While cheering continued expansions of the CBS All Access streaming platform tonight, the digital arm of the broadcast network has announced that the first half of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season will last through November 12, a week past the original November 5 schedule, with a new press release.

The First Three Episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery” Push CBS All Access into Warp Speed, Surpassing the Record Set the Previous Week Leading into the Series Premiere

NEW YORK – Oct. 3, 2017 – CBS All Access, the CBS Television Network’s digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service, today announced that its latest original series, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, has pushed the service to a new record high for subscriber sign-ups in a single week. This builds on the momentum and previous record the series set around its Sept. 24 premiere which marked a record-breaking day, week and month for the service.

“Consumer response to the launch of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY has been tremendous,” said Marc DeBevoise, President and COO, CBS Interactive. “The build up to the show’s premiere led us to a record-setting month, week and ultimately day of sign-ups. The second week of the series has also exceeded our expectations and is a credit to the brilliant and dedicated work of the show’s entire creative team and cast. We can’t wait for fans to see what comes next for the U.S.S. Discovery and its crew.”

Earlier this year, the series was expanded from a 13 to 15-episode inaugural season, and now rather than an 8-and-7 season split, this early run of episodes will conclude November 12 for the winter break.

As previously announced, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY will air in two chapters. The eight-episode-long first chapter of the series will now be increased to nine episodes, with the final episode of chapter one debuting on Sunday, Nov. 12. The second chapter, featuring the remaining six episodes, will return in January 2018.

T’Kuvma’s ship decloaks in front of the USS Shenzhou. (“The Vulcan Hello”)

Meanwhile, two more episode titles have been revealed due to published television listings, with the rest of 2017’s schedule looking like this for the next six weeks:

– October 8: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”
– October 15: “Choose Your Pain”
– October 22: “Lethe”
– October 29: Episode 107
– November 5: Episode 108
– November 12: Episode 109

For those curious, “Lethe” comes from classical Greek, where the literally means “oblivion”, “forgetfulness”, or “concealment”.

As we learned from “Battle at the Binary Stars,” Klingon leader T’Kuvma was named as the inventor of the Sarcophagus ship’s surprise cloaking device; this title could be a clue towards that end of the Discovery storyline.

Star Trek: Discovery airs weekly on CBS All Access, Space, and Netflix around the world.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Where are all those genius’s now who were predicting this platform would fail, and saying that CBS servers would crash, and the quality would only be 720P, with social media having a firestorm on the plaform’s problems?

    (Yes, “Tom Cruise” I am including you in this question.)

    • Joey Hollywood

      It is too early to see if the platform will fail at this point, we should know by this time next year (At the soonest). CBS did have issues with their servers during the premiere. As for it’d only be in 720p? Didn’t hear anyone say that, but if they did they were wrong

    • Christian Freitag

      We are again particularly self-complacent today, aren’t we? Must you throw this dispute over and over again anew. This does not make some of the hardcore supporters any better than the mocked haters.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Oh, but of course when the topic is your beloved Enterprise, then you hypocritically give yourself a free pass to similarly call people out (and you labeled them “haters” even)…

        “Christian Freitag Kerry Hanson 2 days ago
        Hm. I remember about Enterprise haters for whom it was a very big deal about encountering the Ferengi although the weren’t mentioned by name and therefore still unknown…”

    • medievil

      you do know record numbers could be 10,000 in a day right??…lol
      they only had 2 million subs to begin with after almost 2 years in service

      2 channel stereo audio as well…which in 2017 is utter crap

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Stick to posting about supporting Trump’s travel ban — that is more your speed.

      • mswood666

        Well they have announced that CBS Subscribers are up 200% versus last year.

    • Martin Spence

      Heh heh. I know where they are not. 🙂

    • Matt-hole the Rainbow Sharter

      Eh, I’ll be honest. The app sucks. It’s easily the worst part of having to watch the show.

      I’m an avid Roku user and none of the other apps I watch lag as hard as the CBS one. I tried watching on Sunday and the first 10 minutes the app dropped to the loading screen 6 or 7 times.

      I have no problem using a streaming service to watch the show but they need to get their shit together with the app itself.

      • Mrplatitude

        It was the PS4 app that I was having a lot of trouble with, switched to watching on my Roku and it was perfectly fine there. Do hope they use the extra revenue from subscriptions to work out these kinks.

    • TUP

      Im actually surprised they had little to no issues with All Access on premiere night. Kudos to CBS for that!

      The app will get better. Im in Canada so I cant relate to it not being as simple as Netflix, for example. But it will get better as it gains popularity. Dedicated apps on every TV etc.

      Hopefully CBS begins broadcasting in 4K as well. Although I hear you Americans get a really great quality already and for my money in Canada, it looks fantastic. If they release it in 4K on blu ray, I’d be inclined to buy it for the small increase in quality to “best”.

  • iMike

    I was okay with the aforementioned 8-7 split, but I’m good with a 9-6 split as well. My only initial concern about a split was that they would do like some network shows … conclude in November and not come back until March. Waiting until January really isn’t that big of a deal. As for the platform itself, I’ve had no streaming issues, the picture and sound quality are perfect, and as far as CBS AA goes, I’m even finding a few little gems from the past. Hopefully CBS will develop a few more high concept series to air when Trek is in its off season, to keep the AA buzz going. Well worth the $9.99 for me!

    • MattR

      These are the upcoming shows that are in development. The first one is supposed to start during the Discovery mid-season break.

      NO ACTIVITY is a comedy series from Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Funny Or Die. In what should be a high stakes sting operation, No Activity celebrates the mundane. Set against the world of a major drug cartel bust, the series follows two low-level cops who have spent far too much time in a car together; two criminals who are largely kept in the dark; two dispatch workers who haven’t really clicked; and two Mexican tunnelers who are in way too small a space considering they’ve only just met. No Activity will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Gary Sanchez and Funny Or Die and is based on the Australian series produced by Jungle and broadcast by Stan. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Patrick Brammall, Trent O’Donnell, Jason Burrows and Joe Farrell will serve as executive producers.

      STRANGE ANGEL, a drama series created by Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Wrestler) and based on George Pendle’s book of the same name, explores the dramatic intersection between genius and madness, science and science fiction. The story follows the life of Jack Parsons, a mysterious and brilliant man in 1940s Los Angeles, who by day helps birth the entirely unknown discipline of American rocketry, and by night is a performer of sex magic rituals and a disciple to occultist Aleister Crowley. Strange Angel will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Scott Free Productions. Mark Heyman, David DiGilio, Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker will serve as executive producers; Clayton Krueger as co-executive producer and David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Pete’s Dragon) will direct and executive produce.

      $1, A mystery/thriller set in a small rustbelt town in post-recession America, where a one-dollar bill changing hands connects a group of characters involved in a shocking multiple murder. The path of the dollar bill, and point of view in each episode, paints a picture of a modern American town with deep class and cultural divides that spill out into the open as the town’s secrets get revealed. $1 will be produced by CBS Television Studios and Anonymous Content. The series is created by Jason Mosberg. Anonymous Content’s Matt DeRoss will serve as executive producer alongside Alexandre Dauman, and Craig Zobel (Compliance, The Leftovers) will direct and executive produce.

    • Dalek1963

      We chose the lower price $5.99 option which includes commercials. The only streaming issue is running it through Roku. Fine through other devices.

      • iMike

        I thought about the $5.99 option, but I had just dropped my $25 SlingTV subscription so springing for the $9.99 version was still a savings for me.

      • I use the $5.99 option as well and use Roku. What issue did you have?

        • Dalek1963

          Sorry for the lengthy delay in responding. Although it seems to have cleared up, I think there was some streaming issue with CBS All-Access and Roku (especially the two combined). I think Wi-Fi on my end contributed to the problem. I have had rare problems with Roku and other channels. I also had some bandwidth problems in the cafeteria at work with CBS All-Access. Just taking into account contributing factors.

  • October_1985

    These news are going to generate a lot of butthurt around this boards. Second season is almost a fact, I’d dare say

  • Craig

    I’m really happy that the naysayers have been proved wrong and that this series is going from strength to strength. It’s not 60s or 90s Trek, but as we’re in 2017, nor should it be.

    • Darkthunder

      Source of this proof?

      • Peter Simon Clayton

        IMDB. If you look up TOS, TNG and DS9, they were made in the 60s, 80s and 90s whereas a quick look on the Discovery page shows it aired in 2017. Hope this helps.

        • Darkthunder

          Thanks Pete, for being a smartass AND a jerk. All at the same time.

          I asked for proof that “the naysayers have been proven wrong”. Instead of providing any such proof, you decided to be a jerk. So congratz, there.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            I am so shocked you don’t like the show — like, who could have seen that coming? What a shock? LOL

            PS: Pete, I up-voted your post 😉

          • Darkthunder

            I’ve watched all 3 episodes so far. Not feeling the “Trek” very much as of yet, but willing to give it a shot.

            A far cry from “not liking the show”, but thanks for playing.

      • Aaron

        The proof is in the fact that signups for CBS All Access went UP from week 1 to week 2. A spike in All Access signups during the premier make sense, as you get a free week trial and people just wanted to check out Discovery. However, for their to be an even greater spike in signups b/w week 1 and week 2 means people are more than just curious, but actively interested in watching the show.

        • Star Trek sans aren’t idiots. You sign up for the free trial week 1 you get to see 2 shows. You sign up after that week you see 3 shows (for free). Wait another week you see 4 shows for free. People are waiting so they can see as much as they can for free. CBS probably realized this and put another episode on before the break because that will be the week most people probably use their free trial to binge watch 8 (now 9) shows, cancel it, and then wait until the series ends, pay for 1 month, watch the rest, and then have seen all 15 episodes for $5.99, not a bad deal.

    • medievil

      except poll after poll , no one likes the show… RT has 59% positive audience score.. thats terrible, the orville who trek fans have ragged on the whole time, has a 90% positive audience score

      • Henrique César Madeira

        And if you look up IMDb, Discovery has greater ratings for the first episode than TOS and TNG.

        • AmiRami

          Well TOS was a ratings disaster and TNG was first run syndication so TBH thats not hard to do lol.

      • Creek0512

        Hard to take “audience scores” seriously when alt-right trolls brigaded the score. r/TheDonald had a very popular post encouraging people to post bad scores.

      • Troy Wood

        Star Trek Discovery is now the #1 most popular TV show by IMDB and has risen dramatically in the past week because 1) alt-right trolls were not successful in convincing the public that it would fail, and 2) they gave it a chance to episode #3 which has shut up most of the Trek snobs who pre-judged the show.

      • Charles Baxter

        IF you also check on RT there are NO as in ZERO episode ratings for “The Orville” s episodes at all, While Discovery’s episodes average out to a 9 out of 10 stars according to viewers. So how is it even possible for Orville to even being close to as popular? Remember the ratings for those episodes are not even listed.

      • TUP

        Well my explanation would be that Orville has much lower standards. I think it sucks and partially due to unfair comparisons to Star Trek, which Seth invited. And the Trek sites that are promoting Orville for some reason (hopefully money) are creating that false connection.

        But Orville is a comedy spoof. So its standards are far far lower. Its a new show with no built in expectations, not 50 years of fandom or anything.

        Discovery has had very positive reviews.

        The negativity will always be loud by the nature of the fandom. Its like saying everyone hates TFA and it made a billion dollars. So I guess it sucks. Obviously its very popular.

        So no, poll after poll doesnt mean anything. Sites like this where people take the time to discuss and analyze indicate an overwhelming number of people who either love, like or are warm to the show.

        • Snap

          I agree to an extent, that the negative comments will always be louder than the positive, it’s how it goes in any form of entertainment. However, I wouldn’t say that the financial success of a movie at the box office is a statement about its quality.

          Now, I’m not saying The Force Awakens is bad or anything, though it may rehash far too much of the original trilogy where I was almost predicting beat by beat where the story was going, but that’s Star Wars and when it is an actual continuation of the story after 33 years including the stars of the original trilogy, it’s going to do huge numbers.

          But just because people paid to see a movie doesn’t mean they liked it. I paid to see into Darkness in the theatre and it was the only Trek movie where I came out feeling disappointed.

          I also agree that polls, negative OR positive (can’t just pick and choose), are typically meaningless as barometers of quality. But just as we can’t just pick and choose which poll to support on the basis that it agrees with us, we also cannot just pick and choose which voice matters. If people legitimately dislike the show and aren’t just trying to troll to get kicks, they have every right to voice their opinions. If people absolutely love the show, they have the right to voice their opinions.

          I probably come across as cynical with all of that and it is likely due to being jaded from how horrible people treat each other in forums where being positive gets you labeled as a “fanboy” or a “sheep” or an “apologist” and something even hinting at being critical will have people slinging the “hater” label around. Even here, if you don’t unconditionally love the changes Discovery has made, you run the risk of being mocked because you apparently expect the show to slavishly ape 60s production values.

      • Aaron

        It’s actually at 60%, “fresh” by RT scores :p

      • Aaron

        And one of the reasons the Orville seems to be rated so high by fans is because of a lack of expectations. Had the Orville been renamed as “Star Trek Orville,” it would be getting panned by critics and fans alike. However, it’s a standalone show, it doesn’t have the immense baggage and expectations that 50 years of Trek has, and it’s flat out silly to compare the two.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Here is another unscientific poll for you, genius:

        — Your post saying “no one likes the show” = 3 up-votes

        — Craig’s post saying people like the show = 20 up-votes

        So as a whole, your view has a 13% score and Craig’s view has an 87% score

        It’s a good thing you are not a TV series — you’d already have been cancelled. LOL

      • Jack Nelson

        Lets face it The Orville, if Discovery was not on air, would be ok. But, its hardly worth watching, really poor.

    • Jack Nelson

      Thank you. The shows great, I think the best so far. Are they watching the same series? lol.

  • Fiery Little One

    An extra week for this half of the season, good to know.

  • Concerned netizen

    Y’all know THE way to ensure they know trek is the thing to be serious about?

    Cancel AA for december. Re up in january, cancel in the off season.

    Make sure they know the reason they have subscribers is trek.

    That is how you guarantee more trek.

    • Eric Watson

      A little late. I paid for a full year. 🙂 If someone makes new Stat Trek, I will joyfully give money to see it.

  • Comes With Wings

    Lethe was the name of a female character in the TOS episode “Dagger of the Mind.”

    • Godfrey Arrington

      Yeah, so….?

      • Peter Simon Clayton

        Lethe is mentioned in the article as one of the episode titles. OP was giving some info on what it could be connected to.

  • Jesus Christ


  • Man I hate mid season gaps. But they are a thing now.

    • Keith Melton

      Now? Broadcast TV has for pretty much its entire existence had mid season gaps.

      • Many shows do it till like march now. This one is not thankfully

        • Keith Melton

          It is how ratings are determined. Sweeps week is always in May. When we used to have longer seasons the wait between wasn’t as long. But with shorter season orders, the split has to be pushed back longer.

          • Luckily, this ones just jan.

          • Keith Melton

            Yah, as with netflix not relying on traditional ratings I do wonder how CBS is judging this. At this point it just seems that its a combination of production still to be done on the episodes and them trying to stretch out subscriptions. I do wonder if they are also doing a January drop to combat piracy. Because if they held off to a more traditional US release schedule netflix for the rest of the world probably wouldn’t bother waiting.

          • They are reporting good returns so far. It will be interesting to see how many of the subs drop in Nov and reup in Jan. This may be a test for that.

          • TUP

            Its not unusual. The Walking Dead does it too.

            In the old days it would be more of a haphazard break…few new episodes, some repeats etc. They make a bigger deal out of it now, to their own benefit. Now the “mid season finale” is a big deal and the “mid season premiere” is a big deal.

            Its like having two climaxes and returns a year instead of one each.

            I suspect as they post produced the later episodes they realised that breaking after 9 fit the season better.

            Makes sense to break when they are. From US Thanksgiving through the Holidays is a tough time for TV.

    • Aaron

      Mid Nov to sometime in Jan is a hell of a lot better than the months long gaps b/w other shows (I’m looking at you BSG and Breaking Bad!)

  • BJ Alcazar

    This is SOOO SAD. I’VE BEEN A TREKIE FROM THE 60’s, now poor people like me who can not afford TO PAY TO STREAM, WE ARE LEFT OUT… THIS IS SO WRONG 💔

  • pittrek

    Any guess when will they announce if they will do a second season and / or the Nick Meyer secret project?

  • I’m very happy to have more Discovery this year, but I find it a bit odd they can just move the midseason cliffhanger. Granted, every episode has ended on a “What now?” type cliffhanger so far, but if the season was designed to break after Ep 8, will the Ep 9 break be more effective?

    Alternatively, the season may not have been designed to have a BIG midseason cliffhanger, so it doesn’t matter which ep ends the half-season (especially with the serialised nature of the show).

    • Noobcamper

      I would guess that the season probably didn’t have a traditional cliff hanger. Especially when it seems (so far anyway) that every episode it’s in some kind of cliff hanger.

  • Storymark

    While Im glad to get new shows before the break, this is pretty obviously an attempt to milk another month of subscriptions, by extending to a new monthly cycle.

  • J.

    “T’Kuvma was named as the inventor of the Sarcophagus ship’s surprise cloaking device”? I did not get the impression that he invented the “invisibility cloak,” but instead that he figured out how to use it. Did I miss something? Could he not have just as well purchased one, traded one, or made an alliance (hint, hint green decloak — maybe the Romulans, despite the “After Trek” comment about Romulans being a bad word in the writers’ room)?

    • TUP

      It would make some sense if he procured it from the Romulans. It would not only connect to the future alliance between Klingons and Romulans but fits what we know about Romulans.

      It would not be surprising if they, or a rogue element made a deal with T’Kuvma to supply him weapons to De-stabalize the Federation without getting their own hands dirty.

      • J.

        My thought too.

        • TUP

          It would fit T’Kuvma, what we know of him. He welcomes outsiders. It would be no surprise if he even made a deal with the Romulans which the rest of the Empire might consider distasteful.

  • All Patriot

    Why would I pay CBS for something you used to watch on regular TV and sponsored covered the cost?
    Which other shows will CBS have that I would want to purchase?

  • jurassicbond

    I’m glad Trek is back! Sadly, I have a lot of bills to pay and I’m unable to add a new streaming service. Hopefully it will get better soon. But yeah, right now I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the show sofar.

    • Matthew Burns

      Truth be told. You may end up being better off watching the whole of Season 1 without waiting for the next episode. Maybe you could subscribe about April or May next year and watch the whole season inside 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how much TV you watch.

      • jurassicbond

        Not a bad idea! Thanks, dude!

    • It’s not really back. Someone just made a dystopian future series and put a Trek name on it. Nothing matches up with Trek history or future.

      • jurassicbond

        Well…I’m talking technically, not authentically.

  • Alfredo deDarc

    Watch the subscription drop on 11/13.

  • Alfredo deDarc

    A direct ripoff of Dune’s space travel method is good? We all know there will be disastrous side effects that push this off the ledge. My other complaint is the show runners promise to be respectful of canon. Why don’t one of the 24 Houses have smooth headed humanoid Klingons as welded into canon by the Enterprise Augments arc? Is a 25th House going to pop up? Sounds doubtful.

  • wolfen-281

    This show is “Fucking Awesome!”