We’ve talked about the fun Star Trek: Discovery pins our friends at FanSets have been rolling out this fall — check out our review of the first wave of character pins here — and this week, the manufacturer announced they are launching a new global release program of Discovery episode-themed specialties!

Dubbed Episode Pins, this FanSets special collection will include an oversized, story-themed design for each episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season, beginning with “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars,” last weekend’s premiere pairing.

Burnham and the Torchbearer feature for the first episode; the ‘cleaver’ Klingon ship for the second.

Additionally, early subscribers can also get a “Season 1” collectors pin, but only if signed up for the program during the month of October, bearing the updated Starfleet Command insignia.

These incredible pins will all be approximately 2 -2 ¼” square in size and feature an important person, ship, alien or item from each episode. As a special bonus, the first pin is an oversized 3”x3” to celebrate the launch of the latest chapter in the Star Trek Universe!

There will be 16 pins in the set, 15 episode pins and an exclusive “Season 1 Pass Holder Pin”. Each pin will indicate the season, the episode number and the episode title.

Pins will ship in two sets. 4-6 weeks after the 8th episode airs, the first eight episode pins will ship with the ninth “Pass Holder” pin for a total of 9 pins. 4-6 weeks after the 15th episode airs, the last eight pins will ship.

Only people that order before October 29th will receive the exclusive pass holder pin. All orders placed after midnight MST, October 29th will receive the 15 episode pins but NOT the exclusive Pass Holder pin.

The Episode Pins subscription program, which is available to fans worldwide, can be found at EpisodePins.com.

FanSets also revealed their New York Comic Con-exclusive USS Discovery pin, set to debut next week at the annual event in the Big Apple: but only 750 of these pins will be available on-site in New York, selling for a $15 price point.

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High-end costume replica vendor Anovos has also launched their first line of Star Trek: Discovery costumes, with the company taking preorders now for both male and female designs of the new 23rd Century Starfleet uniforms seen in the new series.

Launching with a discounted price point of $425 for early preorders — a price only lasting through October 1 — the costumes are set to recreate the same high-end design seen on the crew of the USS Shenzhou in their known high-quality fashion.

This STAR TREK™ DISCOVERY costume replica was created using reference taken from the original screen-used production assets. Pre-order items are subject to change in availability and features.

– Diagonal full-length zipper functionality for tunic.
– Raised rubberized Delta print for tunic & pant inset detail panels is custom made.
– Side and shoulder striping for tunic & pant is raised rubberized print.
– Hook & bar attachment points to secure tunic to pant for optimal fit.
– Replicated zipper pulls as per the original assets.
– Functional pockets on thighs.
– Screen printed knee detail.

Ensemble is available in Command Gold, Sciences Silver, and Operations Copper. Fabric is 90% athletic spandex with 10% speciality contrast spandex fabric for channel stitching, dyed to match production colors.

Ensemble includes one (1) Starfleet insignia badge for appropriate division, as provided by Quantum Mechanix.

While not yet available, Anovos also indicates that the Captain’s variant — with expanded gold piping on the shoulders — is set to be announced at a later date.

Keep checking back here at TrekCore for all the latest Star Trek product news!

  • Charles Baxter

    For various reasons including:

    I don’t like the uniforms


    More importantly Anovos customer service is crap I won’t buy anything from them.

    I know too many people they ripped off

  • Trent

    Why would anyone pay 425 to own one of those ugly ass uniforms?

    • Somone who likes em. Fans are already making and wareing em. Heck some folks even make those gods aweful TMP ones

      • Trent

        These make those look good.

        • I am not defending it one way or another. People like em and buy em. I like the uniforms, but would never pay that for em. If you dislike em, you dislike em

    • Quintillion Tesla

      I like ’em. Very retro. They could be from some 1950s sci-fi, which would fit perfectly, timeline-wise with being “10 years before TOS”.

  • Quintillion Tesla

    The pin set of Burnham and the Torchbearer at the top almost look like they could be from a Filmation version of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

  • Not sure why anyone cares if someone else likes something and wants to own it. Your option is to not buy it, like many other things that you don’t buy but other people do. I’m guessing there are plenty of things that you like that others dislike.

    • Yep, its kinda odd to me folks will show up here just to say how bad that is and ask why anyone would buy it.