We’ve brought you all the details on 2017’s Hallmark Star Trek releases over the past few months, from the full list of this year’s licensed products to our reviews of both the USS Franklin and USS Enterprise-C starship ornaments now available to the public.

Today at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, Hallmark revealed our first look at 2018’s releases, with a concept rendering of the classic fencing face-off between Hikaru Sulu (George Takei) and Captain Kirk (William Shatner) from “The Naked Time.”

Once we have more official images of this new ornament – likely early in 2018 – we’ll be sure to bring them to you here at TrekCore!

  • TimT2011

    Is this the only ornament Hallmark is previewing for 2018?

    • MattR

      Maybe they’re doing a Discovery ornament but can’t reveal it yet.

    • Very unlikely.

      I’d wager that the Discovery will be the lighted starship offered.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’m waiting on the ship, personally.

  • James

    Bwa ha ha, that is terrible. Surely a joke?

    • Love a cardboard cutout 😛

      • Anitajfisher


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  • FightingMongooses

    Nice that they have grade school children designing the ornaments now.

  • pittrek

    Why is Sulu above Kirk? I don’t remember that position from the show, I have to re-watch it

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Why does Kirk have Trump’s little hands?

  • Sulu’s running around the ship with a sword is certainly a very memorable moment from TOS. I don’t remember Kirk’s ducking UNDER the sword, though.

    Maybe they were trying to recreate this? Picture here on Trek Core

  • Mark Mayer

    its a mock up, even the great original series had a cardboard cut out of the sets