a unique LCARS-styled “Okudagram” graphic card — specially created for this set by the master of Trek interface design, Mike Okuda — providing technical details on each shuttle.

First up is the original: the classic Galileo shuttlecraft — classified as Class-F shuttle — is that iconic crew transport from the Original Series, complete with brilliant red Starfleet pinstriping and stylized hull markings identifying it as being attached to the USS Enterprise.

Original and digital versions of the Galileo.

While the now-restored Star Trek filming model now resides at Space Center Houston as an attraction for visitors, the Eaglemoss Gailieo model stays true to the original Matt Jefferies design from 1966 and will fit in at home in a display case or on the corner of your desk at the office.

Composed of a die-cast metal top and plastic undercarriage/nacelle design, the red-and-black paint is crisp on the solid-feeling hull — but if there’s one weak spot on the Galileo, it’s the gold landing strut extending from the aft section of the shuttle.

The strut is a plastic attachment, and is easily bendable with light pressure due to the thin point of contact with the rest of the assembly. It looks fine at a glance, just handle with care.

Next up is the chunky Type-6 shuttlecraft, one of the most used shuttle designs featured on Star Trek: The Next Generation, brought into service for Season 5’s “Darmok” after the full-size set piece completed its duty as Galileo-type shuttle in 1988’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The Type-6, used on TNG and Voyager.

The top half of the Type-6 shuttle is molded plastic, a necessary choice to capture the level of hull detail and shaping in this angular craft, while the base of the shuttle is the typical die-cast metal to which the warp nacelles are attached.

This version of the Type-6 is the Goddard, the shuttle donated to Montgomery Scott after his rescue from transporter stasis in “Relics” – and was also notably issued as a Playmates action figure accessory in the 1990s.

The only thing that would make this one a little bit better is if that rear hatch would open up…

The third craft in the collection is the barely-seen Type-10 shuttle, which only appeared in a single episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 6’s “The Sound of Her Voice.”

Chaffee, away!

Attached to the USS Defiant, the Chaffee transported Sisko, O’Brien, and Bashir to the surface of a desolate world in an attempt to rescue stranded Starfleet captain Lisa Cusak, only to find she’d been dead for years by the time they arrived (due to a temporal anomaly surrounding the planet).

The tiny vessel just barely seemed to fit in the Defiant’s hold, and its Eaglemoss counterpart certainly reflects the on-screen size of the Chaffee — but still features the same technological stylings as the Defiant around the top of the engine section, clearly pairing it to DS9’s resident warship.

Like the Type-6 shuttlecraft, the Chaffee has a metal base and plastic upper half due to the detail on the engines.

Finally, we round out the set with Star Trek: Voyager’s tiny, two-person Type-9 shuttle — sometimes called a Class-2 — which debuted as the shuttle Cochrane in Season Two’s “Threshold,” there souped up by Tom Paris to break the impossible Warp 10 speed barrier.

The small Type-9 shuttle.

This Voyager craft was the final shuttle built as a studio model for Star Trek, transitioning to a digital replacement for later appearances in the series, and continued to be featured in the series even after the Delta Flyer began serving as the ship’s primary auxiliary craft.

Despite its winged look, the Type-9 is a surprisingly solid model, as the top half of the shuttle – including the nacelle struts – is a single piece of die-cast metal, leaving only the nacelles themselves and the underside of the ship as molded plastic.

You could probably step on this one and not do a speck of damage to it.

We do have to make note of the generic stand included with each shuttle, which is a notable step down from the full-size starship releases.

Instead of a plastic cradle to hold each ship in place, the shuttlecraft sets come with just a flat-topped stand that offers no stability when placing a shuttle on display — if the ship isn’t centered just right, a glancing bump of the hand will knock the small ships right off of the pedestal.

(This is noticeably an issue for the Chaffee and Type-9 shuttles, which have thin-widthed bases that makes each difficult to keep balanced on the stand.)

Each shuttle has a different structure on the underside, which makes this generic flat stand a bit ill-suited for the intended use; perhaps a pedestal with a larger surface area would be more appropriate for future releases.

We recommend a bit of double-sided tape or temporary adhesive to keep your shuttles properly docked.

The four-ship shuttlecraft set can be ordered over at Eaglemoss’ shop, and a second wave of shuttles is also available as well – with at least two more collections like these in development now.

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  • Zarm

    Again with the Voyager-hating; I notice there’s only one shuttle you recommended stepping on… 😉

    Kidding aside, this is an awesome collection, and a wonderfully-detailed review of it. A bit out of my no-disposable-income price range at the moment, but one that I would snap up in a heartbeat if I could.

  • Eric Cheung

    Why is the first photo for each shuttle weathered, while the remaining photos have flat paint jobs?

    • DangerousDac

      The first photo is a CG render. The rest are the actual models.

      • Eric Cheung

        I guess I was confused since the ships showed much more weathering than I’d seen in any show.

  • prometheus59650

    Even if I wanted to spend the cash, I wouldn’t buy. They are too small and fragile not to get a cradle stand.

    I’m not paying their premium price just to have them falling and breaking because of a poorly-timed sneeze.

    • Karl

      Put them inside a display cabinet like most other people do.

  • Not a fan of the TOS shuttle, but the others look very nice

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  • FightingMongooses

    I’m sorry but the Type-10 Defiant shuttle craft is dumb. Kit-bashing the Defiant engines onto a generic cockpit.

    I know it’s more visually interesting to have many, many different ships but I don’t think the Federation would waste resources designing so many different craft. I’m thinking they’d only need maybe 4 starship classes and perhaps the name number of shuttlecraft. Runabout, Type 6, Type 7, and the little shuttle pod.

    • I can see having a array of craft, but I do agree the Type 10 is silly. I am not sure you would only get 4 ship classes. Look at any other navy, you have a few classes of each ship type.

      • FightingMongooses

        Galaxy Class, Sovereign Class, Intrepid Class, and Nova Class in the 24th Century. And of course a lot of leftover Miranda, Excelsior, and Oberth Classes from the 23rd Century. (Shame the Constitution Class disappeared!)

        You’d still have specialized vessels for cargo, construction, etc. of course.

        I just find it ridiculous how many different ships are being vomited out in the background of the shows and movies and especially the expanded universe of games, novels, etc.

        • There was more than that.
          Post 2368
          Norway, defiant, streamrunner, saber,nova, sovereign,Prometheus, intrepid, Akria.

          That is 9 ship classes, back to back. All likely fill a differing function.
          *The Saber is likely a frigate
          *The Norway seem to be a heavy frigate, larger and more heavily armed than the saber
          *The intrepid and steamrunner seem to be light crushers. But do not share a role
          *The Nova is a replacement for the Oberth, but far more heavily armed
          *The Prometheus and defiant are escorts. Really, the Premetheus is an outright attack swarm
          *The Sovereign is a heavy cruiser and command ship
          *The Akria is a missile crusier. Likely the most heavily armed ship starfleet has

          Each will have their own role. Really they should phase out the galaxy class. It was a failed dream more than anything.

          • FightingMongooses

            Right, and I feel most of those were superfluous. The Akira and Defiant Classes make sense post-Borg. But prior to that I’m thinking the Federation would prefer to build a large number of ships from just a few different classes.

          • I am not so sure. I found the idea of them using a class 80 or 100 years silly. They put the connie to bed what 50 years in? It was likely massively outdated. I do not think it odd Starfleet would be putting out new classes all the time. We do that in real life with our much, much more limited resources.

            Recall starfleet is the federation military arm, not the federation itself. Civilians and non-starfleet groups tend to use a few designs, the Obreth seemed to be used by a number of civilian groups. It is unclear if they were built for them or they bought old decommissioned ones.

          • Karl

            After Wolf 359 I would have thought that replacing all of the destroyed ships was a priority, and again after the war with the dominion. Those Miranda class were the first to fall, no point building more of those. The excelsior class itself was a failed transwarp experiment, The Galaxy was built at a time of peace hence all the space for families, well there’s no point building more of those just to have empty space.

    • Karl

      It was built to look like the defiant, in the same way that the type 9 and the delta flyer were built to resemble Voyager.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      There’s a reason the Captain’s Yacht exists, a complete waste of resources.

  • Geoffry Woods

    I hope they release the Galileo/Copernicus from Star Trek V, and the Travel Pod from TMP/TWOK/TVH.

  • Karl

    Always made me laugh that the type 6 had all the provisions for a long trip except a toilet. Akward.

  • All Patriot

    No Delta Flyer?! Egads!

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Am I right in thinking Voyager also used the Type 6? Extra points if you remember the episodes.