First announced early this spring, novelty product design company Beeline Creative has finally released their first wave of Star Trek: The Original Series “Geeki Tikis,” a set of sculpted drinkware themed like six classic Trek characters.

Spock, Kirk, and McCoy tikis
Mugato, Klingon, and Gorn tikis

These first Star Trek tikis featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy, along with famed alien enemies – the Gorn, the Mugato, and of course, a member of the Klingon Empire.

Each tiki measures about 7.5″ tall, with the Gorn and Mugatu designs each about 3/4″ taller than the rest of the set to account for those aliens’ additional height.

Spock’s tiki flashes the classic Vulcan salute.

While each tiki is painted a colorful hue on the exterior, the interior of each mug are painted either a jet black or bright yellow for contrast.

Our favorite TOS tiki has to be the McCoy design, which somehow truly captures the irascibility of DeForest Kelley’s character!

These tall tiki mugs do not have handles, but each features a detailed 360 sculpt which surrounds the entire exterior. Here’s a look at each of the six designs from all angles!

Captain Kirk
Doctor McCoy
The Mugato
Mister Spock
The Gorn

Beeline Creative has already announced a second wave of TOS “Geeki Tikis” are on the way – likely to feature some more of the Enterprise crew – along with a Star Trek: The Next Generation set sometime in the future.

These Star Trek: The Original Series tikis are exclusives, and can be ordered from their store.

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