For years, the Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection model series has stuck to on-screen, canon vessels from all eras of the Star Trek universe — from Enterprise NX-01 to the Romulan warbird Valdore from Star Trek: Nemesis — and even as they expanded to the Kelvin Timeline films, the model series never took on “beta canon” ships from the world of Trek games, comics, or books.

The USS Titan in its first appearance.

That is, until now! After a massive fan campaign to petition Eaglemoss to include hero starships USS Titan (captained by Will Riker) and USS Aventine (captained by Ezri Dax) from the ongoing post-Nemesis novel line in the Official Starships Collection, these first non-canon vessels are finally making their way to fans after a two-year wait.

While the Aventine is debuting to the USA as a convention-exclusive ship at next week’s New York Comic Con (and will be available to purchase online later), we’ve got our hands on the USS Titan now!

Created by illustrator Sean Tourangeau for Simon & Schuster’s design contest leading off the Star Trek: Titan novel series, the Titan is a Luna-class starship first mentioned in the opening scenes of Star Trek: Nemesis as Will Riker’s new assignment after being promoted to captain.

The USS Titan NCC-80102 is a Luna-class Federation ship named after a moon in the Sol system and commanded by Captain William T. Riker.

The vessel’s first mission was to transport the crew to the Romulan Empire to investigate the possibility of peaceful relations. After the completion of its primary mission, the Titan began its previously planned mission to explore the Gum Nebula.

During their deep space exploration, Riker and his crew discover darklings, the Caeliar, and the Axis of Time.

The USS Titan model is constructed similarly to Eaglemoss’ other releases, with the upper side of the saucer composed of die-cast metal and the underside, secondary hull, and warp nacelles molded from plastic; the ship measures in length approximately 5.25″.

Despite its size and high amount of surface detail, however, the model has a surprising lack of color – none of the brightly-colored phaser strips, sensor pods, or maneuvering thrusters that appear on other Federation ships; there is a bit of two-toned grey to the ship as certain hull panels are marked with a darker shade.

The main highlight color on the Titan is bright blue, adorning the ship’s deflector dish, small circular areas above and below the ship’s saucer, and most noticbly as the three-sided warp grilles on each nacelle.

While both the impulse engines and bussard collectors are presented on the Titan as transparent plastic, the warp grilles are painted details rather than more common plastic inserts; this may be a necessity forced by the complex shape of the nacelle design.

The impulse engines, by comparison, are so tiny that they barely register as red; their location lacks any chance for light to pass through the plastic that they are quite difficult to see.

All in all, the USS Titan is an outstanding first venture in to the world of off-screen Star Trek starships, one we’re happy to see Eaglemoss is continuing to explore.

Not just the Aventine, mind you, but when we spoke to Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson in August, he confirmed that the company is exploring several ships that never made it in front of cameras, like Matt Jeffries’ Phase II refit of the USS Enterprise

Concept illustration of the Jefferies PHASE II Enterprise refit.

…Rick Sternbach’s early concept design of the USS Voyager

Sternbach’s early USS Voyager prototype design.

…and the original Andy Probert Ambassador-class design of the Enterprise-C, already in the works.

Robinson shared photos of a custom-labeled version of this prototype vessel design on Twitter last week; his personal edition will be labeled the USS Ambassador, while the rest of us will have access to this ship as the Enterprise-C.

While the Titan has already gone out of stock at Eaglemoss’ web store due to overwhelming and unexpected demand, Robinson has already confirmed that more Titan models are being ordered to production so fans can have another chance at getting their hands on the Luna-class ship soon.

In the meantime, you can keep watch in the Eaglemoss store for its return, or stop by their booth next week at New York Comic Con and see if you can find a copy for yourself there.

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