While Star Trek: Discovery is launching on CBS All Access in the United States and on a few different places up in Canada, the rest of the world will be getting the new series starting September 25 on Netflix’s streaming service – a fact known for quite some time.

Today, however, Netflix has publicly detailed when the new episodes of the series will arrive in its international catalog – just a few hours after the CBS All Access release schedule.

There you go, rest-of-the-world: call off work and set your alarms for a Monday morning Star Trek breakfast bonanza! The series arrives 7AM GMT / 8AM CET UPDATE: 8AM BST / 9AM CET starting September 25, with weekly releases each Monday following.

No word yet if Netflix will carry the After Trek post-episode talk show, but if they do we’ll be sure to let you know here.

REMINDER: Comments on piracy or other means of circumventing international distribution restrictions will be removed.

  • Matthew Burns

    I will plan to watch, Tuesday evening. Those 24hrs will be very tempting… but I can wait 24 more hours I suppose.


      You may have to avoid visiting any Star Trek websites on Monday. I haven’t decided yet when I’ll watch. Usually, I’m having TV/movie night every Sunday with a friend. New Discovery episodes will come out on Monday so that would mean I’d be almost a week behind.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I wonder if the US will get it on Netflix after the season completes? After a season ends for a show on network TV, Netflix gets the whole season weeks or months later. Will All Access do the same or will they horde the show the whole time?

    • MaFt

      Yes, US and Canada get the whole series in one go after the whole lot has finished. Same as other shows like Better Call Saul which is weekly on Netflix everywhere else.

  • Quintillion Tesla

    I’ve alreadt signed up for Netflix UK specifically for DSC!

    • KitchUK

      Its a great service for the price point. You have access to all the Star Trek back catalogue with Netlix. I myself recently watched all DS9 and VOY!

  • Life In Episodes

    This summer, I got to look forward to monday nights because of new Twin Peaks, now Discovery will take its place – and I cannot wait!

  • Alex Gunn

    Monday is one of my days off from work. I’ll be taking my sons to school and then sitting down to watch this in peace.

  • voyager75000

    YAAAAY 🖖🏻 yey yey yey 🕺🕺🕺 schalalaalalalllaalala jucheee 🎉

  • klingonska

    It’s worth noting that the UK is actually currently on BST, not GMT; 7.00 BST is 6.00 GMT. This can cause some confusion, as there are several countries that are on GMT all year round, including a large portion of West Africa.

    Likewise, they probably mean 8.00 CEST, not CET; CET is synced with BST, and is currently only observed in Algeria and Tunisia.


    GMT: 6.00
    BST / CET: 7.00
    CEST: 8.00

  • startrekker1701

    Why are they releasing a episode a week?! Just get it all on there.

    • pittrek

      Because they’re still filming it.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    “REMINDER: Comments on piracy or other means of circumventing international distribution restrictions will be removed.” Remember folks:


    • Pedro Ferreira

      Because who the hell would want to pirate Discovery anyway? Ha, ha!