For months now, we’ve seen images of the intricate sets used aboard the Klingon sarcophagus ship — one of the primary Klingon vessels used in Star Trek: Discovery — but we’ve been left to guess at the nature of the unique starship.

Today, however, in a new interview with SFX Magazine, series co-executive producer Ted Sullivan spilled some secrets about the gargantuan vessel and its meaning to the House of T’Kuvma.

Concept art for the Sarcophagus ship, on display at SDCC 2017.
Concept art for the Sarcophagus ship interior, on display at SDCC 2017.

From writer Ian Berriman’s description of the ship sets, information gleaned from a press visit to the Discovery sets in Toronto:

[The] Klingon ‘sarcophagus ship’ — an enormous vessel (three times the size of its Federation counterparts — [belongs] to a 25th Klingon house that we hadn’t previously heard of.


Its stepped control deck [is] devoid of the usual consoles, because these Klingons intervace with their computers directly via ornate silver masks.

The Sarcaphagus ship, landed on a planet. (CBS)

Sullivan explains where this huge ship fits into the story:

It’s a 200-year-old ship. This is a group of Klingons who’ve gone back to a puritan way of life. They look very different: they wear armor that’s 200 years old and they don’t have any hair.

Their commander [T’Kuvma, played by Chris Obi] runs his Klingon house – the house of T’Kuvma – by the rules of Kahless, the Klingon messiah. And he calls himself the second coming of the Klingon messiah.

In the past, Klingons have not really cared about their dead – they’re not like marines. But these Klingons are. The outside of the ship is covered in thousands of coffins. Some are 300 years old, some are just two days old.

Downstairs is the death room, where they prepare their dead; then the coffins get raised up and put on the outside.

Sullivan’s reference to Klingons who “have not really cared about their dead” is something Trek directly addresses all the way back in Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Attention, Sto-vo-kor: warrior incoming. (TNG: “Heart of Glory”)

After Klingon warrior Kunivas dies in “Heart of Glory,” the trio of living Klingons present scream out to Sto-vo-kor to announce his coming to the Klingon afterlife, but afterwards show little interest in the fallen soldier’s corpse.

CRUSHER: Is there any special arrangement you would like for the body?
KORRIS: It is only an empty shell now. Please treat it as such.

In the preview trailers for Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve seen that same ancient ritual performed by members of the House of T’Kuvma; screaming to the heavens over a fallen comrade.

A deceased warrior, ready for burial. (CBS)
Warriors of the House of T’Kuvma cry out to the afterlife. (CBS)

However, unlike the warriors of the Next Generation era, their coffin raises through the ceremonial chamber to be mounted on the outside of the sarcophagus ship.

The casket raises from its position. (CBS)
Up, up, and away. (CBS)

That certainly clears up some of the confusion that’s come from those early snippets of life aboard the Klingon sarcophagus ship; the floating casket seems to have no relation to the Torchbearer armor-wearing warrior we see fighting Burnham – and the editing of such video clips was simple misdirection.

…we think.

Coffin concept art, on display at SDCC 2017.

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  • M33

    Hairless Klingons, eh? Must be hard to shave around all those ridges…

    • Thomas Elkins

      So they shave on purpose? That explains House of T’Kuvma, but what about Kol from the House of Kor? He looks the same as T’Kuvma.

      • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

        Some Klingons simply go bald, like general Chang.

        • M33

          “Some Klingons simply go bad, like general Chang.”
          There, fixed it for ya.

          • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

            Chang did nothing wrong

          • M33

            Except conspiring to assassinate the Federation president!

            Well… I guess in today’s time, there are a lot of people that don’t see anything wrong with that anymore, sadly…

          • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

            It’s true that the conspiring part is pretty wrong even by Klingon standards, since they’d consider it dishonorable even if they agreed with Chang’s opinions on the Federation.

          • eatrains

            Yup. Trump is a big fan of the Second Amendment people doing something. Crazy.

          • M33


        • Darkthunder

          Or shaving one’s head, is a choice? The same way some Humans shave their heads…

          Kol (of the House of Kor) looks exactly like T’Kuvma. If Kor himself appears on the show, with a similar style as these so-called “Klingons”, there will be pitch forks a plenty.

          • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

            It’s just like with Muslims and beards, which this appears to be a metaphor of somewhat. Some might simply decide to have a full beard or to shave, depending on their whim, while for fundamentalist Muslims it’s a requirement to have a beard.

          • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

            Not all TOS and later Klingons had facial hair either, by the way (although most did).

          • Paweł Ausir Dembowski

            Also, perhaps Kol comes fom the House of Kor but is also a fundamentalist influenced by T’Kuvma?

  • Partha Mittra

    This sounds like an interesting way to incorporate existing canon into Discovery. I will be fascinated to see how they integrate these fundamentalist Klingons into the existing group

    • M33

      Actually, more like ISIS Klingons, now that I think about it.

    • AmiRami

      Yes. If these Klingons are 200+ years removed from the Empire then they never would have had to deal with the augment virus from ENT.

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    Xindi are back! Wait, just xtreme, kewl Klingons

    • Tom

      Why do the bad guys always have the resources to build gigantic, elaborate superships while our main characters are basically stuck with mobility scooters?

      Examples: This Klington contraption, Admiral Robocop’s dreadnought in ST: Into Darkness, Shinzon’s ship in Nemesis, the Romulan mining ship in JJ Trek, etc.

      • Slybrarian

        That’s probably how many of the poor aliens of the week that run into the Enterprise-D feel. Most of the time Picard can’t even be bothered to act threatened while they plink away at the shields.

        • I love how in Enterprise that situation was completely reversed, with the NX-01 just ricocheting missiles off of other ship’s shields.

      • DC Forever

        Because human’s have only been traveling to the stars for 200 years in Star Trek. Nearly every space-faring race we meet is going to have been around a lot longer. Hence, they will have more of a variety of ships, including very big ones, simply because they have had a lot more time to pioneer and engineer different types of ships.

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        Good question. Probably for the same reason the last few Trek movies has felt the need to include a character like Khan, even though Trek is best when it has movies like TMP and Wrath of Khan.

      • AmiRami

        Well in universe the explanation is that Starfleet was never interested in building pure war ships (except the Defiant which ironically is tiny as hell).

    • They look nothing like *any* of the Xindi species. Did you actually watch Enterprise?

      • Christian Freitag

        Resemblances to reptilian Xindi are there. I mean, look at the picture above. That doesn’t even look like a klingon who only shoved his hair! We’ve seen more of Discovery Klingons so far. One can’t explain it with evolution either. It’s only 200 years.

        • DC Forever

          Is that you, Barak? 😉

        • Go ahead and make your argument for the Discovery Klingons looking different, but the comparison to the Xindi makes no sense.

          • Christian Freitag

            Ok, of course, they are not Xindi, but they look similarly compact. Definitely, it is not a Klingon. I have not yet seen a black-blue Klingon with four nostrils, a tapering head on the back and pointed ears (with minor exceptions).

          • So? We have seen klingons redesigned 4 or 5 times. Not a big deal. And why mudt they all be brown? Are all humans brown? Not all vulcans are one color either

        • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

          They also resemble Degra

      • M33
        • AmiRami

          Given Sygorny Weaver’s facial expression and position in that gif, I’m thinking Guy resembles Kirk more than a Red Shirt 😉

      • He hate watched it, I am sure

    • DC Forever

      Moronic spam is back — we heard this from you the first 20 times, clown.

      • DC Forever

        Love the Mothra! LOL

    • None of them look remotely xindi

  • Harald W Gill

    Not going to watch this crap. Blue klingons, give me a break!

    • Blue Klingons?

      • He is more purple than blue

        • M33

          High-blood-pressure Klingon.
          Purple blood and all…

          • Lol. I kinda like seeing more skin tones. Why limit to human norms?

    • GhostLoveScore

      Then why are you reading Trekcore and this article?

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        Because it is a general Trek site , not a Discovery fan Facebook page

      • Harald W Gill

        Simple, I actually love GENE’s Trek. It’s this shit CBS is putting out AND wanting to be paid extra for it that pisses me off.

        Orville, OTOH, carries the spirit of Gene very well.

    • Blue is a possable skin tone. We have humans who have blue skin and those so dark they are purple.

  • A_Warrior_of_Marley

    Well, this pretty much confirms much of the speculation that this ship serves a ceremonial purpose and is several centuries old as well as the style of the outfits worn by the Klingons crewing it.

  • The more we hear, the more it sounds like they’ve really thought through all of this a lot. My confidence has grown in regard to plotting and canon adherence (with visual upgrades). I *love* the idea of this centuries old Klingon ship with 10 generations of Klingon coffins mounted to the outside of it. That’s pretty hard-core. And it sounds like we’ll either see Klingons with hair, or at least have it established that not all Klingons are bald.

    • Two things still left to explain:
      * Why the uniforms don’t match The Cage / The Menagerie
      * Why the newer Discovery has a lower registration number than the older Shenzhou

      I’ll give them a free pass on:
      * Why the ship’s tech looks more advanced than TOS — the Enterprise could have been just as advanced, just with different aesthetics
      * Why they seem to have holographic displays yet everyone in TNG season 1 was wowed by the holodeck — TOS Continues establishes that NCC-1701 had a holodeck (Rod says that series is canon); holodecks could still be uncommon 100 years later (maybe Quark invested a *lot* of latinum); and they were always wowed by the realism, which we presumably couldn’t see via our puny 20th century TVs, not by the mere fact of it being a hologram.

      • GummyHoops

        Assuming that we do see augment and/or TNG style Klingons eventually then the uniform is the only real problem in my opinion. Then again in the TNG/DS9 era we had two uniforms being worn in Starfleet so it’s not unprecedented. There’s also the issue of lasers vs phasers, but there’s no reason to think both couldn’t be in use at the same time.

        Registry numbers have never really made sense so I’m ok with that part. Personally I always assumed they had some deeper meaning rather than just being a simple number that goes up sequentially. Like maybe a ship with 7 in the second digit is always an exploration ship, and so on. The leading 0 on the Kelvin registry strongly suggests something like that.

        As for what “looks” futuristic, I still think the Enterprise in TOS is the most advanced looking spaceship from any era of Trek. It looks like the future. Discovery hasn’t changed that perception at all. If anything I’m disappointed in how prosaic and mundane it looks. I wish it had more of a 60s futurism vibe to it.

        • TUP

          Wasnt lasers simply a production era from The Cage and altered for the second pilot? Have to over look a few things…

          • M33

            LAZIRs, not LASERs
            different tech
            …maybe? 😛

        • M33

          You know what no one has brought up…?


          Now there’s some mental gymnastics for ya!

          • Stardates need to die. They are totally random

          • AmiRami

            Best part about Enterprise.

      • Quonk

        Why the newer Discovery has a lower registration number than the older Shenzhou

        Maybe the Discovery isn’t actually a newer ship but a refit that has been modified solely to serve as a testbed for a new experimental warp drive

        Why the uniforms don’t match The Cage / The Menagerie

        Yeah, it will be interesting to see whether the show will ever touch on that. I’m slowly but steadily constructing my bit headcanon around the uniform thing, based on the fact that there seems to be a degree of correspondence between the metallic trimming on the DISCO-uniforms and the colour scheme of the Cage/WNMHGB-uniforms (the copper trimming kinda bridges the gap between Cage-beige – which appeared light salmon on screen anyway – and TOS-red, whereas silver is arguably closer to the light blue of the Cage uniforms than the more saturated blue of the later TOS uniforms). So maybe the Cage uniforms have always existed as an alternative to the DISCO uniforms…

        • TUP

          They created Cage style uniforms for Discovery but changed their minds. So Im thinking we end up seeing them eventually as a transition. Its possible the Disco unis are “old” and being phased over to Cage style slowly.

          We saw TNG and DS9 do this “slow” transition where both were used.

          Wasnt the Warp scale changed? In TOS, you *could* advance past 10. By TVH, it had been re-calculated based on a 1-10 scale where 10 was essentially infinite timeloop…

          • Quonk

            Well, it can easily be implied that the warp scale has been changed at some point, but I don’t think that was ever stated on screen.
            My point was that we’ve seen the Cage-style uniforms in two episodes (not counting The Menagerie in this case, but of course you can also count that one and disregard The Cage instead if you want to count the episodes as originally aired) so they’re obviously “canon” but the substantiality of their impact on canon is debatable at best.

          • AmiRami

            I think one of the producers explained that the warp scale changed to explain why the ENT-D can’t seem to go any faster than the 1701. But 2 things happened.

            1. the WARP scale changed.

            2. WARP scale is no longer liner but rather a parabola where the difference btween warp 9 and warp 9.975 is much greater than the difference between warp 8 and warp 9. This is why WARP 10 can’t be achieved because in Geometry a parabola will get infinately close to but never actually touch “0” on the X or Y axis.

          • TUP

            Wasnt this the basis for time travel in TVH? Once they achieved Warp 10, they’d be stuck in an infinite time loop. They needed breaking thrusters to activate to take them out of Warp 10 at a specific time.

            Of course, it was far too easy. But made sense.

            I believe one of the books, maybe a Shatner book, had a ship hit Warp 10 and then continue in an infinite time loop, never coming out of it.

          • AmiRami

            Yep it was!!! Dunno if that was the TOS warp scale or the TNG one tho.

            Also a weird contradiction was in “All Good Things” when The USS Pasteur was capable of traveling at warp 13. Loved that series finale but that 1 bit made me facepalm.

          • That just showed another reworking of the scale. Or likeily, some one just not paying attention

          • Yeah, the warp scale was changed. Old warp 12 is like 9.4, warp 14 is 9.87

      • It’s not religious dogma, let go of ‘canon’, Enterprise, First Contact all messed with prior ‘canon’. Perhaps a wizard did it. 😛 Blame Q.

        1.The uniforms don’t match The Cage, because that was a pilot of a TV show made half a century ago. It’s a visual reboot, accept, move on. They ARE consistent with ENT > USS Kelvin (Prime, upto the arrival of Nero) > USS Franklin (Prime as it was crashed before the arrival of Nero). Perfectly consistent.

        2.There is no established method of creating registry numbers. Maybe a product of timeline alterations, does it really matter?

        3. Ship tech more advanced than TOS, because TOS was the product of mid-1960’s thinking and it was already painfully obsolete in it’s day. Get over it.

        4. There is a difference between a holo-display and immersive holographic ‘world’. I don’t give two f–ks what ‘Continues’ says, they hadn’t thought of holodecks in the 1960s.

        I’m a life-long Trekkie and have been since TOS, but c’mon, it’s not dogma and Trek as was ran it’s course, this is a visual reboot and maybe a bit of a gentle universe reboot to bring it into the 21st century. Just relax and enjoy it for what it is instead of trying to mix-n-match it to some idea of Trek from the past, if they make the bits ‘fit’ as time goes on, great, if not, enjoy it as it’s own thing.

        • M33

          Doctor Who and Rogue One shows we can have our visual canon cake and eat it too.

          • Doctor Who is one of the most self contradicting sci-fi shows ever made. Which is part of what makes it great. 😊

          • M33

            You should see the amount of work people have put into making it all work.
            Funny, really.
            But my point was about the visual canon.
            Look at the recreated old TARDIS interior.
            It looks beautiful and still futuristic despite it being a 60s creation.
            We can do the same with Trek.


          • None of this looks half as dated as TOS, not even a little. And Dr.who, unlike trek does not take itself seriously or have they not updated old enemies. More or less all of them got new, modern makeups.

          • M33

            New techniques, yes, but most everything still looks to be the same design as it always had been.
            Hell, they even brought back to original cybermen with their cheesy look and made a frighteningly convincing reason why they look the way they do.



          • They just looked cheesy. Being cheesy and campy is a Dr.who trademark.

          • M33

            It is true that this has become so.
            Funny thing is, in the beginning, they didn’t try to be camp at all.
            A long-term effect of scant budgets, I suppose!
            At some later point, 80s I think, DW went with the camp… hasn’t turned back since, really.

          • Yeah and it works for it, kinda part of its charm. but trek never did that. It always tries to play it straight. And you can’t do that with the goofy 1960’s TV show look any more.

          • M33

            But I am curious to know how you find Pikes bridge to be dated compared to Doctor Who.
            Is it form or function?


          • There are a number of things there that date it heavier. It has screens for one, which shows its date, same with the 60’s desk lights and those chairs. You could take that layout and update it, but you can’t just recreate it and think it looks like anything but a 1960’s set. Those on the walls scream ” NORAD nuke bunker”

          • M33

            Good reference!

            So, if I am understanding you, if the chairs were different, the helm viewers were gone, and all the screens were 16:9 instead of 4:3, would it then be able to pass the “modern” muster (with proper lighting)?
            And given that not every starship is going to have the same Pike-like bridge, accounting for variations.

          • I think updating it and you will get something close to TWoK bridge. The basic layout is of course good, I think that railing needs updating, but over all, who can really argue with that layout? I would like to see it modernized, but kept with that classic layout.

            You recall how the USS Kelvins bridge looked? Other than that low lighting, it looked good IMO

          • TUP

            I would just have preferred they stayed with the USS Kelvin the entire film. It was the best part!

          • I did not like the outer texture, but yeah, great design.

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            I’ve seen in one of the ST2009 artbooks where the USS Kelvin concept art showed it with TOS-style markings and hull texture. Really cool looking.

          • Oh yeah, I have seen that one its called “Iowa” in those. I like many of the ship lay outs, but I dislike those textures and such they used. And then they go with a whole new series of textures for the Enterprise itself.

            also I do not like the nacell and dish designs at all.

          • Nowhereman10

            I loved that concept art and I wish they’d been able to go with that look, makes the design look like something old Franz Joseph would do:


          • I really dislike his Constitution. But the Iowa is just great. I would have changed the dish, but over all it looks nice.

          • M33

            Although, with different lighting, I still think this looks futuristic (beautiful at the very least).

            I know… I’m biased on it and have a hard time being objective!


          • As Gorkon said “If there is to be a brave new world, our generation is going to have the hardest time living in it.”

          • M33

            On a different thread, you made an interesting point about having the TMP Enterprise design with the TOS textures, stating it would be then modernized.
            You mean something like this?


          • No, not the one I was thinking of. It does look a great deal better. The studio model actually had a lot more detail then those old camera’s could pick up. That is also not the TOS design, just colored to look like it. That looks to be the Phase II design with TOS style Nacelles. Notice the neck, secondary hull and Pylons are not the TOS style.

          • I must confess I’ve always liked the Cage-era bridge.

          • GummyHoops

            Still looks like the future to me.

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            Yeah, get rid of the silly goose necked lamp things and it looks pretty good, especially if you put in more modern display graphics and such.

          • See, I think they have gone back to The Cage in many ways. Lots of greys and blues. To me it feels like they used The Cage as a jumping off point – when they revealed the logo and font used, it shouted “CAGE!” to me more than TOS. Of course you can also see ENT > Kelvin > Franklin evolution in it too. Even the phasers for DSC are an updated amalgam of the Cage three-barrelled phasers and TOS ones.

          • The problem is as much as we ALL love TOS, it was visually an eyesore by 1969. They added colour to the Cage sets in places it wasn’t needed (to help sell the new ‘color’ TV service?), but by the Apollo-era, NASA looked more futuristic and 2001 made it look utterly ridiculous. That’s why in less than a decade, Gene et al were going to RADICALLY change things in terms of styles and aesthetics for Planet of the Titans etc. Doctor Who kept things fairly muted in terms of colours etc.that have in -some- ways aged better. Hell, even TNG hasn’t aged well in many regards.

        • AmiRami

          1. the funny thing is tho that the JJ movie uniforms are much more faithful to TOS than DISC is. I’m curious why if modern blockbuster movies can pull this off why can’t a streaming service tv show?

          2. Nothing greatly established except:
          a. NX = experimental vessel, NCC = vessel in service
          b. with the exception of 1701 ships, the registry number that comes after NCC should go in numerical order. Meaning the Discovery (NCC-1031) is a much older vessel than the Enterprise (NCC-1701)

          3. Agreed. We can’t go back to jellybean computer consoles. But I think it would be cool if the design of the bridge matched TOS< just with modern consoles instead of candy. I thought ENT did a great job of this as the tech was FAR superior to TOS but the ship itself resembled more of a submarine which made it feel older IMO.

          4. To be fair, TAS had holodecks.

          • 1: No one wants it to look like kelvin. Which is likely why they do not look the same

            2: Numbers never make sense. We see a constitution with a number 700 lower then the enterprise and the oberths, whivch are clearily newer are a 1000 lower. They never make sense

          • AmiRami

            Well true there are certainly mess ups here and there for a 50+ yr old show. But thats what the logic is supposed to be anyways…

          • Yeah, folks wsnt it to look old. The best thing is I have seen people who said Vile things about the Kelvin era uniforms now pointing to them as how to do them right.

            Freaking priceless

          • AmiRami


          • AmiRami

            lol is that a thing that happened? There is plenty of things I don’t like about Kelvin Trek but I always liked the uniforms.

          • Oh gods yes. There are a number of foljs on line who had masdive Kelvin hate. Everything it did was wrong. One poster I saw (elsewhere) call those uniforms “raping” the memory of TOS. Now the same ahole, now hates DSC with the same passion, points to kelvin as how they godda been updated to honor TOS.😞

          • AmiRami

            I dunno whether to laugh or cry… Prob cry.

          • Go to forums where the anti DSC folks are very vocal. They are small in number but gods they are vocal

          • AmiRami

            you mean on this site? I’m new here so I am not very familiar.

          • No, not here. Although they are loud here. There is only like 4 or 5 of em. Elsewhere they can make the majority of a small fourm.

          • AmiRami

            ok i’ll take a look, thx

          • TUP

            Couldnt the number also be because of a previous ship? I suppose it should then be Discovery-A. But perhaps its using an older number to honor an older ship.

          • That was always silly to me. It was done just to keep the well known 1701.

            I think they are just embracing the stupidty of registry numbers. TOS caused this mess being cheap

          • They have already said the colours on Discovery will change over time to reflect TOS colour schemes, obviously we’ll have to wait and see how they do it, but these minor details are going to be irrelevant to new viewers and to long timers like myself who just want a new, updated Trek that is better than the new movies.

          • AmiRami

            Im not really saying it bothers me as much as I just pointing out for discussion sake :-). If I was really bothered I would once again point out the delta shield is supposed to be mesnt for only the enterprise lol

          • In TOS other crews use it. That is a fan canon thing. Also ENT starfleet used it. So even if it was that way, it no longer is. Blame first contact

          • AmiRami

            Do you remember an ep example by any chance? I mean even Shatner’s (admittedly not canon) books established that StarFleet adopted the delta symbol as a whole in honor of the 1701.

          • AmiRami

            Thanks. I know that in universe Frirendship 1 and ENT came first but in real life TOS came first. So I was wondering if there were instances in TOS where a non-Enterprise person had the delta insignia.

            again, not trying to make a fuss, just honestly curious 🙂

          • I don’t think so, although all the constitution class ships had the more angular yellow arrowheads with the red stripes on the side of the nacelles and hulls. They had a good idea with each ship having a unique symbol, but after the show’s first run the delta logo we are familiar with became ingrained in people’s minds as THE logo for Starfleet aka the good guys.

          • AmiRami

            cool, thanks anyways!

          • AmiRami

            ahh nice! thanks.

          • Yw

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            The irony. Just make the grays on that Cage guy’s overshirt navy blue and leave the gold trim and it looks very much like the DSC uniforms.

          • Yeah the Uniforms are not as bad as folks think. The more shots we get, the better they look. I do not mind the blue color.

          • Agreed but to be fair, the reason is obvious. More people know it’s an iconic “Star Trek emblem” than those who know it was specifically for the Enterprise in the TOS era that just happened to become the Starfleet logo.

          • AmiRami

            It is obv. And I am not gonna be a trek purist and nitpick every little thing. So long as they get the important parts right. Like, if Romulans ever end up on this show, Starfleet crew can never see them.

          • Agreed.

          • M33
          • AmiRami

            Take my money Kindle!

          • I hope they do not go full on TOS colors. Those are god aweful.

          • M33

            Would you settle for The Cage colors?

          • Somewhat. I do not mind some of the colors, but not full on acid trip TOS.

          • M33

            Yeah, I found the post-WNMHGB color pallete to be garrish.
            But the again, TNGs colors look drab, dull, and sterile.

          • Well TOS colors where designed to sell color TVs. TNG is just pure out 90s. That tan color was everywhere, so was the idea of muted tans and light browns.

            There are reasons the D bridge got sll the Hilton jokes.

          • M33

            Speaking of which, DSC just put out this bridge tour video:


          • It is so very close to the cage colors. I liked that little vide, gave a nice over view of thr bridge.

          • M33

            And they even have toggle switches and push buttons!
            Granted, not a lot but some.
            Interesting blending of eras.

            Although I think OSHA would have a field day with them regarding their work enviornment lighting conditions. 😅

          • What makes you think they have OSHA? Have you seen startrek? OSHA would have shut down more or less every starship on the show lol

          • M33

            So true…

            (I meant the OSHA comment in jest, however)

          • Have you ever seen the “United federation of Hold my beer, I got this?”

          • M33

            Haven’t! But have seen others try!

          • Allow me to show you the greatest fan theory of all time

          • M33

            You know what they just basically described?
            The Orville.

          • The Orville was not as funny sadly. If they had went this rout, maybe it would have been

          • M33

            It’s still early. I think it is meant to be a space drama with comedic elements.
            Frankly, TNG had a weak start, too, same with the other series’.
            And SG-1.
            And Babylon 5.
            And Farscape.

          • But, fox…..

          • M33

            Didn’t Firefly air on Fox?

          • Yeah, they aired it on Mondays, out of order and often running late “already in progress” because the games rain late. It made it like six episodes.

            But fx is well known to kill shows fast, not just firefly. They do every year, shows get at most to 4 episodes before they are killed or allowed to run.

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            I really like the close ups of the captain’s chair, you can see the subtle TOS elements worked into it along with the “glass cockpit” controls on the armrests.

          • M33

            Yeah, the closeups were a really good idea. Definitely elements of the TOS era in the design.
            Frankly, the interior looks like a cross between the Kelvin and the TOS Pike Enterprise, which if is an older ship given its registry number, this aesthetic would fit right between the two.

          • Nowhereman10

            Yeah and we have to keep in mind that this is a totally different class of starship, too, which makes a lot of difference. Previously, in TOS, the bridges were identical because the budget of the show didn’t allow for much else and all the starships that got shown were all Connies, so that new sets wouldn’t have to be built. In ST: TWOK, it was again all about budgets as after TMP, the money for anything really big or new wasn’t there and so the Reliant had to be made as close as possible to the Enterprise so that the same sets could be reused with only a minimal amount of redressing. It is not until ST: TSFS that you get a bigger budget and a more epic scope with the Excelsior, the Bird of Prey, and Spacedock models and their interior sets. The Excelsior being very different from the Enterprise except for the very basic layout.

          • I think they may go with similar uniform colours, and they mentioned computer screens. At the moment they are mostly blue – those will evolve to a mix of reds, yellows, greens. I don’t think they’re gonna go back to a 60’s look, that ship has sailed. 🙂

          • Yeah, more highlights is fine and what I would expect

          • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

            Don’t forget that the mirror episodes established TOS as being more advanced than Enterprise.

          • TUP

            Yes, TOS was more advanced than Enterprise. It just didnt look like it.

          • It looked down right antiquated

        • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN


          • mr joyce

            one liners…

          • He yells “xindi” for the 46th time below

          • Only excuses if you’re bothered about it. 99% of fans and new viewers don’t care and are able to accept an updated show without getting their knickers in a twist. Look, I’d rather they’d done certain things, but this is the way it is and after years without Trek I’m glad to have it back, if they change, update or redefine stuff and it works well, I’m all for it.

        • 1. Well, I meant in-canon. Maybe the Enterprise got new experimental uniforms early because they’re the flagship.

          2. Yeah, fair point. The numbers are pretty arbitrary and inconsistent, especially in the 23rd century.

          3. No, I said I think the Enterprise *wasn’t* more advanced, it just had a different style. I think… I guess I *am* “over it”?

          4. That’s exactly my point — a display isn’t a holodeck. I know that the writers hadn’t invented the concept in the 60s; I’m talking in-canon. You’re welcome to swearily disregard Continues.

          I am relaxed. I intend to watch and enjoy the show. I’m just idly thinking about how all the stylistic stuff fits in with the existing shows. I’m not saying you have to care about this stuff 🙂

          • In ‘stylistic’ term, it doesn’t fit and can’t for obvious reasons – TOS is half a century out of date stylistically. It stylistically follows from Enterprise and the USS Kelvin and USS Franklin (especially) as they existed prior to Nero and the ‘Abramsverse’. Everything from this point is up for grabs, I thought it was fairly established that the ‘Prime’ universe had been changed by the Borg interference with First Contact and the Temporal Cold war in Enterprise.

            See chart:

            Discovery is in the middle timeline, no problem. TOS/TNG/DS9 etc are at the top, Abrams Trek is on the lower timeline.

            Et voila!

          • GummyHoops

            This chart isn’t canon, it’s a nonsense fan theory that makes no sense. First Contact is the single timeline kind of time travel, not the split timeline kind. It could not have created an alternate timeline. This is established near the beginning of the movie: When the Borg sphere goes back in time but before the Enterprise follows them, they scan Earth and find it’s been completely assimilated by the Borg. If the Borg had created an alternate timeline then Earth should have stayed the same.

            Not to mention that if it only created an alternate timeline the entire plot of the movie becomes pointless. Why would the Enterprise need to go back in time to save the past of one of an infinite number of parallel Earths when their Earth is just fine? It completely removes all dramatic tension from the movie.

            There’s also the Enterprise finale. I know, everyone hates it, but whether you like it or not it very definitively establishes that TNG – not some weird future reboot TNG, but our TNG – exists in the same universe as Enterprise. Enterprise is in the Prime Timeline.

          • I don’t care if the chart is canon or not, I don’t care about canon, it’s not frickin holy inviolate dogma.

            I’m taking this as a soft reboot/update of a half century old TV show, I’m not getting butthurt over how it rigidly fits in with stuff made in the 1960’s or late 1980’s. If they give nods here and there to make it connect with the old stuff, fair enough, if not, I’m not going to loose sleep over it. If folks can’t get their heads around that, just don’t watch it. I’m not paid to sell it. 🙂

          • GummyHoops

            Sorry, I think you’re missing my point. For me finding a way to head-canon it into all fitting together is *part of the fun* of watching. It’s why I dislike the theory that Enterprise is in a different timeline, because it takes away the fun of trying to find a way it fits together with TOS.

            As long as they leave room for fan theories and don’t explicitly retcon anything, then I’m going to be more than happy. Even if the show itself is kind of crappy I’m still going to get the fun of thinking up fan theories out of it (see also: The Animated Series and Enterprise).

          • I was reading (sorry, not sure where, maybe IGN) that some of the press we visiting the sets and confirmed on one of the Discovery’s computer screens a list of deployed Starfleet vessels, and the USS Enterprise was listed. So as we’re watching DSC, the Enterprise will be there, in some form, with -a- Captain Pike and a female “Number One”.

          • JP

            So why not set it in the future (after Voyager) when nobody needs to even think about any of that?

            Seems obvious, because clearly when you set it in the Trek past you run into this dynamic among the audience.

          • Because they didnt want to. That really is all there is to it.

          • Why not? Thing is the further you keep projecting into the future the more speculative it becomes, personally I think it’s harder to pull off convincingly. Even TNG/DS9/VOY which was 24th century, doesn’t look -that- advanced now.

            I don’t see a problem in going back and updating, redefining the 23rd century and laying a new foundation for Trek to come for future shows and a new generation of fans.

          • JP

            Yeah… speculating about the future. Definitely something Star Trek should be avoiding! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • I don’t think I can make my point without you twisting it.

          • Rob C

            I do agree that some of the technology in TNG seems outdated now, while some seems contemporary. The PADD’s are akin to modern tablets (This perhaps being one of those cases where Star Trek accurately predicted modern tech), while the TNG desktop terminals are horribly outdated compared to modern tablets, laptops and even cell phones. One would have to conclude that real 24th century tech will be far more advanced than anything we can think of today. That being said, Star Trek, and any show/film set in the future, can only guess what future tech MIGHT be, and will always be a product of the era in which they were produced.

          • That was kind of my point, I mean, if we say, “let’s make a Star Trek and set it in the 25th Century”. What would that even look like? It would be as alien, unrelateable and wholly different as today would be to some poor soul from the early 1500’s. Nothing would be the same, worldview, attitudes, we could not presume ANYTHING we can understand today would be remotely the same.

            Would a US-military style starship with a big saucer and warp nacelles be believable? Or would ships be wholly organic and weaved (3d-printed) by bio mechanical birthing chambers in the asteroid belt? Would a crew be needed? If so, would 300+ be credible? Would there be viewscreens or devices to use or would it all be fed into the brain just by putting one’s finger in a wall-socket? Would it interesting to watch with tech so heavily embedded that there would be nothing of interest for a viewer to even look at. Or would it be like Gene’s original idea for TNG, with not even any starships, no tension, no conflict, just a series of discussions with a councillor present. Ugh!

            I think for Star Trek to recognisable as ‘Star Trek’ and keep the formula we like and know, starships, communicators, phasers, tricorders yada yada, you can only go -so far- into the future. I think the 23rd century is a sweet spot.

          • M33

            Although… there is that weird Enterprise E turbolift in the TNG part of it.
            Temporal changes…?

          • Who made that chart?

          • I found it a while back before Discovery was announced IIRC, someone told me ages ago that the Temporal Cold War had altered the timeline already before JJ did. I lost the original and had to do a search for it – I believe it’s from Star Trek Online.

          • AmiRami

            awesome thanks!!! This is my new canon (real ortherwise haha)

          • 🙂 Yay, a victory!

          • AmiRami

            LOL 🙂

          • Seems a fan thing. Also, that is not how timelines work in trek. I know they call kelvin a timeline, but it its more an alt reality.

            Im trek, changing a timeline kills the old one, it does not branch it off.

          • That’s a whole can of worms. I’m satisfied with parallel timelines and events and that things can be changed, updated etc. But, at the end of the day, everyone is trying to make it all fit into a neat overall picture when in reality, they’ve essentially -remade- Star Trek for the 21st century. How folks want to integrate that into their neat little canons is down to them.

          • True enough.

          • AmiRami

            seconded, who made that?

          • Its fan made for sure, but based off an offical one

          • M33


            Then my AlternaTrek 2.0 theory is correct!

            I also view another timeline branching off after Voyager which was caused by the 31st century temporal cold war, setting up why Enterprise turned out the way it did. Anything after ENT would also be altered.

          • It’s all altered, lots of things have been altered, changed and retconned. I just accept it, but some are desperately trying to fit the parts which is probably futile.

          • GummyHoops

            I totally agree with you on this. For me part of the fun of Trek is thinking about how it all fits together, how all these different visions of the future exist side by side. The idea of a “visual reboot” ruins that fun for me.

          • Where on screen does it ever call the TOS enterprise the flagship?

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            In fairness, we never saw any other starship registries on an actual ship except the USS Constellation’s and we don’t see any other starship numbers until TAS and even then those ships were lesser support vessels, not Constitution class or any other large ship. The next time after that is TMP and we don’t see the ships, just hear their registries given over Epsilon 9’s com traffic. It’s not until Wrath of Khan we actually physically see in universe another large starship and its registry… the Reliant.

        • GummyHoops

          If they would just come out and say the apparently forbidden word “reboot” I’d be fine with it. But until they do that, if I can head-canon a way to make it fit with canon (including visually) then I’m going to do that. As far as I’m concerned Captain Pike and Number One are still somewhere off screen having adventurers with their turtle neck uniforms and jellybean consoles.

          • “But until they do that, if I can head-canon a way to make it fit with canon (including visually) then I’m going to do that.”

            Good luck with that, I’m just gonna watch the show for what it is.

          • M33

            Yeah, that is the crux of the matter.
            They knew stating this series was Prime (which would mean with all the established trappings) would create a host of debates once they started rolling out the “new look”.
            They can’t act surprised when there are folks whoare bothered by their “new look” choices, especially in an era which has been revisited numerous times in other series.
            If theu had said, reboot. We’d be like “Great!”
            If they had said “close cousin to Prime universe where story is same but looks are updated”, we’d be like “Great!”
            If they had been upfront and said, “Look, it is Prime, but we must update the visual look, and call it a retcon of the classic look”, we’d be like “Ok, thanks for being honest about it.”

            Instead we have this weird situation where they assure us it is Prime, but everything about their choices indiciate “reinterpretive ‘living document’ Trek”, but no one involves is stating it as such.
            It is a very disingenous approach, in my opinion, almost as if they wanted to fuel the flames of fan controversy on their choices.

            I just wish they had been up front with what they wanted to do.

          • If they had been upfront and said, “Look, it is Prime, but we must update the visual look, and call it a retcon of the classic look”, we’d be like “Ok, thanks for being honest about it.”

            They did, going right back to when Fuller was showrunner. The events of Prime remain, the visual look has been updated. They’ve said this repeatedly, not their fault if some just don’t want to hear it.

            So, once more folks, its Prime with updated looks. Prime with updated looks. The Enterprise is flying about. Kirk will be captain in 10 years time. Prime. Prime with updated looks.

          • M33

            I’ve been following the news for some long while now and have yet hear them state that specifically.
            It has been ambiguous at best.
            Unless I am missing something here.
            Is there a direct quote that affirms what you are saying?

          • Sure, Fuller made the point directly a number of times himself as far back as summer last year. A couple of quotes:


            (Talking to Fuller – Aug 2016)
            Star Trek: Discovery will be set in the “Prime Universe” (so in the timeline of the original shows, not the J.J. Abrams reboot films), about a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission. “We can redefine the visual style,” he said. “We get to play with all of the iconography of those ships and that universe. Since we are doing this series in 2016, and all of the other series have been produced [at a time that] isn’t as sophisticated as we are now with what we can do production-wise, we’re going to be reestablishing an entire look for the series — not only for the series, but for what we wanted to accomplish with Star Trek beyond this series.”

            Fuller also said to the Television Critics Association in 2016:
            “We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the Enterprise and the original series and really help us redefine the visual style of Star Trek

            This was reported:

            ..and on a heap of other sites..

          • M33


            Interesting that we uses two terms which mean contrary things:
            “redefine”(to make a new meaning for) and “reestablish” (to set again what had been before)

            Unless he is meaning both are true, in which case they are “redefining” the limits of that era’s “look” and at the same time “reestablishing” the classic “look” along with it.

            I still think it would have been clearer if he had said “we are rebooting the visual style”.

          • I can’t speak for others or how they interpret things, it’s meaning is crystal clear to me and always was.

        • Aaron

          I think the frustrating thing for a lot of fans is, re: visual style, this could have all been avoided if instead of yet another prequel series they had gone with a post TNG/DS9/VOY series. Based on what we know of the plot so far, the same plot could have worked just as well in the 24th/25th century. Alas, we have what he have, and all we can do is hope that it’s good and worthy of the Star Trek title. As it is, I am cautiously optimistic.

    • scotchyscotchscotch

      I agree and it provides a more satisfying explanation for the ship being 3 times the size of Fed ships than we’ve gotten for other huge ships lately 😉

    • Pedro Ferreira

      The thing I don’t think they’ve thought it through at all.

    • Sean Walsh

      I agree. This looks very alien to me. Where before the Klingons just looked like a bike gang in their leather it still looked human. This doesn’t. I’m very excited about this.

  • Jörg Hillebrand

    So, that’s were Klingon mummification glyphs from “Star Trek IV” fit in nicely…

  • That explanation for the awfully ornamented flying cathedral is exactly what has been speculated about for many months. But how is that supposed to make more sense if other Klingons of the series like Kol of the House of *Kor* are bald too and look like T’Kuvma’s species?

    • MattR

      Maybe Kol is a believer but not enough to switch houses and join them. Or if that ship has been off on its own without being in contact with other Klingons, Kol is following some of their belief system but is still leading his own house.

      • I somehow doubt that the “normal” Klingons in the series look the way they should. But we will have to wait for Discovery to take the chance to avert its self-decanonization.

        • Eric Cheung

          I get the impression that there are no “normal” Klingons, just like there are no “normal” humans. There’s diversity among Klingons. Given these Klingons are unusually isolationist and interested in racial purity, maybe the Augment Klingons, the TMP Klingons, the TSFS through Berman-era Klingons, etc. all had their 23 and Me tests come back with results suggesting non-Klingon ancestors a few generations back. That would make sense too, as other Klingons seem more interested in expansionist imperialism, as opposed to the isolationism of this group of in-bred aristocracy.

        • MattR

          We’ll have to see. But Kol looks noticeably different from the Klingons in the House of T’Kumva. It’s not a stretch to think others will look different and more like Klingons we’ve seen in the past.

  • Quonk

    Wow, that’s a nice couple of information tidbits! Some aspects make more sense now, even though I can’t quite get my head around the “200-year-old starship” thing. It’s not like the general idea of ancient starships hadn’t been around since the days of TOS (I’m looking at you, Botany Bay!) – but judging by the looks of it… Do they mean to imply that Klingons used to be more advanced than humans in the past?
    Or maybe it’s a ship that has “grown” – almost organically – over time, not only in size but also having been refurbished, re-armed and generally modernised bit by bit…
    The idea is a bit odd, considering they’re Klingons. But then again: This would seem to be a very special “brand” of Klingons and it’s part of the show’s premise to expand on Klingon lore.
    I’m so looking forward to the show’s premiere.

    • > Do they mean to imply that Klingons used to be more advanced than humans in the past?

      Klingons have *always* been more advanced than humans. You have no honor!

      • Quonk

        i have honour in spades… but a very short memory. Qapla’

    • Locutus

      I believe it is actually consistent with Star Trek lore suggesting that Klingons have been spacefaring since the 14th or 15th century. They drove off Hur’q invaders and stole their technology.

      • TUP

        Was about to hare the same thing. I dont recall it being stated on screen so not official canon but the idea of the Klingons in this regard makes sense. They were once conquered and rose up. Inherited technology that they likely knew how to use but not replicate until they fully understood it.

        ie. they could have been using advanced tech a long time before they fully understood it and could create their own.

      • Quonk

        Okay, I obviously need to rewatch some of the Klingon-centered episodes of ENT and DS9. I completely forgot about the Hur’q thing, to be honest, but yes, it was mentioned in ENT, wasn’t it?
        So, fair enough – sarcophagus ship doesn’t seem that odd anymore.

        • Locutus

          Briefly mentioned in ENT. I think they were introduced in “Sword of Kahless” (DS9).

          • AmiRami

            Yep. Worf, Dax and Kor search for the Sword of Kahless and they tell Quark or someone the story of how the Hur’q plundered the Klingon empire 1000s of years ago and set them back technologically by centuries.

    • Eric Cheung

      Aside from the Hurq invasion, Klingons have always had at least some tech that was more advanced than contemporary Earth technology. In ENT, they were a well-established empire. In TOS they had mind sifters and cloaking devices.

  • Walter Kovacs

    i felt a great disturbance in the galaxy, as if millions of voices suddenly read an article and were suddenly very relieved 😀

  • AndroidDoctorr

    I thought Kahless already came back

    • Locutus

      That was a clone during the TNG/DS9 era, and not the real Kahless.

      • AmiRami

        But before that time there were Klingons who claim to have seen visions of him.

      • AndroidDoctorr

        So you’re Klingon Jewish

  • Harry Kane

    Intresting, so if this is the case, then it explains the difference between the Klingons. Will be intresting to see the normal klingons and their normal birds of prey, D7’s, predator class’s e.t.c we hope

  • AmiRami

    So these Klingons predate not only the Federation but Starfleet? reminds me a bit of the VOY ep Prophecy where the D7 cruiser left klingon space decades ago and is looking for their next messiah, the “Kuvah’magh”

  • AmiRami

    Also it just occurred to me how much alike “T’Kuvma,” and “Kuvah’magh” are lol

  • Fiery Little One


  • Matthew Burns

    Is it just the klingons we will see in Discovery’s first season?

    • AmiRami

      Given that these seasons are much shorter than previous Trek shows that would be my assumption. But who knows?

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I wonder if we’ll get to see an actual standard Klingon on the show? Probably when they bother to explain why the Klingons are now purple.

  • KMO