First announced earlier this year, HarperCollins Publishing will be bringing new reference book Star Trek: The Book of Listsgrouping all sorts of Trek knowledge, details, and ephemera into a series of categorical lists covering the whole of Star Trek history – including the Kelvin Timeline films – in one hardcover collection.

Spanning the epic science fiction franchise’s fifty-one-year history, a breathtaking collection of the most compelling Star Trek facts and trivia, including events from both on and off-screen, available in 100 concise lists.

Since Gene Roddenberry’s original series first aired in 1966, Star Trek has become a pop culture phenomenon, and one of the largest global properties of all time. Entertaining and fun, Star Trek: The Book of Lists catalogs the most compelling facts about the original series and its spin-offs, as well as its thirteen films, gathered together and broken down into one hundred lists, including “Historical Figure Cameos,” “Crew Crossovers,” “Memorable Deaths,” “Intergalactic Threats,” “Enemies,” and “Villains.”

Compiling a galaxy’s worth of information in one handy digest, Star Trek: The Book of Lists is a fascinating historical record of the Star Trek universe for both hardcore fans and causal viewers.

HarperCollins has released the first set of preview pages for the upcoming hardcover from author Chip Carter, looking at just a few of the dozens of included lists in this book.

Our own Star Trek listmaster Jim Moorhouse will bring your our review of Star Trek: The Book of Lists when it arrives in November. While you wait, you can lock in your preorder for this upcoming release below!

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Also coming this fall from Voyageur Press is Star Trek: Treknology from author Ethan Siegel, a new hardcover book taking a scientific look at the tools and technology that powers the United Federation of Planets.

The name Star Trek conjures images of faster-than-light spacecraft, holographic crew members, and phasers set to stun. Some of these incredible devices may still be far from our reach, but others have made the leap from science fiction to science fact—and now you can learn the science and engineering of what makes them tick.

Treknology looks at over twenty-five iconic inventions from the complete history of the Star Trek television and film universe. Author Ethan Siegel explores and profiles these dazzling technologies and their role Star Trek, the science behind how they work, and how close we are to achieving them in the real world today.

This stunning collection is packed with 150 superb film and television stills, prop photography, and scientific diagrams to pull you into another world. Brace yourself for a detailed look at the inner workings of Star Trek’s computing capabilities, communications equipment, medical devices, and awe-inspiring ships. This book is one that no fan of Star Trek, or future tech, will want to miss.

Voyageur Press has released the first set of preview pages for the upcoming hardcover, due for release in mid-October.

Watch for our review of this reference book later this year – and in the meantime, you can preorder this book through the links below.

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