Another interesting video arrived today from CBS, featuring the high-tech and highly-detailed Star Trek: Discovery props, with new looks at the weapons, technologies, and tools of both Starfleet and Klingon crews.

Plus, new looks at the series’ sets, behind-the-scenes filming, and a few new glimpses of the first season’s episodes!

Here’s some of the most interesting glimpses of the featured props from the Discovery workshop, showing the amazing detail going into these designs.

We also get to see a bunch of new glimpses of the series, with the props in use:

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), ready to beam up. (CBS)
Burnham scans with her tricorder, sans Starfleet insignia. (CBS)
Filming on the USS Shenzhou bridge set, greenscreens visible. (CBS)
T’Kuvma (Chris Obi) with his bat’leth. (CBS)
Filming on the Klingon sarcophagus ship set. (CBS)
Martin-Green gets into her spacesuit. (CBS)
Ready for action; note the lack of helmet bubble. (CBS)
Flung into “space.” (CBS)

Finally, there’s one new addition to the Burnham / Torchbearer conflict we’ve now seen several clips of; as Burnham uses her suit thrusters to tackle the Klingon warrior.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to see our extensive photography gallery of the Star Trek: Discovery props display from this summer’s convention season.

Check back often for more Star Trek news!

  • Fourcade Conducción

    Locked by region…

    • mr joyce

      youtube it

    • robjoh

      It’s getting bloody ridiculous this whole regionlocked thing,but since there are ALWAYS ways to watch it,I dare them to put up a vid that we can’t watch,lol! But seriously,like I said in some post or other,it’s like they don’t want us to watch the show outside the US! Luckily,there are plenty of options,lol.

    • GhostLoveScore

      CBS, hello from Europe. This is an awesome video, probably my favorite so far. I can’t wait to watch another region locked video.

  • SpaceCadet

    More tanatalizing material and the level of detail and craftsmanship on the props is stunning but Mr. Osunsanmi makes a gaffe when he says this series takes “us all the way back to the very beginning of the timeline.” He’s either not aware of or chooses to forget Star Trek: Enterprise!

    • Thomas Elkins

      I would assume he meant beginning of the franchise.

  • M33

    I think the props look great and do the most homage.

    Although the light-up tricorder is a bit over the top.
    Imagine trying to use that thing in a night op situation!
    Maybe there is a “light-off” setting?

  • Thomas Elkins

    I love the tactical look of the Phasers. They’re like a three way combination of Cage “Lasers”, TOS Phasers and STV – STVI Phasers. I hope we see the TOS style in this tactical configuration at some.

    • InternetScreenName

      They are a logical hybrid of the Cage and TOS phasers – which makes no sense since this takes place within a year of The Cage and they were still using the lasers in Where No Man Has Gone Before, but it still is a good looking phaser.

      • Thomas Elkins

        It makes sense to me. I think it would make less sense if Starfleet only had one pistol at a time. I’m sure they have more than one available.

      • Nowhereman10

        Actually, this series 1st season could be as much as 2 years after the events of “The Cage”.

  • Like or dislike DSC, those props are just fantastic.

    • AmiRami

      I must own that phaser!!!!!

  • Jamie Thomas

    A mixed bag here. The phaser and Comm have a good design lineage to TOS. The Tricorder is okay, but that blue torch with it looks a bit rubbish.
    Not quite sure why the hypospray needs lights on it either.
    I think the series could benefit from a more scientific and technical design aesthetic to the hardware, akin to what Mike Okuda, Rick Sternbach, Naren Shankar and Andre Bormanis did. Design and function above what Hollywood seems to go for since JJ took over – “what would look ‘cool’ ” for the worst example of this, see Pine as Kirk swing kicking the warp core into alignment.
    For me that says everything about the horrible film reboots and is something I hope the Discovery producers are smart enough to steer clear of.

  • TUP

    Not sure if its been mentioned yet but CBS is not making screeners available for critics. They will be screening the first two episodes the Tuesday AFTER the premiere. Word is, there are many twists in the story and they dont want anything being leaked.

    • Not thinking this is a bad thing

      • TUP

        There are some articles floating around now. For clarification, the screeners are this coming week BEFORE the premiere but CBS will restrict reviews until the night of the 24th after the premiere.

        David Mack went off on twitter about the naysayers trying to spin the lack of screeners and said Discovery will be the best first season of Star Trek ever. He said there are twists and spoilers and everyone involved is so proud, they want viewers to experience it together and not be spoiled.

        • This is not a bad thing. I am very excited for this.

        • To clarify further: no screeners are expected for distribution in the US. Screenings for critics are taking place in NYC and LA on the 19th; reviews embargoed until Sunday night on the 24th.

  • AmiRami

    I absolutely love how faithful the phaser, communicator, and tricorders are. Esp the communicators cause its hard to build those in the day in age of iphones.

  • M33