Back at STLV in August, our friends at Eaglemoss showed off their first Star Trek: Discovery prototype ship models — the Walker-class USS Shenzhou and Crossfield-class USS Discovery — after announcing the launch of their latest Star Trek ship subscription plan.

Now, Eaglemoss has officially revealed the details for the new Discovery model subscription, and shared even more visuals of the upcoming ships headed to fans in 2018.


Star Trek returns 50 years after first premiering with Star Trek: Discovery, the new series from CBS featuring new characters, new missions, but most importantly: new starships!

Eaglemoss is proud to present Star Trek: Discovery Starships, a unique collection of die-cast models featuring brand new ship concepts and designs from CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery. Each ship in the Discovery collection has gone through extensive reference study and reproduced under the supervision of Star Trek; expert Ben Robinson for accuracy and detail.

Be the first to own the ships from Discovery and enjoy every stunning edition from the series delivered right to your door. With limited quantities coming in early 2018, guarantee your subscription by reserving the first ship, the U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 for only $9.95!

The U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 is scheduled to ship on or before January 31, 2018. Thereafter, you will receive 1 Star Trek: Discovery Starship per month. Subscribers enjoy an exclusive discounted price of $45 per ship with free shipping and handling –a 20% discount from the regular SRP of $55.

These Star Trek Discovery Starships will not be available through other Eaglemoss subscriptions.

In addition to the subscription plan, the USS Shenzhou model can also be preordered as a standalone purchase in the US shop for $54.95.

The higher price point on the Discovery collection is due to the larger scale: ships will be larger than the standard bi-monthly standard Official Starships subscription (measuring an estimated 20-25cm / about 8-10 inches), with a single monthly release instead instead of two smaller ones.

The price point falls in the same general range as Eaglemoss’ current “special edition” releases. Also revealed are some previews of the digital models being used for reference in the model starship construction.

As an additional note, the FAQ page on the Eaglemoss site indicates that the creative team has “20 ships planned in this collection,” so if you’re signing up, you’re going to need some more shelf space!

Program manager Ben Robinson released a large preview image of the USS Discovery model on Twitter this past Friday:

…and After Trek host Matt Mira also revealed that a prototype of the Discovery model is on set in the New York City studio where After Trek is filmed.

We’ll bring you our review of these new models as soon as they’re released!

  • Those are good sized and the one wee do see looks great

  • Look very nice. Might have to grab some of them. I’m also excited that there are enough new ships to allow them to make 20 models!

    • Well, we have seen at lest 9 classes of Fedration ships

  • Shadowknight1

    Just pre-ordered the Shenzhou. Not sure about the Discovery or any of the other ships, but hot dang, the Shenzhou is a lovely ship.

  • Fiery Little One

    A new detail for the Discovery, her class. Interesting.

    • Rhat was guessed in Trekbbs a while ago. Nice to see it confirmed

      • Fiery Little One

        Ah. As far as Trek related sites go, I’m only on here and Subspace Comms Network and nobody on SCN has said anything about it.

        • There was a very hard to read image of the plaque on one of the bridge images. Folks blew it up and tried to fill it in. I could not read it. But folks thought it said crossfeild

          • Fiery Little One

            Huh, okay.

          • Those hi rez images to rppied part by the fans lol

  • prometheus59650

    Seeing Discovery that way…kinda don’t hate it, I must say.

    • MattR

      It definitely looks nicer at some angles

    • Adrian Law

      I’ve noticed that they’ve added some John Eaves nuances to it, they’re subtle but they make a massive difference if it was him that touched it up!

  • Quonk

    And all of a sudden I know with absolute certainty what the Discovery reminds me of:I swear, the speherical part of the “saucer” with the connected extended neck section looks almost exactly like my showerhead!Damn. What has been seen can’t be unseen. But then again USS Showerhead is still not as bad as USS Pizzacutter (a.k.a. Freedom class – one of TNG’s many kitbash models).
    In all seriousness though: I still love the design!
    And a sense of familiarity can be really nice. The Galaxy class saucer section for example always reminded me of the design of some street lamps that were near my home when I was a child.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      It does look like a pizza cutter doesn’t it?

  • James

    Please tell me that the windows will line up on these. I’ll pay for quality!

    The Discovery design has really grown on me.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    That Discovery side view looks really sleek.

    • Jason Anderson

      The side view is similar to a Galaxy class if you cut off those triple length nacelles.

  • Steve

    too bad the ShenZhou won’t be the main ship, looks so much better than the discovery

  • Joyboy79

    I like the ship collections, the only snag is the stand and how the ship connects to it. Would b more aesthetically pleasing if they were like the USS Vengeance model from the Star Trek Into Darkness bluray.

  • Adrian Law

    There was an ‘inverted’ Shenzhou that flew past her at the Battle at the Binary Stars, it kinda had a very ‘Enterprise-E/J’ silhouette feel to her, I hope we get her in the series…

  • Ben

    Oh hey we know Discovery’s class name now-crossfield class. I don’t think we knew that before.

  • Manfredini Alessandro

    If one want model kits who has the license?