We’ve covered a lot of Hallmark news over the past year, from reviews of the 2017 ornaments to the reveal of a 2018 preview at STLV. Now, just days before the launch of a new Star Trek adventure, Hallmark has announced that one of the newest starships in the Federation fleet will be coming home to you next holiday season.

In the newest edition of their PopMinded web series, Hallmark’s Christine Taylor and Kevin Dilmore spend time covering this year’s Next Generation releases, but then jump to their big reveal: the forthcoming USS Discovery ornament, likely coming next year.

We’ve known since this summer that Hallmark’s licensing agreement included Star Trek: Discovery, from their panel at STLV 2017.

Here’s a great set of renders in development for the Discovery, revealed in the video above.

We’ll continue to follow the development of this ornament over time, and will bring you a hands-on review when it finally warps to Hallmark stores.