Collectable pin company FanSets has been producing Star Trek designs since mid-2016, and after making their public debut at last year’s big Las Vegas and New York conventions, the company has been expanding their line of Trek pins monthly to more than 100 different designs from every series in the franchise.

Launching for Star Trek Las Vegas in early August, FanSets’ new Star Trek: Discovery designs debuted at the annual convention to rousing success, with their first five releases warping into fans’ hands as the first Discovery merchandise released ahead of the upcoming series.

The STAR TREK: DISCOVERY logo pin, measuring about 2″ wide.

Like their ongoing line of pre-2017 Star Trek pins, FanSets also features the starships of Discovery, beginning with the Walker-class USS Shenzhou — and the ThinkGeek variant version as well.

The hefty (and highly-detailed) USS Shenzhou pin, standard edition.
The ThinkGeek-exclusive ‘CBS All Access’ variant Shenzhou pin. (Photo courtesy of @Julalien)

With the intricate detail featured on this pin, we can’t wait for the other Discovery vessels to get their own spotlight releases!

The first three Discovery character likenesses approved for production were Doug Jones’ Lt. Saru, Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou, and Chris Obi’s T’Kuvma – and the three beamed down to Las Vegas for their first away mission; each measures about 2″ tall.

Lt. Saru, with his now-familiar Kelpian features.
Captain Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou, with captain’s gold shoulder detailing.
T’Kuvma, great leader of his House.

We’re also happy to bring you an exclusive first look at Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham — sporting her USS Shenzhou hairstyle — hitting FanSets’ web store for the first time today.

First Officer Michael Burnham, reporting for duty.

Based on some of the trailers and preview images we’ve seen from CBS to date, we won’t be surprised if FanSets comes out with a second Burnham design from her time on the USS Discovery, with different hair and possibly a silver-toned Starfleet uniform.

UPDATE: FanSets also just revealed their new Voq and Sarek pin designs at Creation Entertainment’s Chicago Star Trek convention, now up for sale at their store.

While these first eight designs are in production now, FanSets has also been teasing out concept art for approved future Discovery pins on their social media feeds, with more as-yet-unannounced designs still in development and expected later this fall.

L’Rell, Captain Lorca, Cadet Tilly, and Lt. Stamets – coming soon.

*   *   *

In addition to Discovery, FanSets has also recently revealed that they’ve obtained license to start destining Kelvin Timeline pins, and have revealed the following concept designs for forthcoming Star Trek Beyond pins which are on the way soon:

Captain Kirk (in survival suit) and Jaylah
The Enterprise and Franklin ship pins.

They have also shared on Twitter that Admiral Pike and Keenser pins are also in the design phase, and that a USS Vengeance ship pin (from Star Trek Into Darkness) is likely soon to follow.

FanSets’ Star Trek pins are available now, generally priced from $5.95 – $9.95 each at

For you collectors, check back often here at TrekCore for the latest news on these pin releases!