REVIEW & CONTEST — ThinkGeek’s STAR TREK: TNG Warp Core USB Car Charger


ThinkGeek released an wild new exclusive Star Trek: The Next Generation accessory earlier this month: an Enterprise-Dstyle warp core USB charger, ready to dock with your Galaxy-class starship and warp you to places never before explored.

But will it take you to Warp 9 or leave you cruising at impulse? Read on!

This warp core is a pass-through USB Type-A charger, with two ports supporting 2.1 Amps of charging power each — meaning that if you’ve got a newer USB-C device, you’ll need an adapter — and even though it’s from the 24th Century, it still plugs into your car’s 12V power port / cigarette lighter rather than drawing from your antimatter reserves.

The charger is not small: it measures 8″ tall, with a wide 2.5″ base that settles onto your vehicle’s cupholder. (It also includes an adapter ring if you have larger-than-usual cupholders.)

Depending on where your charger sits in your vehicle, the two ports may be somewhat awkward to access, as they are strangely placed surrounding the power cable that plugs into your dashboard — meaning you may end up with the cable wrapped around the charger depending on where you need to plug in your devices.

The big feature of this charger, of course, is the internal lighting to simulate the famous blue glow of the Enterprise-D‘s matter/antimatter reaction chamber, hurtling the starship through space faster than the speed of light.

Powered by internal LEDs, the core has a series of simulated warp pulses which travel from the top and bottom of the device — but this small version of the core has no audio component, so don’t expect to be hypnotized by the sound of the dilithium reaction chamber while you’re on the road.

To be clear: We added the extra audio effect to the video above!

One minor disappointment on the internal lighting is that the central portion of the core, normally lit up white aboard the Enterprise-D, doesn’t have its own dedicated LED to glow here; it’s lit up only by the blue lights coalescing around it — which can be easily disabled as needed by the top button.

There’s also a pair of orange LEDs deep below the base to light up the core from the bottom, certainly more visible in the evening hours.

All that being said, this really is a neat bit of Next Generation electronica, which will be right at home in the shuttlepod of your choice — just make sure to perform regular maintenance on the ejection system in case of collision!

The Next Generation Warp Core USB charger is available exclusively from ThinkGeek, at a price of $39.99.

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Thanks to our friends at ThinkGeek, TrekCore is happy to give away two Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Chargers to a pair of lucky readers!

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From Montgomery Scott to Trip Tucker, Star Trek has plenty of miracle workers in the ‘fleet – tell us your favorite adventure centered around one of those technical wizards!

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  • Stuart Ward

    Relics. “No bloody A, B, C, or D.” Gets me every time.

  • Moreface

    Cool. Would impress even those not keen on Star Trek. may even convert them. Resistance is futile.

  • Tanner James Day

    Relics, hands down. “It is… it is green”

    • Christopher Collins

      One of the best lines. in the season 2 episode “By Any Other Name” then said even better by Data in Relics.

  • david williams

    I loved Scotty in ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’. They start a bar fight not because of the Klingons calling Kirk names but because they challenged the ships honor.

    Capt. Kirk: And after they said all this, that’s when you hit the Klingons.
    Scott: No, sir.
    Capt. Kirk: …No?
    Scott: No, er, I didn’t. You told us to avoid trouble.
    Capt. Kirk: Oh, yes.
    Scott: And I didn’t see that it was worth fighting about. After all, we’re big enough to take a few insults. Aren’t we?
    Capt. Kirk: What was it they said that started the fight?
    Scott: They called the Enterprise a garbage scow! Sir.
    Capt. Kirk: I see. And… that’s when you hit the Klingon?
    Scott: Yes, sir!
    Capt. Kirk: You hit the Klingons because they insulted the Enterprise, not because they…
    Scott: Well, sir, this was a matter of pride.

    That was Scotty, he could take some insults and drink but challenge the pride of his ship and pay the price!

  • Matt Fuller

    Gotta agree with the others here on Relics. Definitely the best. As another odd pick, I also like the DS9 epi where Rom of all people came up with the idea for the self-replicating mine field. 🙂

  • Robert Deem

    Geordi La Forge in Booby Trap. Great episode.

  • Lauren Major

    Bar Association is my favorite Rom episode! It was a great episode both that explored labor practices and unions, and gave Rom the confidence to go after his goal to be in engineering.

    • Christopher Collins

      The Bar Association is one of my favorite DS9 episodes as well. Although I never saw that as a Engineer episode even though you are right that it did get Rom to become an Engineer and the whole union strike was instigated by the idea given by Chief O’Brien.

  • Doctors Tardis

    I don’t want to pick something obvious. Shuttlepod one. Because it’s one of my favorite examples of a well done bottle episode.

  • Michael Spurlock

    Relics. It’s a warm, loving sendoff to the best engineer Starfleet ever had, or will have. Even though Geordi acts like a spoiled jerk.

  • Greg Rozier

    Relics featuring two of the best engineers together

  • Cobber

    Relics. From a Dyson sphere to Scotty’s conversations with Geordi and Picard, it can’t be beat.

  • Christopher Collins

    I really had to think about this one. I really wanted to say Chief O’Brien in the 7th season episode of DS9 Treachery, Faith and the Great River because Nog kept messing with the Chief. But that particular episode did not show the Chief too much. I am going to say that the episode that really showed an Engineer’s capabilities was Geordi in the TNG 3rd season episode The Enemy. It had Geordi think outside the box to get out of a direr situation. He finds a way to make climbing tools with rocks and a phaser. This shows that you can use your phaser for more then than just stun and kill. Then Geordi is able to think his way out without seeing but still be able to use his own visor. Also Geordi finds a way to get himself out of a conflict with a Romulan. This episode shows Geordi’s Engineering expertise off of the Enterprise besides just technobabble but shows Geordi doing everything physically.

  • Roger McCoy

    “Hard Time”. The harshest of the “torture O’Brien” episodes sees him truly crushed by the events he’s lived through and struggling with his failure to live up to the 24th century’s view of a “perfect” human. A powerful episode.

    “Relics” is pretty great too, but I’d argue that’s centered around *two* of Starfleet’s engineers. 😉

    • Oh gods, I had forgotten Hard Times. That was a really good and very powerful one

  • Tracy Presse

    “Faces” Star Trek Voyager
    B’Elanna Torres coming face to face with her two ancestries and struggling to reconcile both

  • Ross D. Robertson

    Relics. Every. Time.

  • Matt Turner


  • FightingMongooses

    “Booby Trap” featuring Geordi LaForge (and I guess the follow up “Galaxy’s Child”). Once or twice I’ve kinda fallen in love with my idea of a woman while the reality is quite a bit different.

  • Leen D

    I, Borg was my fave Geordi episode. =)

  • John Tenuto

    I enjoyed “Mirror, Mirror” because not only did Scotty have to figure a solution to how to return to the regular universe, it is the first time he called Kirk “Jim” which showed they had a great deal of friendship and respect with each other. Plus, McCoy had to help with engineering like he did with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. That is my favorite!

  • Thierry Soucie

    I kind of have a hard time finding an episode centered specifically around an engineer… too many possibilities all kind of blur at one point!

    But I do remember loving Relics, even though at the time, I had never seen TOS and was a wee-teenager who thought old was boring and TNG was already almost 25 years old!

  • Ryan Ruppel

    DS9’s ‘Hard Time’ It focuses on Chief O’Brien when he has to face Twenty years in prison.

    • Keith Melton

      Pretty much any of the “O’Brien Must Suffer’ episodes are some of my favs.

  • Mike McLeod

    Most people are picking episodes that feature engineers, but my favorites are the ones where they’re actually doing engineering work, like TNG’s “Bobby Trap” where Geordi has to defeat the alien trap or VOY’s “Extreme Risk” where B’Ellana has to prevent a hull breach in the Delta Flyer. But my favorite of these is DS9’s “The Assignment” because it has both O’brien and Rom being awesome – O’brien does his engineering thing well to save Keiko from the pah wraith, but while he’s playing Rom for an idiot, Rom is the one who eventually figures out what the wraith is up to, because Rom is a genius. Engineers are the best.

  • jonathanwthomas

    It doesn’t make the warp core noise? That’s a deal breaker.

    I’m still waiting for ThinkGeek to release their Star Trek white noise machine they ‘released’ as an April Fool’s joke.

  • Ric Anderson

    “What’s your favorite ‘Star Trek’ episode centered around on of Starfleet’s Engineers?

    Mine would be the TNG episode where Geordi creates & the falls for a hologram of Lea Brahams..

  • Reign1701A

    “The Doomsday Machine”; it’s not an “engineer-focused” story per say, but Scotty is the quiet hero of the show. He makes the wreck of the Constellation workable by getting its impulse engines online and charging up a phaser bank (“Scotty, you’ve earned your pay for the week!”), which is key to saving the Enterprise when its snared by the planet killer. Then, he rigs a timed detonation of the Constellation’s impulse drive, which is what destroys the planet killer. And to top it all off, he’s the one who gets the Enterprise’s transporters back online in time to pull Kirk off the Constellation. If Scotty isn’t on duty that day, that episode would have a very different ending!

  • tom_k35

    Relics, totally focusing on one character. But one of the best Scotty episodes from TOS, not engineer centric though, is Doomsday Machine

  • James Willinghan

    Relics! Definitely Relics!!!

  • David Dennis

    Wolf in the Fold

  • Jose Hernandez

    I pick Relics, the best of both worlds

  • mrserling

    I actually really like “The Lights of Zetar,” mainly because we get to see Scotty differently than usual. I also love “Shuttlepod One” and “Booby Trap.”

  • Claude

    What about “I, Borg”? Geordi befriending Hugh and then trying to convince Picard not to turn him into an outright weapon…

  • I kinda love it. Almost want to get one to sit on my desk. Almost.

  • Let The Orioles Win

    I’ve always liked Relics too.

  • By far, “Treachery, Faith and the Great River” from DS9 is one of my favorite engineering episodes.

    Chief O’Brien pushes against his better judgment to trust Nog’s Ferengi trading know-how, in order to get a graivton stabilizer for an engineering assignment from Sisko. In embracing Nog’s methods to acquire the part, O’Brien truly embodies IDIC, and Starfleet’s multiculturalism — for an engineering cause! It’s also REALLY funny.

    Have faith in the Great River. 😁

  • Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

  • aethelberga

    I’ve always been partial to Wolf in the Fold. It’s a Scotty episode even though it’s not engineering-centric. I like the idea of Jack the Ripper as an alien entity temporarily possessing people.

  • Aaron M G


  • Steven_Kirk

    I see I’m not alone in picking “Relics.” It was the first episode that came to mind. Mr. Scott has a number of great “miracle worker” moments from TOS to the features, but everything, including the characters were just so “right” in this episode. Much more than just tossing around a bunch of Treknobable and reversing polarity or whatever to get out of the problem of the week. In fact, I think I’m gonna go watch it again right now! 🙂

    • Snap

      “The android at the bar told me you could show me my old ship. Let me see it!” I love Scotty.

  • Chris Gray

    Wolf in the Fold

  • Graham Gentz

    Call to Arms! Gotta love Rom.

  • Samantha Gardner

    One of the first episodes that comes to my mind is “That Which Survives”. Scotty’s banter with Spock never fails to make me laugh, and of course saves the day when he, once again, lives up to his reputation as a miracle worker. Even after Spock volunteered to do the risky work, Scotty said that he would instead and Spock didn’t lose faith in him. A very underrated episode, in my opinion 🙂

  • Grayson

    TNG: Booby Trap/Galaxy’s Child. I love seeing the Enterprise during development, and seeing a brilliant female engineer put Geordi in his place is priceless.

  • CM Thomas

    My favorite was Dreadnought. B’elanna vs. B’elanna. It reminds me of the the question on whether a god can create a rock too heavy for him to lift. Can an engineer create a system that even she can’t hack into? Anyhow, very entertaining episode.

  • Brough Perkins

    “Unexpected” Season one of Enterprise. Trip (Charles Tucker) gets to visit a truly alien vessel in distress. During his visit he ends up getting pregnant. This was a truly star trek episode to me, and featured a lot of character development and humor as well as our first look at the Klingons in Enterprise!

    I think of this as one of the few great Engineer Episodes in Star Trek! <3

  • My favorite is in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home – Scottie is explaining transparent aluminum, picks up a mouse and talks into it “Computer. Computer!?!” Good stuff.

  • Relics was the first episode that popped into my head. (I can see I’m not the only one.)

  • FHawks

    ST:TOS, S2E14 – Wolf In The Fold
    “you mean my neck is gonna have to depend on some spooky mumbo-jumbo?”

  • Zedd Wordd

    My favorite has to be Aquiel. Geordi is the best engineer there is!

  • My favorite is “The Doomsday Machine”, where Scotty gets a thoroughly wrecked starship moving and fighting again – apparently via sheer willpower.

  • Du H

    DS9 Visionary.

  • Ben White

    ‘Empok Nor’

    ‘No, I’m an engineer!’ – O’Brien.