We’re only two days into this week, and there’s already more than a handful of Star Trek: Discovery news updates to bring you – from new set photos and series teaser videos to what may be coming next after 2018’s episodes conclude!

Revealed in a preview of the October 2017 SFX magazine, featuring a big Discovery cover feature, TrekMovie reports some new character details for several cast members coming out of new interviews in the publication.

James Frain (Sarek) — whom we talked to at Comic-Con in July — shared some insight into how Michael Burnham joins his household:

[We] see Sarek as a younger man, and we discover that he has been made responsible for Michael’s upbringing – her parents were killed while being hosted at the Vulcan Academy when there was a Klingon attack.

So we feel responsible for her, take her in, and I raise her in my family as a Vulcan.

In addition, we’re learning our first details about Michael Burnham’s Starfleet specialty, courtesy of Sonequa Martin-Green:

I’m a xenoanthropologist, I also had another field of study while at the Vulcan Science Academy. I’m the only human to have gone to the Vulcan Learning Centre and the Vulcan Science Academy and excelled at that.

As a xenoanthropologist, I’m also essentially and inherently a first contact specialist as well.

The Discovery-heavy issue of SFX will be out in the UK on August 16 and following soon in the United States, set to contain even more details from the series cast.

In a new interview out today with Digital Spy, series Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman (whom we also talked to at Comic-Con) is already looking ahead to where a potential second season of Star Trek: Discovery may lead, after the fallout from the Klingon/Federation “war” spans the breadth of year one.

Each season needs to be about a different thing. I wouldn’t necessarily want to bring the Klingon War into season two.

However, the results of the war are going to allow for a lot of new storytelling that will be the result of everything that happens and the people that are left behind; the casualties, the things that have grown in Starfleet as a result of the war. That’s what we’ll inherit in the second season.

CBS has not yet announced the series’ renewal for a second year, but with Discovery already being profitable before the first frame of the show was shot, we won’t be surprised if an early renewal is announced as the first season progresses.

In addition to what we learned from the SFX preview bits above, Kurtzman added this interesting tidbit about Michael Burnham’s backstory – likely shaped by the attack her family fell victim to in her youth:

[Burnham] is fascinated and fixated on alien races; particularly the Klingons, for reasons that we’ll come to understand are very personal for her.

Given the fact that we’re at war with the Klingons in the show, she’s going to have a lot to say and do about it.

Kurtzman also offered his opinion on future expansion of the Trek television landscape to Digital Spy in a separate conversation, which may one day expand to Bryan Fuller’s original anthology concept (which was rejected by CBS):

[An anthology show is] a cool idea, but at the same time, I’ve now fallen in love with the characters on [the Discovery]. I like seeing them. I like being with them. And I wouldn’t necessarily want to throw them away at the end of the season for a new show.

I would not want to limit our storytelling, especially given the topics that we’re bringing up this season. It’s not just one season’s worth of television. I think the idea might be that there are more Star Trek series [further down the line].

We’ll have to wait and see if Discovery will pave the way for future Trek television expeditions.

*   *   *

CBS has continued to roll out new character-centric teaser clips for Discovery, continuing the trend we first reported on over the weekend.

Like clockwork (as we first pointed out on Twitter early Monday), two more arrived at 12:27 PM and 10:31 AM Pacific time Monday and Tuesday, following CBS’s trend of releasing media aligned with the series’ starships registries (Shenzhou: NCC-1227; Discovery: NCC-1031).

Here’s James Frain as Sarek, and Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly:

We’re expecting the week to continue with more videos, centered on characters like Shazad Latif’s Ash Tyler, Chris Obi’s T’Kuvma, Mary Chieffo’s L’Rell, and more.

*   *   *

Sonequa Martin-Green had a brief discussion with E! at the recent Television Critics Association press event in Los Angeles, where she was asked about her reaction to backlash from certain ‘fans’ of Star Trek.

In addition, Martin-Green discussed some of the new-found ‘freedoms’ that a streaming presentation may allow the Discovery creators to expand the nature of Trek storytelling.

*   *   *

Discovery Co-Executive Producer Ted Sullivan (who, along with writers Bo Yeun Kim and Erika Lippoldt we finally ran into at STLV – hi guys!) continues to share some glimpses from the set on his Twitter stream, showcasing several behind-the-scenes photos.

Sullivan with the young actress playing Michael Burnham as a child (name unknown):

Kim (center, below) also shared this fun group shot including all three writers with several Discovery cast members from on set.

Stay tuned for more Star Trek: Discovery news as it breaks!

  • Barak Aslani

    “War… war… war… casualties… how Starfleet changes because of the war…. War… war… gritty… angry… resentful young lady… grew up as Spock’s secret sister… fascinated by aliens… especially the Klingons but not only the Klingons and if we get a second series then we’ll do something different too. Please watch… oh and war.” Apparently this first season is going to be great. Please Star Trek fans. Watch it if you want a second season. Ignore it’s not really what you want. Just pretend it makes sense and watch it. You don’t want people thinking you’re a sexist, rascist, homophobic OR WORSE a fan of the Berman years! So watch. (war)

    • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

      Well said, as usual. Your comments are refreshing reality in light of all the spin.

      “Spin doctor to the bridge.”

      • Jennifertfelder

        my co-worker’s mother-in-law makes $92 per hour at home, she’s been fired from a job for eight months, last month her pay-check was $17529 only working on the laptop for two hours a day… ➤check ➤this

      • Barak Aslani

        Thanks man! Haha

    • TrekRules

      So watch it so people don’t think poorly of you. Wow, what a star trek idea – just go with the crowd, don’t be an individual with your own thoughts and ideas. Gotta love that modern thinking! That’s the very reason why people shouldn’t just watch the show if it doesn’t appeal to them. Only way CBS is going to make a good Trek show is if people don’t watch the poor ones they put out and demand better. But it does sound like season 2 will be interesting considering current rumor is they are going to completely reboot it again. And let’s see how profitable it is when companies like Netflix start demanding money because CBS advertised Discovery as one thing but are producing something completely different. Ah, it is going to be a fun show.

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN


    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      With a couple edits, this is actually a great summary:

      “War… casualties… how Starfleet changes because of the war…. young lady… grew up as Spock’s secret sister… fascinated by aliens… especially the Klingons but not only the Klingons and if we get a second series then we’ll do something different too. Please watch… this first season is going to be great. Watch it if you want a second season. makes sense and watch it, including you fan’s of the Berman years!”

      THANKS !!!

    • Star Fox Vs Andros

      Yay War, War makes for great Storytelling.

    • Jaro Stun

      diversity diversity diversity spoon feeding diversity. never gets old.
      Star Trek: Diversity

      how is it they do not get the difference between a) being upset about diversity itself and b) being upset about spoonfeeding diversity and making it almost the main point of the show.

      I would dare to say very few ppl are upset about a). Most of ppl who are upset, are upset about b)

      the best article I read about this is:

      I can say I agree with the guy 1000%.
      Dont spoonfeed it, show it.

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Apparently according to the people behind the new show there was never any diversity in Star Trek so they’ve taken upon themselves to overcompensate.

    • TUP

      So dont watch it then.

    • Space Gaz

      I’m a fan of the Berman years so I must be bad:)

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Yes you are. Don’t you realise the only good Star Trek was the original because Berman wasn’t involved? Tut tut. Shame on you and shame on me. Ha, ha!

    • Pedro Ferreira

      At the end of the day even if the show does well it pretty much won’t be seen as Star Trek for obvious reasons. By the way you forget to mention death.

  • So Burnham’s a xenoanthropologist and first contact specialist? That sounds fascinating! I’ve always loved hearing about Star Trek’s alien cultures, and having the main character be a specialist in alien cultures sounds like a dream come true.

    • Quintillion Tesla

      What’s fascinating is that she is specifically a xeno”anthropologist” – rather than just a xeno”biologist”. Whilst it might seem like a clumsy term, I like the idea that Burnham’s field of interest is for alien “humanoids” – I wonder how this will play into all the Klingon stuff they’ll be exploring?

      • I was thinking that “anthropologist” meant not that she was interested solely in humanoids but that she was interested in the culture of aliens, in the development of their societies, and in understanding them in their own context.

        Since “anthropology,” in our pre-first-contact era, means “the study of human cultures and societies and their development,” I guess we don’t know what it will mean in the post-first-contact era — are they mostly keeping the “human” part of that definition or mostly keeping the “cultures and societies and their development” part. I was assuming the latter, but it looks like you were assuming the former. I guess we’ll find out on September 24th! 🙂

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Do you think any of that will really matter once the show starts going? She’ll be anything the writers want her to be as long as it serves the plot. They’ll forget what her jobs onboard are after the first episode once the pointless action and war starts.

      • I find your constant negativity wearying, so I am blocking you. You needn’t reply to me in the future, because I won’t see it.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          Your choice I guess.

  • Quintillion Tesla

    So close to the release date and getting more and more excited. Can’t wait!

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    Why does Kurtzman look like Brains from Thunderbirds?

  • James

    No comment about Jason Issacs amusing comments? https://www.trektoday.com/content/2017/08/lorca-fans-will-have-to-adjust/

    • Nope, as he cleared up on Twitter – some very key context was missing from that report.


      • James

        Just surprised you hadn’t done an article on it – you’ve been pretty up to date on Discovery news 🙂

      • pittrek

        I don’t get it, what context was missing? He links to a tweet from The Shat, who shares a picture of an article, which contains exactly the same quote as reported

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Okay cool, so they’re obviously targeting reboot movie fans then. That clears that up.

    • Harry Kane

      Well I would expect it, same arrogant attitude that Kurtzman gave, kinda what this how series stinks of is arrogance.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        I will trust your expertise is being able to spot that…

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I mentioned this over at DoG. It’s not good to invite outrage for a show that hasn’t even premiered yet, especially one that you’re expecting people to sign up and pay for through a new streaming service for one TV show.

      • James

        What he’s saying is that STD is not for hard core Trek fans. It’s trying to attract new mainstream viewers, not the old trekkies who will watch anyhow, regardless of how angry they might (temporarily) be at the changes.

        I admire his straight talking and I think he’s got a point. ST09 made bold and creative choices – love them or loathe them, they prompted a reaction. In some cases a strong reaction! Same with STID. Now look at Beyond – and look at why it flopped. It wasn’t creative, or innovative, or daring. It was just ‘meh’.

        In order to succeed, STD must make choices that the hardcore fans will hate – such as re-imagining the Klingons and the look of the show.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          I know that but I don’t think there’s as many non-Star Trek fans as he thinks there is.

  • Harry Kane

    Still not pleased with the look and feel on various levels, Little attempt if not none to blend in with ENT or a reimagined and enhanced TOS look, And the klingons now just look like other races, they are no longer klingons, removing the hair on all klingons looks stupid, klingon ships are Bird of Prey, D7’s, Predator class’s e.t.c not this hulk of space junk we see in the tralier. If only they had got the look right then the story would have had the perfect frontage. Shame but that is this world now days. All about money, Rick Berman achieved the right balance and in season 3 and onwards Star Trek Enterprise really kicked off, I hope that fans that totally poured scorn on ENT are happy with their actions, in doing so you finished it early of the TREK we loved and enjoyed. So what about the theme which was actually great in my opinion, so what that the NX class had a hint of the akira class. The point was it did actually fit in really well and was a great precurser to the TOS era vessels which would evolve from the NX class developing new painted smoother hulls, bigger deflector dishes evolving from the first seen on the NX01. At the end of the day, why on earth if you can’t be bothered to get it right do a prequel. Star Trek Evolved by going forward not backwards, thou ST Enterprise provided a very much needed prequel which solved a gap in the story. Most people have always cried out for a Post Nemesis Star Trek TV Series, perhaps taking place on the USS Sovereign or a Luna Class ship, maybe even the Titan. ST Discovery is not Star Trek no matter how you try and package it.

    • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

      Well said

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Enterprise is part of the NX-01 Alternative Timeline. There is no need to blend to that.

    • TUPwood

      First, let me just say that I very much appreciate all that TrekCore does for us fans. I don’t know if TrekCore allows commenters to name other Star Trek sites but one that I visit seems to be censoring certain comments and allowing one particular paid CBS troll to attack commenters with differing opinions.

      I agree with Harry Kane’s post 100%. Although I think ENT was a bit stale at first, at least it was consistent with the Berman/Westmore era (And its mirror universe episodes were consistent with TOS.). I also thought ENT’s theme song fit with the period (Bridging the gap between First Contact and TOS.). One thing that I frequently point out (But most of the time it seems to fall on deaf ears.) is that the Westmore Vulcans/Romulans look right because their makeup takes into account that their green blood gives their skin a certain tinge; whereas the TOS movies and the Kelvin Timeline movies can’t even get something that simple right (Theirs just look like caucasians with pointed ears.).

      I’m going to watch DISC’s pilot but I’m not planning on subscribing to the streaming service, especially since no effort whatsoever is being made to make DISC blend in with the prime timeline. I know and accept that we have to pay to see the movies and for merchandise, but having to pay to watch a first run series kind of goes against the philosophy of Star Trek.

      Now can someone please tell me why CBS even bothered to set DISC in the prime timeline if they aren’t going to make any effort whatsoever to make it look so?

      • Harry Kane

        Typical, they think we are a cash cow, produce something and slap star trek on it and it will earn money, they sat on there bottoms for well over a decade doing nothing with the star trek brand, and paramount just ruined the movie side

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        “I don’t know if TrekCore allows commenters to name other Star Trek sites but one that I visit seems to be censoring certain comments and allowing one particular paid CBS troll to attack commenters with differing opinions.”

        Wow, Barak Aslani always brings up this same point here as well. Interesting!

      • Pedro Ferreira

        TUPwood? Are you like a parallel universe version of TUP because unlike him I understand what you mean.

        • TUPwood

          I chose this name as combination of his (Due to two reasons:
          A.) He’s a snowflake who couldn’t disprove a statement that I made here on TrekCore and resorted to ad hominem attacks, flagging my posts, and getting my previous email address banned.
          B.) He reeks of being a CBS-funded troll.) and a very unpleasant commenter named Torchwood who was apparently banned from the aforementioned other Star Trek site.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            The guy is always trying to get me banned and is always patronising towards me. Keep up the good work!

  • Quonk

    the Boris Becker & John McEnroe of @startrekcbs

    Hmm, I have a feeling he was actually thinking of another tennis player with the initials B..B. …
    But then, tweeting about the Borg of Trek CBS might’ve led to some unwarranted speculation.

  • Fiery Little One

    Interesting pics.

  • Barak Aslani

    Star Trek: FAILscovery. If you say anything remotely negative or cynical about a new show of a franchise you love, who’s lead actor says “I don’t care about die-hard fans watching” you’re a hater and are apparently (according to one post on StarTrekmovie.com) ‘littering the boards with negativity’. You know, I tried to watch Enterprise. I felt frustrated with it. I didn’t feel Nemesis really worked and honored the continuity of what had come before. The franchise started apologising for itself and the more uncomfortable it looked in it’s own skin, the more I cringed. The JJ reboot was outrageously exploitative and insulting – and now a series which brings us more reductive prequel rehash, reimagining mush. Preaching diversity, when true Star Trek fans have always been at the forefront of expectance and social open-mindedness. It was the studios who held back on a gay character, it was the studios who decided we needed to see Seven in a skin tight catsuit… And once again the studios are trying to manipulate us. Just say No. And don’t let the message board bullies rattle you. You have a right to say “This looks like crap” and be heard. I’m watching The Orville. Because Seth McFarlane got it right.

    • mr joyce

      you have never posted anything positive on these message boards, despite all the other content giving you opportunities to do so, thats probably why you feel this way. obviously people will call you out. you are entitled to say what you want, but it just gets boring to hear the same thing over and over again, like a broken record. you dont have to like discovery, but there are other articles on this site not discovery related, which im most certain you never comment on.

      you are boring

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Yea, at least competent trolls at change their messages now and then. LOL

      • Barak Aslani

        Don’t be a douche. Please don’t call me names. I have been WILDLY positive about The Orville. As a big Star Trek fan, I have shown my excitement and praise for Seth McFarlane’s valentine to Trek.

        • mr joyce

          i did not call you names, read my post again, you can see i did not. you however called me a douche, which makes you a hypocrite. next time you should practice what you preach.

          by the way, this website is not about orville, and there are no articles on here about orville. as good as orville seems to look, it is still not trek. you are only ‘wildly’ positive about orville as a way of bashing the new show, over and over and over again.

          we get it, you dont want to like discovery, now move on. start posting on an orville comments page instead if you love it so much.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle


      That term is just so reductive..it’s reductifiable…needs reductape!