At last week’s New York Comic Con, Star Trek model producer Eaglemoss shared with fans some previews of their upcoming Official Starships Collection releases, headed to wide release in the coming months – from the expansion of the Starships XL Editions to the beginnings of Discovery‘s entry to the Starfleet armada.

Before we get to our photos, check out this great spot with our friend, Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson, who spoke to Adam Savage’s TESTED in a lengthy on-camera interview:

First up is Eaglemoss’ next planned jumbo-sized “XL Edition” of the starships Enterprise NX-01 and Voyager, both set to warp in by the end of 2017; each one measures more than 8.5″ in length.

These two ships will be the fourth and fifth large-sized ships to join the “XL” line, following the classic Enterprise NCC-1701 (watch for our review soon) and the Enterprise-D and -E.

Also on display were the next Star Trek Shuttle Set, featuring the drydock travel pod from The Motion Picture, a Starfleet work bee seen in a few iterations of Trek, the Type-11 shuttle from Star Trek: Insurrection, and the Argo shuttle from Star Trek: Nemesis.

Eaglemoss also had one of their brand-new Deep Space Station K-7 from “The Trouble with Tribbles,” taking center stage on their booth’s display counter.

We also finally got up close and personal with the forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery models coming in early 2018, with the golden-hued Discovery and grey-and-red Shenzhou making their public debuts.

(Please note these models do not have finalized paint schemes.)

We’ll be bringing you more reviews from The Official Starships Collection in the coming weeks!

In Eaglemoss’ US store, TrekCore readers can use promo code TREKCORE at checkout for 10% off any ‘Star Trek’ collectible purchase $50 or greater (Starships, Plaques, Binders, Graphic Novels).

  • I kinda want that NX and Shenzhou

  • Fiery Little One

    If you told me ‘you can only have one of these,’ my response would be the Discovery. There’s just some things I need a closer look at.

  • James

    Jeeeez, when will Eaglemoss fix the freaking window alignment issues. I was so looking forward to the Discovery and the Shenzou, but at that price point, it has to be right.

    • Whsts wrong with the VOy as shown?

      • Keith Melton

        I see what I think James is talking about. Look at the header image for this page. Look at the row right below the registry numbers just above the phaser bank. The indentations and paint are clearly off.

        • I see it, oh yeah off by a bit!

          • James

            Some models that I’ve had have been much worse with regards to the window alignment. Such a shame as decent Trek collectibles are hard to find.

          • As you said, if it was not molded in , there would be no issue as they align with each other

    • mswood666

      You do realize that not all of the ships are equally off. Whenever I get a model with windows misaligned I return it and get another until I get one that inaccurate (or at least close enough that my eyes can’t see it). At the end of the day I have only got three ships that I just gave up hope on getting one with accurate windows. Of course this is with subscriptions I have no idea if Eaglemoss will take returns if you buy from a retailer.

      • James

        True, some of the models are excellent such as the NX01. I’m not even that bothered about the windows on the small ships, it’s just that if I’m paying more money for a larger model, it’d be nice if it were right!

  • Joseph

    Love that Eaglemoss did the ships, most that came out were very beautiful. I do wonder if they’d do the Galaxy-Class USS Venture from DS9 with the phaser strip on the nacelles and double deck main shuttlebay.

  • Keith Melton

    What are the three ships behind the K7?

    • Looks to be the Franklin, NX refit and the kelvin

      • Keith Melton

        Ah, the refit threw me off. Not familiar with ships in a video game. The Franklin looked weird from that angle for me too.

        • Not sure its from a game and I hate calling it a refit when its not lol

          • Keith Melton

            Ah, a little more research shows that it was a design hoped to be used in S5 of Enterprise (that then did get used in Star Trek Online)

          • Yes — to the rear left of K7 is Doug Drexler’s “NX Refit” design.

          • Really, really stupid design.

          • Keith Melton

            I kind of like the look of it myself. Other than having two deflector arrays I like that it melds some classic Constitution design into the NX look. If this was the NX looks from the get go, I would have been a huge fan of the show.

          • mswood666

            See I just don’t get that attitude. Why should a ship set before the start of the Federation already have so many design elements similar to the Constitution class. Basically Enterprise is set between Cochrane’s vessel and NCC-1701. I think getting one of the design elements a saucer section, was plenty to show a nice design lineage.

          • So far from DSC we have only seen 1 double hull design. Making me feel they came after the 2230s

          • Keith Melton

            to mswood666: To me it is a personal aesthetic. The “squished” look to me is a progression forward after the original 1701. I would have prefered more separation between saucer and rest of ship for something predating the original series.

            to shannon: based of of Drexler’s notes about it, It at least makes sense in world.

          • I do not. You can reeork it, but as it is shown its a slippy make shift design

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Yea, two wrongs (NX-01 and NX-10 refit) can’t make a right.

          • I like the NX, but the so called refit makes zero sense.

          • Nowhereman10

            The idea of the NX-refit was to show the progress towards what was seen in TOS. My only problem with it is that it would be too much too soon. A design like that would be something post founding of the Federation and the attempt to work the shipbuilding technologies of the four founding races’ into a brand new design.

          • Oh yeah its too much far to soon. My issue is it makes no sense. The layout as a new design, could work with some redesign. But you do not refit like this (TMP stupidity be damned) I do agree something like that could be 2170’s or so. But as is, the think is just super flawed.

          • mswood666

            It was never, ever intended for Enterprise. This was a design that was created for a calendar long, long after Enterprise was ended. It was then used by pocket books for their novel series. But this was not a design that was conceived at any point during or near the end of Enterprise.

          • Keith Melton

            Memory Alpha would disagree with you:
            Doug Drexler had a concept for the development of Enterprise that was never used on the show. “My idea was that at the end of the fourth season, the ship would put into drydock for a major refit,” he explained. “After four years, out there, dealing with unknowns, it would be time to upgrade the ship based on everything they had learned.” [10](X) Drexler later assisted in the production of models of this “(SS) Enterprise NX-01 Refit” for Polar Lights and the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. A CG render of the ship also appeared in the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar.

  • ADeweyan

    I don’t understand the attraction of diecast metal models. The detail is very soft, it creates huge seams, uses visible rivets, and leads to sloppy paint jobs. I would be interested in the eaglemoss models if they were high-quality plastic offering sharp detail, but I’ll pass on the diecast models. These look like toys rather than models.

    • mswood666

      You realize that the bulk of the ships are actually plastic. And I have had plenty of toy Starships for Trek, with very few exceptions eagle moss has been better then the various toys released over the decades.

    • DC Forever

      You can have a whole fleet on your desktop.

    • Nowhereman10

      Many of the models actually are hybrid plastic and die-cast, so you more often than not get the best of both worlds as far as that is concerned in terms of detailing and sturdiness.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Love the Discovery and K-7 models.

    The Battlestar Voyager…not so much.

  • Alan Wilkinson

    I do not have room for all these things!!!!!