We’ve finally recovered from our away mission to the 2017 Las Vegas Star Trek convention, and while we shared with many of you our favorite costume efforts from the STLV floor last week on social media, we wanted to make sure the rest of you got to share our joy in these wonderful fan creations!

Click through our gallery below for all the best Trek outfits from the week:

But it wasn’t just fans taking part in the Trek transformation, as panel moderator and Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast host Jordan Hoffman beamed down as the half-black, half-white citizen of the planet Cheron…

…while Trek guest actress Natalia Nogulich made an appearance in costume as her in-universe alter ego, Admiral Alynna Nechayev at both her on-stage panel and fan photo op session.

Fans also went the extra mile and began cosplaying as Star Trek creatives this year, with facsimiles of Ira Behr, Michael Piller, and Larry Nemecek popping up throughout the weekend.

But perhaps the most fun came at the Saturday evening costume contest, where Star Trek: Discovery actress Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) and Discovery creature designer Neville Page joined Trek alumni Terry Farrell and Michael Westmore as judges for the yearly exhibition.

Chieffo and Farrell review selfies while Westmore and Page look on.

Michael Westmore, Neville Page and Mary Chieffo examine a pair of Duras sisters.

Page attempts to interview a Tholian.

Before the evening event, Discovery writers Ted Sullivan and Bo Yeon Kim got up close and personal with the multi-faceted creature.

Which of the dozens of outstanding costume ideas is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!