We’re just days away now from the debut of Star Trek: Discovery on television – but its influence has already impacted two popular online Trek games before the series arrives!

Star Trek Timelines has had plans to include Discovery characters for some time (as we reported in August) and this week the game has launched both Lt. Commander Saru and First Officer Michael Burnham as part of its roster of Trek character choices.

Within the game, Lt. Saru has already been offered to players as a complimentary addition to the crew, usable in missions throughout the Timelines program, with inventory items like his Starfleet uniform, communicator, and a copy of the Prime Directive.

iTunes’ promotional imagery for the game has also been updated, featuring First Officer Michael Burnham (and the USS Shenzhou) along with Captain Philippa Georgiou, the other two previously-announced character additions to Timelines.

The iOS application icon has been updated to feature the USS Shenzhou as well:

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Star Trek Online also debuted a surprise update to their platform today, with the release of Star Trek: Discovery uniforms to add to your crew’s collection. From now through October 6, PC players at the rank of Federation Captain can claim these uniforms from the new series at no charge — and console players, you’ll be getting them soon too.

Image via Star Trek Online.

In three days, the first new Star Trek television series in twelve years will air on CBS, and very soon after on CBS All Access. We’re incredibly excited for Star Trek: Discovery, and all the new and exciting additions it will bring to the Star Trek universe.

But before you tune back in to see new adventures in the Final Frontier, we’re offering you a chance to experience that era in Star Trek Online. From Thursday, September 21st at 9am PST, to Friday, October 6th at 10am PST, Federation Captains on PC can receive the uniform from the brand new series for free! (And don’t worry, Console Captains, it’s coming your way soon.)

Just head to the Promotions tab of the C-store to pick it up right now, and we can’t wait to experience the new universe of Discovery with you!

You can learn more about this offer and see additional images at the Star Trek Online blog.